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I'd rather be smart than be an actor.

Pinocchio is a 1940 American animated feature produced by Walt Disney about a marionette boy, along with his cricket conscience, who embarks on the mischievous adventure to prove himself to become a real boy.

Directed by Ben Sharpsteen, Hamilton Luske, Norman Ferguson, T. Hee, Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney, and Bill Roberts. Written by Ted Sears, Otto Englander, Webb Smith, William Cottrell, Joseph Sabo, Erdman Penner, and Aurelius Battaglia, based on the classic 1883 children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.
For anyone who has ever wished upon a star.
  • What's an actor?
  • (To audience, singing) There are no strings on me! WAHH!
  • (To the Blue Fairy) It was these two big monsters---with green eyes!! (Nose grows)
  • Gee, Lampwick.
  • Jiminy! Jiminy, HELP!!
  • Papa? PAPA!!?
  • Now you listen to me, Pinoc (Pin-Oak)!! I'm your conscience!
  • Monstro!!
  • But they don't---come back---as BOYS!!!!
  • (To the donkeified children) You've had your fun, now pay for it!!


Jiminy Cricket: [looks at his reflection in a paintpot and turns to Pinocchio] Oh! I almost forgot about you. Well, Pinoke. You and I need to have a little heart-to-heart talk.
Pinocchio: Why?
Jiminy: Well, you wanna be a real boy, don't you?
Pinocchio: [nods his head] Uh-huh.
Jiminy: All right. Sit down, son. [Pinocchio drops down on the bench] Now, you see, the world is full of temptations.
Pinocchio: Temptations?
Jiminy: Yep, temptations. They're the wrong things that seem right at the time, but, uh...even though the right things may seem wrong, sometimes, or sometimes, the wrong things [chuckles] may be right at the wrong time, or vice-versa. [clears throat] Understand?
Pinocchio: [starts to nod, then shakes his head] Uh-uh. [Jiminy handpalms] But I'm gonna do right.
Jiminy: Attaboy, Pinoke! And I'm gonna help ya. Now if you need me at anytime, just whistle. Like this. [whistles]
Pinocchio: Like this? [blows, but no sound comes out]
Jiminy: No, no, try it again, Pinoke.
Pinocchio: Like this? [blows again, but no sound comes out]
Jiminy: No, son. Now, listen. [whistles three times. Pinocchio blows air twice and finally whistles on the third attempt] That's it! Come on, now, let's sing it!

Pinocchio: [singing] I got no strings to hold me do... [trips and falls down the stairs and gets his nose stuck in a hole; the audience laugh]
Jiminy: Go ahead. Make a fool of yourself, then maybe you'll listen to your conscience!
Stromboli: [squeals angrily and grabs Pinocchio, cursing in Italian, until he realizes the audience is laughing] Cute-a kid. [speaks in Italian]

[Geppetto has prepared dinner for himself, Figaro, and Cleo, as he paces around the dining room waiting for Pinocchio to come home from school]
Geppetto: What could have happened to him? Where could he be at this hour? [puts on his hat, coat, and scarf, and then takes a lantern] I'd better go out again, and look for him. [to Figaro and Cleo] And remember, nobody eats a bite, until I find him.
[Meanwhile, Stromboli is counting his money in his wagon while Pinocchio sits on a baguette]
Stromboli: [singing] ...I buy a new suit and I swing-a that cane, I eat-a the bread and I drink-a champagne! I got-a no strings on-a me! [chuckles heartily] Bravo, Pinocchio!
Pinocchio: They like me!
Stromboli: [slides a stack of coins across the table with his machete] Mmmmmm....200. You are-a sensational! [pokes an olive off his table]
Pinocchio: You mean I'm good?
Stromboli: [slides another stack] Ah, 300! You are-a colossal! [chops some bread very close to Pinocchio]
Pinocchio: Does that mean that I'm an actor?
Stromboli: [bites an onion] Sure! I will push you in the public’s eye! Your face, she will-a be on everybody's tongue!
Pinocchio: [sheds tears due to Stromboli's onion breath] Will she?
Stromboli: Yeah. [notices a washer in his stacks of coins] What's this?! [bites down on the washer and angrily curses in Italian until he realizes Pinocchio is listening; he calms down and gives the bent washer to him] For you, my little Pinocchio.
Pinocchio: For me? Gee, thanks! I'll run right home and tell my father!
Stromboli:[spits out the wine he was drinking, and coughs] Home-a? [laughs] Oh, sure! Going home to your father! [laughs] Oh, that is-a very-a comical-a!
Pinocchio: You mean it's funny?
Stromboli: [laughs] Oh, sure! Yes!
Pinocchio: [joins him in laughing] I'll be back in the morning!
Stromboli: Be back in the morning?! [curses in Italian gibberish for a moment] Going-a home? [realizes Pinocchio is still listening and joins him in laughing until he throws him in a birdcage] There! THIS will be-a your home! [snaps the padlock shut] Where I canna find you always!
Pinocchio: [shakes the birdcage bars] No! No! No!
Stromboli: Yes! Yes! Yes! To me, you are-a belonging! We will tour-a the world! Paris! London! Monte Carlo! Constantinople! [shakes his rear end at his prisoner]
Pinocchio: No! No!
Stromboli: [slams his hand on the table] YES! We start-a TONIGHT! Mmm... [mutters greedily in Italian as he pours all of his money into a sack] You will make lots of-a money... [slams the sack into his cummerbund] FOR ME! [picks up an axe] And when you are growing too old, you will make-a good... [throws the axe] FIREWOOD! [the axe lands on a broken puppet; Stromboli starts laughing maniacally]
Pinocchio: [shakes the birdcage bars] Let me outta here! I gotta get out! You can't keep me…
Stromboli: [jumps on the floor] QUIET!!!! SHUT UP!!!!! Before I KNOCK-A you silly! Good night… [blows a kiss to Pinocchio] little wooden gold mine. [laughs evilly, then walks out and slams the wagon door, blowing out the lantern and making the room completely dark]
Pinocchio: No! No! Wait! [shakes the birdcage bars] Let me out! [shakes his fist in serious anger] I'll tell my father!
Stromboli: [cracks his whip to his horses] Giddyap! Get along there!
[The wagon starts moving]
Pinocchio: Jiminy! Oh, Jiminy! [whistles] Oh, Jiminy, where are you?! [whistles] Jiminy Cricket!
[There is a thunderclap, then Pinocchio starts sobbing]

Jiminy: [about Pinocchio] Well, there he goes. Sitting in the lap of luxury with the world at his feet. Oh, well. I can always say that I knew him when I met him. I'll just get out of his life quietly. But I would like to wish him luck, though. Sure. Why not? [enters Stromboli's wagon, and then looks for Pinocchio] Pinocchio? Pinocchio? It's me. Your old friend, Jiminy. Remember?
Pinocchio: [sheds a tear] Jiminy! Gee, I'm glad to see you!
Jiminy: Pinocchio! [runs to the birdcage] What's happened? [hops up onto the birdcage] What did he do to you?
Pinocchio: [about Stromboli] Oh, he was mad! He said that he's gonna push my face into everybody's eyes!
Jiminy: Oh, yeah?!
Pinocchio: And...And just because I'm a gold brick, he...he's gonna chop me into firewood!
Jiminy: Oh, is that so? [Pinocchio nods] Now, don't you worry, Son. I'll have you out of here in no time at all. [climbs into the padlock through the keyhole] Why, this is...this is just as easy as rolling off a...Whoa! [falls into the padlock. Pinocchio listens, as he tries to open the padlock up. He comes out of the padlock, takes his coat and hat off, hangs them both on a screw of the padlock, and then to Pinocchio] Kinda rusty. [Pinocchio watches, as Jiminy continues trying to open the padlock up] Needs a li'l oil! [his shouting echoes throughout the insides of the padlock; to the audience] That's what I said. [continues trying to open the padlock up with his umbrella. Pinocchio takes a closer look, as Jiminy pries at the padlock up with his umbrella, loosening the spring in the process; suddenly, the spring breaks off of the padlock, sending Jiminy flying out of the padlock] WHOA! [Pinocchio watches, as the spring continues flying from the padlock, and then lands straight right into one side of the birdcage. He hangs onto one side of the birdcage via the broken spring; chuckles nervously] Must be one of the old models.
Pinocchio: You mean that you can't open it?
Jiminy: Yeah. Looks pretty hopeless. [Pinocchio gives him his coat and hat, and then watches him put his coat and hat back on him] It'll take a miracle to get us outta here.
Pinocchio: Gee.
[Meanwhile, Geppetto searches for Pinocchio out in the streets of the village]
Geppetto: Pinocchio! Pinocchio! [gets interrupted by Stromboli's wagon approaching]
Stromboli: [to his horse] Giddyap! [speaks in Italian gibberish]
[Geppetto continues searching for Pinocchio through the streets of the village]
Geppetto: Pinocch- [gets interrupted again, this time by a loud thunderclap; he doesn't realize that Pinocchio is inside Stromboli's wagon, and then continues searching for Pinocchio out in the streets of the village, as he goes the opposite direction of Stromboli's wagon]
Jiminy: A fine conscience I turned out to be.
Pinocchio: [tearfully] I should've listened to you, Jiminy.
Jiminy: No, it was my fault. I shouldn't have walked out on you.
Pinocchio: Guess I'll never see my father again.
Jiminy: Oh, buck up, Son. It couldn't be worse. [starts crying] Be cheerful...LIKE ME! [Pinocchio sobs as one of his tears lands onto Jiminy's hat until it splashes] Oh. Take it easy, Son. [gets out a tissue from his shirt, and holds it onto Pinocchio's nose] Come on. Blow. [Pinocchio blows his nose into the tissue] Attaboy. [blows his nose into the same tissue] Oh, well. [looks at the sky while a tear drop down on his cheek] It stopped raining, anyway. [outside Stromboli's wagon window, the clouds cleared up, and revealed the starry night sky, as the wishing star approaches Stromboli's wagon, and then enters Stromboli's wagon] Hey. It's that star again. The lady, the...the...Whoa! The fairy! [Pinocchio falls off of the birdcage's perch, as he hops onto another side of the birdcage]
Pinocchio: [gets up] What'll she say?! What'll I tell her?!
Jiminy: Um...Uh...You might tell her the truth! [hides inside the birdcage's birdfeeder, as Pinocchio hides his head right between his legs like an ostrich. The Blue Fairy appears, and then looks around Stromboli's wagon, as Pinocchio watches in amazement]
Blue Fairy: Why, Pinocchio.
Pinocchio: Oh. Hello.
Blue Fairy: Sir Jiminy.
Jiminy: Well, uh, this is a pleasant surprise. Ha ha!
Blue Fairy: Pinocchio! Why didn't you go to school?
Pinocchio: School? Well, I... [looks up at Jiminy]
Jiminy: Go ahead. Tell her.
Pinocchio: I was going to school till I met somebody.
Blue Fairy: Met somebody?
Pinocchio: Yeah, uh...two big monsters with big, green eyes! [his nose grows a little] Why, I...I...
Blue Fairy: [playing along] Monsters? Weren't you afraid?
Pinocchio: No, ma'am, but they tied me in a big sack. [his nose grows a little more and sprouts leaves]
Blue Fairy: You don't say. [Pinocchio nods] And where was Sir Jiminy?
Pinocchio: Huh? Oh, Jiminy. Um...Uh...
Jiminy: [jumps in front of Pinocchio] Psst! Leave me outta this.
Pinocchio: They put him in a little sack. [his nose grows even more, taking Jiminy along with it]
Jiminy: No!
Pinocchio: Yes! [his nose sprouts flowers]
Blue Fairy: How did you escape?
Pinocchio: I didn't. They chopped me into firewood! [his nose grows again, and a nest with baby birds sprouts at the end of it] Oh, look! My nose! What's happened?
Blue Fairy: Perhaps you haven't been telling the truth, Pinocchio.
Jiminy: "Perhaps"?!
Pinocchio: Oh, but I have. Every single word! [the branch with the nest on his nose withers, and the birds fly away, whistling] Oh, please help me! I'm awful sorry!
Blue Fairy: You see, Pinocchio, a lie keeps growing and growing until it's as plain as a nose on your face.
Jiminy: She's right, Pinoke. You better come clean.
Pinocchio: I'll never lie again! Honest, I won't!
Jiminy: [to the Blue Fairy] Please, Your Honor...uh...I mean, Miss Fairy, give him another chance, for my sake. Will you? Huh?
Blue Fairy: I'll forgive you this once. But remember a boy, who won't be good, might just as well be made of wood.
Pinocchio and Jiminy: [in unison] We'll be good, won't we?
Blue Fairy: Very well. But this is the last time that I can help you.
[She touches the birdcage with her magic wand, and then disappears; Pinocchio's nose turns back to normal, and the birdcage door opens, as the padlock magically unlocks while on the birdcage door]
Pinocchio: Gee, look, Jiminy! My nose!
Jiminy: Hey! We're free! Come on, Pinoke!
[They sneak out from the back of the wagon while Stromboli is singing]
Stromboli: [singing] I buy a new suit and I swing-a that cane, I eat-a the bread and I drink-a champagne! I got-a no strings on-a me!
Jiminy: Toodle-oo, Stromboli!
Pinocchio: [yelling] Goodbye, Mr. Strombo...
Jiminy: Shh! [whispering] Quiet! Let's get outta here before something else happens. [they rush home to the village]

[At "The Red Lobster Inn", Honest John is telling the Coachman their success at fooling Pinocchio]
Honest John: [drunkenly singing] Hi diddle dee-dee! An actor's life for me! A high silk hat and a silver cane! A watch of gold with a diamond chain! Hi diddle dee-day! An actor's life is gay! It's great to be a celebrity! An actor's life for me! [laughs] And the dummy fell for it! Hook, line, and sinker! [Gideon takes the ring that he smoked from his cigar and dunks it in his beer like dunking a donut in coffee, bites into it, and hiccups] And he still thinks that we're his friends! And did Stromboli pay? Plenty! [lays a small bag of money on the table and laughs as the Coachman grins wickedly] That shows you how low that Honest John will stoop. Eh, Giddy? [Gideon nods in agreement and hiccups, spilling beer all over himself] Now, uh, Coachman... [takes a smoke from his cigar] What's your proposition?
Coachman: Well... [Puffs at his pipe and reaches into his coat pocket] How would you blokes like to make some real money? [drops an even larger bag of money on the table]
Honest John: Well! And who do we have to, uh...? [makes throat-slitting gesture]
Coachman: No, no! Nothing like that. You see... [he and Honest John look around the empty bar, whispering] I'm collecting stupid little boys.
Honest John: Stupid little boys?
Coachman: You know, the disobedient ones who play hooky from school.
Honest John: Oh!
Coachman: And you see... [whispers inaudibly in Honest John's ear. Gideon puts his ear to Honest John's other ear and cleans it out for him, so he can listen as well] And I takes 'em to Pleasure Island.
Honest John: Ah, Pleasure Island. [suddenly shocked and horrified] Pleasure Island?! But the law! Suppose they...
Coachman: No, no. There's no risk. They never come back as.... BOYS! [leans into the camera, red in the face with a huge evil smile, his eyes bugging out of his head, and his powdered wig forming devil horns. Honest John and Gideon cower in serious fear as he laughs maniacally before pulling them closer] Now, I got a coach leavin' at midnight tonight! We'll meet at the crossroads! And no double-crossin'!
Honest John: No, sir.
Coachman: Scout around. Any good prospects you find, bring 'em to me!
Honest John: Yes, chief.
Coachman: I'll pay you well! I've got plenty o' gold!
Honest John: Yes, yes.

Pinocchio: [as he and Jiminy head home after escaping from Stromboli] No, sir! Nothing can stop me now! I'll make good this time!
Jiminy: You'd better!
Pinocchio: I will. I'm goin' to school!
Jiminy: That's the stuff, Pinoke!
Pinocchio: I'd rather be smart than be an actor!
Jiminy: Now, you're talkin'! C'mon, slowpoke! I'll race ya home!
[They race back to Geppetto's workshop until Honest John catches Pinocchio by the back of his loincloth with his cane like a branch while tries to far behind]
Honest John: Well, well, Pinocchio! What's your rush?
Pinocchio: I gotta beat Jiminy home! [tips his hat] Oh, hello.
Honest John: [Running in place next to Pinocchio] Well, how was the great actor?
Pinocchio: I don't want to be an actor. Stromboli was terrible!
Honest John: He was?!
Pinocchio: Yeah! He locked me in a birdcage!
Honest John: He did?
Pinocchio: Uh-huh, but I learned my lesson! I'm goin' home!
Honest John: Oh, you poor, poor boy! You must be a nervous wreck. [He puts his hands in front of Pinocchio's face] That's it! You are a nervous wreck! [puts small round doctor's glasses on his muzzle] We must diagnose this case at once! Quick, doctor! Your notebook! [Gideon pulls out a notepad and a pencil] Bless my soul. [Honest John pulls on Pinocchio's arm to check his pulse]! [measures Pinocchio's pulse with a ruler] My, my...Just as I thought. A slight touch of nolitary complications with bucolic semi-lunar contraptions of the flying trapezes. [Gideon writes down what he thinks he said; Honest John presses Pinocchio's nose to hold his head back and uses his glasses as a tongue depressor while he looks into his mouth] Mm-hmm...say "hippopotamus".
Pinocchio: Hi-ho-ha-ha-his!
Honest John: I knew it! Compound transmission in the pandemonium custom in the span frantic disintegration. [Gideon writes in the middle of the air] Close your eyes. [Pinocchio closes his eyes hard] What do you see?
Pinocchio: Nothing.
Honest John: [puts a polka dot handkerchief in front of Pinocchio's face while his eyes are still closed] Open them up. [Pinocchio does so] Now, what do you see?
Pinocchio: [somewhat awed] Spots.
Honest John: Aha! Now, that heart! [he lifts Pinocchio up and puts his ear on Pinocchio’s chest pretending to listen to his heartbeat] OH, my goodness! [Taps several objects on a windowsill, making a drumbeat to make it sound like Pinocchio’s heart is beating.] A palpitating syncopation of the killer-diller with a wicky-wacky stabbing of the floy joy! [bonks Gideon's head with his cane] Quick, doctor! That report! [takes the notepad from a dizzy Gideon and with a look of thoughtfulness, examines the notebook. For a second and then pulls back with a look of shock] Oh! [the camera reveals that Gideon has written nothing but scribbles on the notepad] OH, this makes it perfectly clear! My boy, you are allergic!
Pinocchio: Allergic?
Honest John: Yes, and there is only one cure! A vacation! On Pleasure Island! [winks at Gideon]
Pinocchio: Pleasure Island?
Honest John: Yes! That happy land of carefree boys where every day's a holiday!
Pinocchio: But I can't go. I-
Honest John: Why, of course you can go! I'm giving you my ticket! [produces an Ace of Spades playing card as a "ticket" in his hand and gives it to Pinocchio] Here.
Pinocchio: [takes the "ticket"] Thanks, but I'm goin'...
Honest John: Oh, tut, tut, tut! I insist! Your health comes first! Come! The coach departs at midnight! [he and Gideon take Pinocchio to the coach to Pleasure Island, singing] Hi diddle dee-dee! It's Pleasure Isle for me! Where every day is a holiday and kids have nothing to do but play. Hi diddly doo! If what I hear is true. A land of pudding and marmalade. It's Pleasure Isle for me!
Jiminy: Pinoke! Oh, Pinoke! Now where do you suppose that he- [turns around to see Pinocchio, Honest John, and Gideon disappear around the corner, and runs after them] Huh? Pinocchio! Hey! Come back here!

[On the coach to Pleasure Island]
Lampwick: Ever been to Pleasure Island?
Pinocchio: Uh-uh. [shows Lampwick his "ticket" from Honest John] But Mr. Honest John gave me...
Lampwick: Me, neither, but they say that it's a swell joint! No school, no cops. You can tear the joint apart, and nobody says a word!
[The Coachman smiles evilly and cracks his whip again]
Pinocchio: Honest John gave me...
Lampwick: Loaf around, plenty to eat, plenty to drink. And it's all free!
Pinocchio: Honest John...

Lampwick: [eats his roast chicken while Pinocchio takes a lick of his ice cream cone and a bite of his whole pie] Oh, boy! A scrap! [tosses away his chicken] C'mon! Let's go in and poke somebody in the nose!
Pinocchio: Why?
Lampwick: Ah, just for the fun of it.
Pinocchio: Okay, Lampy! [tosses away his ice cream cone and pie and strolls into the Roughhouse with Lampwick]
Lampwick: [strikes a match on the Mona Lisa painting to light his cigar] What'd I tell ya? Ain't this a swell joint?
Pinocchio: Yeah! [holds an axe] Bein' bad's a lot of fun, ain't it?
Lampwick: Yeah, uh-huh. Get a load of that stained-glass window. [picks up a brick and throws it at the stained glass window, shattering it]
[Meanwhile, back at the entrance, the Coachman turns to his henchmen]
Coachman: Alright, now! [cracks his whip] Hop to it, you blokes! Come on! Come on! Shut the doors and lock 'em tight! [the guards close the wooden doors] Now, get below and get the crates ready! Give a bad boy enough rope and he'll soon make a jackass of himself. [cackles evilly]

Jiminy: PINOCCHIO!!!! So, this is where I find you! How do you ever expect to be a real boy?! Look at yourself! Smokin'! [pulls the flattened cigar out of Pinocchio's mouth with his umbrella] Playin' pool! [angrily kicks the #8 ball and painfully stubs his toe] OW! You're comin' right home with me this minute!
Lampwick: Hey, who's the beetle? [picks up Jiminy by his coat]
Jiminy: Let go! Put me down! [voice becomes muffled as he gets wrapped around in his coat] Let me outta here! Put me down!
Pinocchio: He's my conscience. He tells me what's right from wrong.
Lampwick: [drops Jiminy] What?!? You mean to tell me you take orders from a grasshopper?!?
Jiminy: Grasshopper?!? Look here, impudent young pup! It wouldn't hurt you to take orders from your grasshopper… Uh, your conscience! If you had one!
Lampwick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. [strikes the #9 ball into the ball Jiminy is standing on] Screwball in the corner pocket.
[Jiminy is knocked into a hole by the #1 ball, the other ball goes in, too; when Jiminy lands in the ball pit, he runs out of the way of the #8 ball, that hits the other balls; Lampwick cracks up laughing]
Jiminy: [angrily climbs out of hole] Why, young hoodlum! [furiously takes off his coat] I'll...I'll knock your block off! [punches the air; Lampwick laughs harder] I'll take you apart and put you back together!
Pinocchio: [holds Jiminy back by his vest] Oh, don't hurt him, Jiminy. He's my best friend.
Jiminy: Why, I oughtta...huh?! Your best friend?! And what am I!?! Just your conscience! [angrily storms away] OK! That settles it! [furiously picks up his suit and angrily squashes his top hat real flat]
Pinocchio: But, Jiminy...
Jiminy: You buttered your bread! Now, sleep in it! [angrily puts his suit coat on backward and accidentally falls down a pool hole again to hit the balls and falls over again; Lampwick laughs even harder; angrily mocks Lampwick's laughter] Ha, ha, ha! Go on! Laugh! Make a jackass out of yourself! I'm through. This is the end. [furiously storms out the bar]
Pinocchio: But, Jiminy, Lampwick says a guy only lives once.
Jiminy: Lampwick!? [scoffs] Hmph.
Lampwick: Come on, come on! Give him a break. Let him go. [pours some beer into a couple steins]

[Meanwhile, Jiminy is storming out of Pleasure Island]
Jiminy: Lampwick? Huh... LAMPWICK! [kicks a smoked cigar, making the ashes fly everywhere] Burns me up. After all I tried to do for him. [goes through the inside of an open book, and comes out by ripping and tearing some pages] Who's his conscience, anyway? [gets tangled in the leg by a ribbon, and shakes it off] Me, or that... that hoodlum Lampwick? I've had enough of this. I'm takin' the next boat outta here. [raps on the door with his umbrella handle] Open up that door. Open up! I wanna go home!
[Jiminy hears donkeys braying on the other side of the door and slips under the door. There, he finds the Coachman and his henchman loading frightened little donkeys into crates and onto the boat]
Coachman: C'mon, you blokes! Keep it moving. Lively there now! We haven't got all night!
Jiminy: [scratches his head] Where'd all the donkeys come from?
Coachman: Come on, come on! Let's have another! [one of his henchmen pulls a donkey dressed in a police uniform toward him] And what's your name?
Donkey: Hee-haw!
Coachman: Okay, you'll do! [tears the police uniform off the donkey and kicks him in the rear end, throwing him into a crate with five others] In you go! You boys will bring a nice price. [chuckles evilly] Alright! Next! [another donkey, who is dressed in a sailor suit is thrown toward him] And what might your name be?
Alexander: Alexander.
Coachman: Hmm, so you can talk.
Alexander: Y-yes, sir. I wanna go home to my mama!
Coachman: Take him back! He can still talk! [snatches Alexander and throws him into a pen with six other donkeys that can still talk and still wear boys' clothing]
Alexander: [then begins to protest by pleading and begging for mercy] Please, please. I DON’T WANNA BE A DONKEY! [the others protest by begging and pleading for mercy] LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!
Coachman: [comes forward toward the donkeys, and cracks his whip furiously, scaring the donkeys, causing them to jump, and forcing them to calm down] QUIET!!!! You boys have had your fun. Now, pay for it.
Jiminy: Boys?! So that's what… PINOCCHIO! [quickly dashes back to the pool hall to warn Pinocchio about what has happened to the boys]

Lampwick: Hmph! To hear that beetle talk… [Takes a sip of his beer] You’d think something was gonna happen to us. [Suddenly, his ears turn into brown donkey ears. Pinocchio pushes his mug of beer away] Conscience. Ah, phooey! [As he leans across the pool table to shoot another ball, a donkey tail pops out from the back of his pants. Pinocchio, still shocked, takes the cigar out of his mouth and throws it away] Where does he get all that stuff? “How do you ever expect to be a real boy?” [He shoots another ball and picks up his cigar] What’s he think I look like? [Turns around and shows that his face is now a donkey’s head] A jackass? [He puts his cigar in his mouth]
Pinocchio: You sure do! [Laughs, but his laughter suddenly turns into a donkey’s bray, and causes him to cover his mouth in horror]
Lampwick: Hey, you laugh like a donkey. [He laughs, but then his laughter turns into a bray, too, and allows him to cover his mouth to stop in shock] Did that come out of me? [Pinocchio nods yes nervously. Lampwick feels a muzzle on his face and gasps and feels his ears] Huh? [feels nothing but fur and tugs at his ears and looks at them] What the…? What’s goin’ on?! [Looks at his reflection in the mirror and sees that he is turning into a donkey and screams in terror as soon as he realizes what’s happening and runs around in panic] I’ve been double-crossed! Help! Help! Somebody, help! I’ve been framed! [Gets on his knees and begs to Pinocchio for mercy to help] Help! Please, you've gotta help me. Oh, be a pal! [Grabs Pinocchio by his overall straps and shakes him up and down] Call that beetle! Call anybody! [Just then, his hands let go of Pinocchio, and turn into hooves, and paw at Pinocchio to hurt him as he gasps and backs away, scared] Mama! MAAAAA-MAAAAAAAAAA!!!! [In the shadow cast upon the wall, Lampwick is forced onto all fours and, having fully been turned into a donkey, starts kicking, braying wildly, stamping around the room, and knocking over tables and chairs. As Pinocchio panics and runs away to hide a chair, he suddenly grows two gray donkey ears when Lampwick leaves, braying wildly]
Pinocchio: Oh! What’s happening?!?
[Jiminy rushes to the rescue]
Jiminy Cricket: I hope I'm not too late.
Pinocchio: What--? What will I do!?!!
[Pinocchio springs out a donkey's tail, which rips a hole in the seat of his pants, and when he turns around, he grabs its end, and gasps in fear]

[Pinocchio, having heard that Geppetto is alive after getting swallowed by Monstro, takes off to save him]
Jiminy Cricket: [following after Pinocchio] Hey, where are ya goin'?
Pinocchio: I'm going to find him!
Jiminy Cricket: But, Pinoke, are you crazy?! Do you not realize that he's inside a whale?!
Pinocchio: I gotta go to him!
Jiminy Cricket: Hey, Pinoke! Wait! Listen here, Son! [Pinocchio keeps going straight to a high cliff overlooking the ocean in the morning, with Jiminy following all the way] But this Monstro, I've heard of him; he's a whale of a whale! [Pinocchio starts tying a rock to his donkey tail] Why, he swallows whole ships alive! [then helps tie Pinocchio's tail to the rock completely] Tie it good and tight, now. And besides, it's dangerous! Why, I-
Pinocchio: [extends a hand for a handshake from Jiminy] Good-bye, Jiminy.
Jiminy Cricket: Good-bye? I may be live bait down there, but I'm with ya! C'mon, Pinoke. [hops onto the rock and holds his nose] Let's go. [screams as they jump down from high off the cliff] LOOK OUT BELO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OWW! [they plunge into the ocean with a gigantic splash, and the rock attached to Pinocchio's tail drags them to the ocean floor] Gangway down there!

Geppetto: Is that the last of them?! Here's a big one! Only a few left! Gotta work fast! Here's another one!
Pinocchio: Hey! Hey, Father! Father!
Geppetto: Don't bother me now, Pinocchio! I'm bus- [surprised] Pinocchio?
Pinocchio: Father!
Geppetto: [joyfully hugging one of the fish to think it's Pinocchio] Pinocchio, my son!
Pinocchio: Hey, Father. Here I am.
Geppetto: Oh. [drops the fish in the water, and Pinocchio leaps to his father for a big hug] Pinocchio, my boy! I'm so happy to see you.
Pinocchio: Me, too, Father. [Figaro climbs on Geppetto's head, causing his glasses to fall off] Figaro. Aw, Figaro. Cleo. Oh, Cleo. You're here, too. [rubs Cleo's belly with his finger]
Geppetto: Yes. We're all together again. [Pinocchio sneezes] Oh, You are soaking wet.
Pinocchio: Yes, Father.
Geppetto: You mustn't catch cold.
Pinocchio: But I came to save you.
Geppetto: [grabs the blanket and wraps around Pinocchio] You know that you shouldn't have come down here, but I'm awfully glad to see you. Let me take your hat off. [removes Pinocchio's hat, then gasps in major shock as he notices Pinocchio has donkey ears] Pinocchio!
Pinocchio: What's the matter?
Geppetto: [makes donkey's ears from his fingers] Those ears!
Pinocchio: Huh, ears? Oh, these. Oh, that's nothing. [twirls his donkey tail] I got a tail, too! [laughs, then accidentally brays like a donkey and covers his mouth in shock which causes Figaro to jump backwards into Cleo's bowl]
Geppetto: Pinocchio! What's happened to you?
Pinocchio: Well, I-I-
Geppetto: Oh, never mind that. [hugs Pinocchio] Old Geppetto has his little wooden head. [they touch noses] Nothing else matters.

Geppetto: [sobbing] My boy. [sobs] My brave little boy. [continues sobbing softly]
[The light of the Blue Fairy shines on Pinocchio's body]
Blue Fairy: [voice heard] Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish. And someday, you'll be a real boy. [transforms Pinocchio into a real boy, and revives him] Awake, Pinocchio. Awake.
Pinocchio: [waking up, alive and rubs his eyes] Father! Whatcha crying for?
Geppetto: [not realizing that Pinocchio is alive] Because you're dead, Pinocchio.
Pinocchio: No! No, I'm not.
Geppetto: Yes. Yes, you are. Now lie down.
Pinocchio: But, Father, I'm alive. See? [moves his hand] And...And I'm...I'm...real. I'm a real boy!
Geppetto: You're alive! And, you are a real boy! A real, live boy!
[Figaro, happy, too, jumps into Cleo’s fishbowl and kisses her on the lips]
Geppetto: This calls for a celebration! [swings all the pendulums on the cuckoo clocks and turns on a music box] Professor, lots of music! [He plays an accordion as he and Pinocchio dance around the workshop as Figaro dances around Cleo's fishbowl on the workbench]

About Pinocchio (1940 film)

  • On Pinocchio, you mentioned something about pilot animation, and supervising animation. Finch's book [The Art of Walt Disney] is wrong on that—it depends on who you interview. Everyone has his own little thing, and I think that the tendency among all these guys is to make themselves as important as they possibly can. I think Frank Thomas and Freddy Moore and I don't know who else were involved in experimenting around with Pinocchio. Maybe Ollie Johnston, but Johnston was kind of coming up then. So was I, really. I was quite critical of ... I have a knack for alienating people by being a little bit outspoken, and they were rather obsessed with the idea of this boy being a wooden puppet. My God, they even had this midget who did the voice for "call for Phillip Morris" as the voice for a while, and it was terrible. I was rather outspoken about it. Why didn't they forget that he was a puppet and get a cute little boy, you can always draw the wooden joints and make him a wooden puppet afterwards. And Ham Luske said, "Well, why don't you do something about it, do a scene," and I did one. What I don't remember is whether they had a new voice by then or not. Probably they did have; I don't know. I did a scene of Jiminy Cricket underwater, knocking on a shell of an oyster, saying, "Uh, pardon me, pearl. Are you acquainted with Monstro the Whale?" The shell closed up and caused a swell in the current, which affected Jiminy. I made kind of a cute little boy out of him, and Walt loved it; this was actually my big chance. It was my move into being one of the top animators.


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