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Pinocchio is a direct-to-video 49-minute animated film originally released on May 11, 1992. It is based on the children's novel of the same name by Italian author Carlo Collodi and adapted by Roger Scott Olsen. The film was produced by Diane Eskenazi of American Film Investment Corporation II (later Golden Films) and was originally distributed by Trimark Pictures.


Geppetto: Oh! Oh, no. I... I haven't given him a name. How can I call to him when it doesn't even have a name?

Pinocchio: I really will go straight to school tomorrow and I'll be good.
Blue Fairy: Sshh. Just rest now, Pinocchio. Little boys need to get a good night's sleep.
Pinocchio: But I'm not a real little boy.
Blue Fairy: No, not yet, but you could be someday. If you don't lie and if you think of others first and if you listen to your father.
Pinocchio: Papa! I have to tell him where I am!
Blue Fairy: Shoosh, it's alright, Pinocchio. A messenger has already gone to tell your papa where you are.
Pinocchio: Ah, tomorrow... I get to see my papa tomorrow.

Candlewick: So, Pinoc, what d'ya think? What say we take a few more spins around, huh?
Pinocchio: No, I think a hundred turns on the Ferris Wheel is enough.
Candlewick: Who-hohoho, this is fun. Ya hungry?
Pinocchio: [about to be sick] Not really.
Candlewick: Aw, that'll change when you get those little wooden feet on the ground. Hey, let's head for the free food. Everything has sugar and nothing is good for ya! Going down! [laughing] Whoo!
Talking Cricket: Oh, I hate heights.

Ring Master: Your skin is the only thing of value to me now, so try not to jump out of it on the way down. Goodbye.
Blue Fairy: Don't be afraid, Pinocchio. I haven't forgotten you.

Fox: My boy, Pinocchio! Come here, hurry! [to the cat] It's old Wood-legs.
Pinocchio: Oh boy, you two must have done something really bad.
Fox: Oh, no, no, no! Not we! Of course we did nothing wrong! Why, they picked up the wrong fellows.
Cat: Yeah. Now, how about you tell that nice policeman that you like, know us, Pinocchio, buddy? Maybe he'll let us... scram.
Policeman: Right! What's all this then, you know these two?
Pinocchio: Yeah. Yes, I do.
Policeman: And how is it that a nice hardworking kid like you would know a couple of bums like these two?
Pinocchio: Well, I... [to the fox and the cat] Do you want me to tell the truth?
Fox: Oh yes! Always tell the truth, Pinocchio.
Cat: Oh yeah, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, little buddy.
Pinocchio: [looks at Cricket, who nods] These two took my money!
Policeman: That's what I figured. Well boys, that's gonna add a little more time to your sentence. [to his horses] Aye, giddy up there!
Fox: Urgh, not that truth, you little wooden-headed netwit!
Cat: Oh, no, no, no, man. The other truth, tell him the other truth. [to the fox] Hey, hey! Give me a little clue here. What was that other truth?
Swallow: Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy is very sick. I'm afraid... she's dying.
Pinocchio: Where is she?
Swallow: Oh, a long way from here. She saw you get swallowed by the whale and she thought you were gone forever. I'm afraid it broke her heart.
Pinocchio: [handing out some coins] Here, take these. It's not very much but it's all that I have.
Swallow: Ooh, thank you, Pinocchio. The Blue Fairy won't forget you for this.

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