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Peter Stibrany (born December 1959) is a Canadian aerospace engineer who has worked at several space engineering companies (SPAR Aerospace, Dynacon, MDA and Deep Space Industries) in various engineering and management roles.


  • When failure is not an option, success can be expensive.
    • Conference paper Stibrany, P. and Carroll, K.A., "The Microsat Way in Canada," in Proc. ASTRO 2000 - 11th CASI Conference on Astronautics, Ottawa, Canada, 6-9 Nov. 2000.
    • The quote is a play on the title of Gene Kranz's autobiography, ["Failure Is Not An Option"]. (See the Discussion page for further contextual information.)
    • The quote gained immediate currency within the MOST development team. It started to spread when one of the MOST team members, Henry Spencer (one of the fathers of the open-source movement, a well-known long-time contributor to the newsgroups, and also MOST's Software Architect) began using this quote as his Usenet newsgroups .sig (this being one example). The quote has gained wider currency since then, for example in this 2005 blog post by Rand Simberg. More recently, the quote has been stated numerous times by Chris Lewicki, the CEO of the asteroid mining company Planetary Resources (e.g., here), as well as by that company's Chairman, Peter Diamandis (e.g., here), with others subsequently requoting them, such as here and here.