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Pierre Bourgault (January 23, 1934 - June 15, 2003) was a politician and essayist in Quebec, Canada, and a public speaker who advocated Quebec independence.


  • Not a single one, not a single one among us, in 200 years, has won a battle... and this is what it is to be colonized! When we have but martyrs! How can we have aspirations!? How can we have the will to fight!?
  • Homogenization sterilizes. It's the sum of cultures and languages that makes humanity
    • L'homogénéisation stérilise. C'est la somme des cultures et des langues qui fait l'humanité.
    • La Culture. Écrits polémiques. Lanctôt Éditeur, 1996 p.130, tome 2
  • If, as is believed by many Canadians, Canada can not exist without Quebec, then it simply does not deserve to exist.
    • Si, comme le croient plusieurs Canadiens, le Canada ne peut exister sans le Québec, alors il ne mérite tout simplement pas d'exister.
    • La Colère. Écrits polémiques. Lanctôt Éditeur, 1996 p.257, tome 3
  • It is almost normal to be racist, but it is criminal to remain one.
    • Il est presque normal d'être raciste, mais il est criminel de le demeurer.
    • La Culture. Écrits polémiques. Lanctôt Éditeur, 1996 p.297, tome 2

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