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The Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G minor, Op. 33, was the first of three concertos that Antonín Dvořák completed—it was followed by a violin concerto and then a cello concerto—and the piano concerto is probably the least known and least performed.

Quotes about Piano Concerto[edit]

  • I was chatting to a musician-friend, Nicholas Ashton, a few years ago and he asked me what repertoire I was learning at the time: "The Dvořák piano concerto", I replied. "Ah …", the warmth of affection in his voice could be heard through my iPhone: "That's probably my favourite piano concerto".
    Then Sir András Schiff asked me the same thing at a party last year. His eyes lit up when I mentioned the Dvořák piano concerto and he responded by sending me a beautiful, hardbound facsimile of the autograph a few days later with a kind note: "This wonderful work still needs our help until it's properly appreciated by musicians and the public as well".
    But then there are those, famous and distinguished conductors amongst them, who have told me they dislike this piece. "Oh, I did it once. A few nice moments but not one of his best efforts." "Just proves that Dvořák wrote some duds."

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