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Pigs is a 1973 American horror film co-written, co-produced, and directed by Marc Lawrence and currently distributed by Troma Entertainment. The film stars Toni Lawrence as Lynn, an escapee from a mental hospital who meets a man named Zambrini (played by Lawrence), who owns a pigpen. Lynn starts killing men who remind her of her abusive father, whom she killed after he raped her, and Zambrini feeds the remains to his pigs.

Directed by Marc Lawrence. Produced by Marc Lawrence and Donald Reynolds. Written by Marc Lawrence and Fanya Foss.
Once the pigs tasted blood... No one could control their hunger!! (taglines)


Zambrini: Yeah, you know, always on a full moon the pigs get hungry. Yeah. I gotta do it. They got used to eating human flesh. I gotta do it. I'm sorry. You know the first time it happened was an accident. They got loose in the field. There was a drunk. He was asleep. Yeah, he was asleep.


  • Once the pigs tasted blood... No one could control their hunger!!
  • If you go down to the woods today... you're in for a PIG surprise
  • It's Horror! It's Murder! As Daring as Has Ever Been Shown Before!
  • They'll eat anything... So she had the perfect method to dispose of her victims!
  • A mad man... A psycho killer... And mean cannibal pigs... All together in the scariest film you'll ever see!!!
  • WARNING! If the abnormal love of a sex-psycho frightens you...STAY AWAY! ("Lynn Hart, The Strange Love Exorcist" tagline)
  • Lynn Hart was possessed by the demon! Medicine - Psychiatry couldn't help her. She escaped the asylum - taking with her the unholy obscenity raging within her! Together, they killed - and even THE EXORCIST failed her! This one starts in where THE EXORCIST leaves off! ("Lynn Hart, The Strange Love Exorcist" tagline)


  • Toni Lawrence as Lynn Hart.
  • Jesse Vint as Sheriff Dan Cole.
  • Catherine Ross as Miss Macy. (credited as Katherine Ross)
  • Paul Hickey as Ben Sharp.
  • Iris Korn as Annette.
  • Walter Barnes as Doctor.
  • Erik Holland as Hoagy.
  • William Michael as Deputy.
  • Jim Antonio as Jess Winter - Man from Hospital.
  • Bone Adams as Truck Farmer.
  • Larry Hussmann as Gas Attendant.
  • Don Skylar as Oil Worker.
  • Marc Lawrence as Zambrini.

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