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Our faith obliges us to bind wounds, not to make blood run.

Petr Chelčický (c. 1390 – c. 1460) was a Christian and political author in 15th century Bohemia (now the Czech Republic).


The Net of Faith (c. 1443)[edit]

Online translation by Enrico C. S. Molnár
  • He who obeys God needs no other authority.
  • Our faith obliges us to bind wounds, not to make blood run.
  • Wars and other kinds of murder have their beginning in the hatred of the enemy and in the unwillingness to be patient with evil. Their root is in intemperate self-love and in immoderate affection for temporal possessions. These conflicts are brought into this world because men do not trust the Son of God enough to abide by his commandments.
  • Facts witness to the reality that [Christians] have abandoned God, that they have entered the world and become one with the world. Whatever the world considers praiseworthy – vanity, comfort, wealth, fancy notions, blasphemies – the Christians, too, praise with one accord, quite blatantly without shame and without conscience. We can find with difficulty one man in a thousand who does not conform himself to the world.
    • Chapter 95
  • A world contrary to God must be kept within bounds by the world’s sword. But true Christians love God and their neighbors as themselves; they commit no evil by the grace of God. It is not necessary to compel them to goodness since they know better what is good than the law imposing authority.
    • Chapter 95

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