Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

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Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani is a 2000 Hindi film about 2 rival reporters who become friends while an attempt to save an assailant from game of politics.

Ajay Bakshi[edit]

  • "These businessmen are not friends with anyone. They are only friends with money".
  • "Son, son, son... now you give me the answer". [Very joyful manner]
  • "Please do not think today, listen to your Indian heart" [When requesting to the public via broadcast]
  • "I am the best"
  • "You will face hardships as Mohan is facing today. Why? Because Mohan Joshi, is just a common man" [Requesting to the public via confession]
  • "If i lose hope during the protest, i will turn around and look there, to look if i am not alone". [Requesting public via broadcast]

Mohan Joshi[edit]

  • "By killing Maganlal Gupta, i have given a tribute to my deceased daughter. If this is terrorism, then i am a terrorist". [While narrating his story]
  • I am not a terrorist". [While shouting to Ajay and Ria]

Kaka Chaudhry (Ajay's boss)[edit]

  • " Nourish a dog, nourish a cat, infact even nourish a snake ... but don't nourish a misunderstanding"

Ramakant Dua[edit]

  • "The most important thing in politics is time"


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