Philip Kan Gotanda

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Gotanda in 2012

Philip Kan Gotanda (born December 17, 1951) is an Asian American playwright and filmmaker and a third generation Japanese American.


  • I don’t think anyone understands the Asian Americans’ place amidst this white and black culture. There’s something very specific to being Asian American that other peoples aren’t getting, and we haven’t learned how to define it, even amongst ourselves. We’re the Other. We’re always the Other, we can be here forever and we’re still foreign. We’ve impacted the culture, but third, fourth, fifth, sixth generations and still, you walk down the street and someone will look at you, and you will be foreign. That is what disturbs me.
  • To me, it’s always been a matter of: Do your homework and be committed to the extent that you can capture that world. I think I’m open.

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