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Piglet's Big Movie is a 2003 American animated musical comedy-drama adventure film produced by DisneyToon Studios, which revolves around Piglet and also features adaptations of several stories from the original books.

Directed by Francis Glebas. Written by Brian Hohlfeld.
A tale you'll never forget (taglines)


  • I may be small, but in the biggest helpfulest way!
  • Well, I did help you get the acorn, and bring you across the river. Maybe my friends need me!
  • I have to find them.
  • Oh, d-d-d-dear!
  • That's a great idea Pooh.


Piglet: My friends need me!
Pooh: Silly old Piglet.

Tigger: Say, what do we have here? [picks up a scrapbook to look up memories about Piglet with gasps and sobs repeatedly]
Rabbit: Oh, please, Tigger. It's just a drawing in a scrapbook.
Tigger: But it reminds me... of the bestest family reunions I ever had. [continues to sobs]
Rabbit: Ahem. [turns the page, but Tigger turns the same page himself, much to his annoyance]
Tigger: Oh, look. There's the day little Piglet... caught his first Heffalump. [chuckles]
Rabbit: That wasn't Heffalump. That was just Pooh with a jar on his head.

[After Tigger and Rabbit accidentally throw the scrapbook into the river]
Tigger: I only wanted to find Piglet.
Rabbit: We all did.

Rabbit: Piglet!
Eeyore: Piglet!
Roo: Piglet!
Tigger: Piglet! You can do it, Piglet! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Piglet: My friends need me! HANG ON, POOH!
Pooh: Oh, I'm hanging. Piglet!

Pooh: [looking down at the river where the scrapbook pages are floating] Oh, bother. We're ever so sorry, Piglet.
Piglet: Aw, the scrapbook's not that important.
Pooh: But, it showed us the great things you've done.
Piglet: Oh, I've never done anything great.
Pooh: Well, of course you have. Let's tell him.
Roo: No, let's show him.
Pooh: That's a wonderful idea.
Tigger: Aw, little guy. You're gonna need this. Come on! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Rabbit: [chuckles]
Roo: Hurry! [laughs]
Tigger: [humming]
Eeyore: I don't know if I can stand the excitement.
Pooh: Here we are.
Rabbit: [chuckles] Go on.
[Piglet goes inside his house and gasps as he sees drawings of him doing heroic deeds. Everyone else watches from outside as Piglet sheds a happy tear]
Piglet: [wipes a tear] Is that me?
Pooh: That's you.
Piglet: I'm so big!
Pooh: Well, of course you are.
Tigger: Why, you're double-XL. [chuckles]
Rabbit: If it weren't for you, Piglet...heh-heh. I wouldn't be friends with Roo.
Roo: Yeah! Yeah, a-and thanks for saving me with the North Pole.
[Piglet sighs]
Eeyore: Piglet... [displays drawing of Piglet on stilts in the snow that says "Pooh Corner"] Pooh Corner's not a bad place to live.
Pooh: I'd say this calls for a celebration.
Roo: Hooray!
Tigger: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! A Piglet-y party!
[Rabbit chuckles]
Roo: Whoo-hoo!

Tigger: [gasps] You're ruining it, Rabbit!
Rabbit: I am not!
Tigger: Hand it over, bunny boy. Finding Piglets is what Tiggers do best.
Rabbit: lt's what Rabbits do best.
[Rabbit and Tigger fights over the scrapbook]
Tigger: Tiggers!
Rabbit: No, Rabbits!
Tigger: Tiggers!
Rabbit: Rabbits!
Tigger: No, Tiggers!
Rabbit: Rabbits!
Roo: Stop it! Stop fighting!
Pooh: Oh, be careful. That's the only way we have to find Piglet.
Rabbit: Oh, no! [Rips the pages of the scrapbook and into the river]


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