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Pigs (Polish: Psy) is a 1992 Polish crime film about a man and his partners from the secret police used to live like kings, but now must adapt to the new, post-communist environment where they are scorned and lose all their privileges.

Directed and written by Władysław Pasikowski.

Franz Maurer[edit]

  • [To Olo before killing him] Who has died, does not live.
  • Somebody is born as a priest, another one as a whore, and another one as a thief. Sometimes it's good 'cause you can meet each other.
  • Bień! We'll be fuckin' back here with Olo.
  • Olo, in a normal country those motherfuckers would already be dead meat.
  • [to the Chemist] So die, nobody cares.
  • [to Angela] I don't wanna talk with you.

Olo Żwirski[edit]

  • I'm a mechanic, I don't need to be an SB.
  • [about Angela] She's nobody. Just a little whore.


  • I never heard yet that any of us has found a job. As a bouncer, maybe.
  • [to Olo about Franz capturing The Chemist]] Don't even tell me that, holy fuck! Chemist must be free, motherfucker!


  • Angela: [to Franz] Okay, I'm done eating. Now you can fuck me.
  • Major Bień: I am Major Bień and I am a major. Since yesterday you're my underlings and I am your direct superior. Now you're in the police, not in SB. You know the difference? In SB you used to get a lot of cash for doing nothing, but in the police you gotta work hard non-stop and with no bonanza for that. Nobody will have 30 reprimands, 'cause will be fired after a second one, and the daddy-general won't help.
  • Newbie: [to Franz, after a failed mission] Nobody else will die because of you, you fucking SB! Nobody, you got it?!
  • Captain Stopczyk: [to Newbie about burning their SB archives] Tonight we're smokin' out our fucking past!


Senator Wencel: Standing in front of the commision is Lt. Franciszek Maurer, 37, married, one child. Studies law in Cracow till 1978, cum laude, begins to work in the Ministry in the same year. In 1980 marries Milena Kurzepa, the deputy minister's daughter. Immidiate promotion on December 1980. Thirty-one reprimends, eighteen commendations, two of them applied by the Russian Minister of Interior. Three disciplinary discharges from duty, all revoked, no details. Mr. Maurer, what did you do in the case of Cpt. Nowakowski, who had tried to create free trade unions in the Ministry in 1980?
Franz: I blew up his head with a Mauser 7.8 mm.
Wencel: Could you explain that?
Franz: Nowakowski killed his wife, then took his daughter on the roof and threatened that he'd throw her unless they do what he demanded.
Rutecki: What was the demand?
Franz: To register the free trade unions in the department and a 2200 Zloty markup.
Wencel: So what?
Franz: So I climbed the powerplant chimney and shoot him in the head. What's more to explain?
Wencel: You were awarded for that.
Franz: Seems that somebody liked me hitting a man in the temple from 240 yards and they started to invite me on some huntings.
Rutecki: Did you know Cpt. Nowakowski before?
Franz: We studied law together. Witek... Cpt. Nowakowski was... He was a friend of mine.

Franz: This shit's inedible!
Olo: Third-category dog cutlet, minced with the house!

Newbie: We, pigs, must stick together. Imma clean the mess on your behalf.
Franz: Yes, but sweep me on a separate pile.

Angela: How do you like my 17-year-old body?
Franz: You're an old babe.

Franz: Do you have home or family?
Angela: People say my dad's a priest. And you?
Franz: My wife's in America, she left me.
Angela: Dumb bitch.
Franz: She took our son with her. I also have a brother in Auckland, New Zealand.
Angela: Nice car.
Franz: Wife's.
Angela: Sure, it's too expensive for a cop. What else did she give to you?
Franz: Nothing, she took everything.
Angela: Why did she left you?
Franz: Simply, 'cause she was a bad woman.
Angela: And you are innocent?
Franz: I'm holy.

Franz: Who are you, bitch?
Prostitute: A bitch... And you?

Major Walenda: Stopczyk, what do you smoke?
Captain Stopczyk: Me? Radomskie, but if you prefer, Franz's got Camel.
Walenda: What the fuck are you saying? What do you burn at the garbage dump at nights?

Franz: Olo, can you smell it?
Olo: Yeah, but this is not shit. This is carcass. If someone like him starts peaching where will he end?
Franz: In Powązki... [the biggest cemetery in Warsaw]

Stasiman: Can I finish my breakfast? You're from the police, aren't you?
Gross: And you are from Stasi (East Germany secret police)
Stasiman: You've mistaken me with someone else.
Gross: You came here to meet with the Słaby brothers, with "Big" Marian and Zenon, to establish a new contact man. The previous one had been murdered, after all. Between us, the new one will share his fate. Calm down, please.
Stasiman: This provocation starts to be boring, officer.
Gross: The Słabys have prepared 55 pounds of amphetamine for you. You will lose the stuff, the contact man and the money - 200.000 marks... am I right?
Stasiman: How about your pal? Does he also have something funny to say?
Gross' henchman: Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles!

Gross: Down with the Blacks.
Olo: Down with the Blacks and Reds.
Gross: Down with everyone. That's a good toast, isn't it?
Olo: I'll drink to that with you.

Gross' henchman: You think he lied?
Gross: Nobody ever lied with battery connected to the balls.

Franz: We have to send you to a school.
Angela: I'd be fucked by everyone again.
Franz: Well, that's a good argument against school!

Member of commission: Are you ready to serve and protect the renewed democratic Republic of Poland?
Franz: Decisively, till the end... of mine or it.

Franz: You fuck.
Olo: No, Franz, I swear I'm telling the truth.
Franz: You fuck with my woman.
Olo: Why?
Franz: In the name of rules, son of a bitch!


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