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Pinocchio 3000 is an Canadian CGI animated kids movie based off of Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio book, This movie takes place in the future with flying hovercars, robots, and 3D holograms. In this movie, Pinocchio is a robot built by Geppetto and powered to life by his machine. Cyberina tells Pinocchio if he wants to be a real boy, then he will have to learn how to be good and choose right. Meanwhile Mayor Scamboli at his building office complains about the children not appreciating his futuristic city he built for them and plans to get rid of them by turning them into robots. This film is directed by Daniel Robichaud, with famous Hollywood actors and actresses, Whoopi Goldberg, Malcolm McDowell, and Howie Mandel.


Life would be great if kids were more like us.

I'm a kid just like everyone else. [Pinocchios nose extends out]


Ah, my son. [As he finishes building the robot.]

Spencer the Penguin[edit]

Say Cheese.


Time, it's always a good time for a good cup of coffee.


Honey when you lose the fight, taking the medal ain't right.


What's a robot doing at school?

Zack and Cynthia[edit]

I had a dream last night, the sun was shining and there were flowers everywhere.

Come on sis we'll be late for school.

Mayor Scamboli[edit]

Hold it right there robots, I think someone else should have the honor of taking Pinocchio apart.

Cab and Rodo[edit]

Robots rule go Pinocchio!

You screwdriver, we're rooting for the boss.


Halt do not proceed!.You are trespassing in a restricted zone!.

Central machine breakdown in progress.

Copy unit 12. Do you need any backup.

Negative Central, Situation under control.

Pursuing an unidentified driver.


Come out with your hands up. You under arrest for reckless driving.

I am arresting you for reckless driv-.

-For the last time-.


Pull over.

Then take this.


Pinocchio: Hello? HELLO???

Gidget: Yo Quiero Taco Bell! (I want some Taco Bell)...

Pinocchio: Hi Gidget. Oh boy...I cannot wait for my adventure to begin.

Gidget: Amigo...don't get it done. I just like tacos. Ha ha ha! TACOS FOR FREE!!!

Pinocchio: Thanks. Anyways...

Jiminy Cricket: [walks with Pinocchio] Excuse me kid? Do you mind NOT looking at my back??? Kinda spoils my life ya know?

Pinocchio: Jiminy...please. Please leave me alone if you dare.

Jiminy Cricket: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDN'T--!

Pinocchio: Yes. YOU did...because I am NOT a real boy yet.

Jiminy Cricket: NO KID! WAIT!!!!!!!! I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP!!! [crying in tears]

Pinocchio: Lay down. DOWN!!!

Pinocchio: Have you ever heard of a SNIPE? IT'S A GIANT BIRD. KILL HER AND I'LL GIVE YOU A REWARD.

Russia: [finally remembered] Okay...I'll try. I'm a good hunter. I WILL KILL THE SNIPE! [she hugs Pinocchio and leaves]

Pinocchio: Man...she's good. I'll close my eyes and rest.

Russia: Did you say something?

Pinocchio: Nevermind.

Jiminy Cricket: [narrating] I was watching Pinocchio (the kid) do all this adventure thing. He's the best! I love his voice. I love--.

Pinocchio: [cuts him off] MISSION COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!! Whew. That was crazy.

Jiminy Cricket: Oh my gosh! Looking good!!!

Pinocchio: Can I sing you something? So that's why I am a real boy NOW!

Jiminy Cricket: Sure. I'll leave. Goodbye!

Pinocchio: [singing as LOUD as clear] Show me what you got! Show me what you got! [SWITCH] LOLLIPOP! Pop!!! BUM BUM BUM--! [SWITCH] I got the mooooooooooves like jagger! Whoo! I don't need to try to control you! [SWITCH] 0 TO 60...BABY 45...BABY YOU GOT IN KNEES! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Okay...Whoshhhhhhhhhhh. Omg...I'm done.

[last lines]

Pinocchio: [snoring]

Figaro: Meow? Are you awake?

Pinocchio: I'm sleeping. Go away...

Figaro: MEOW!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinocchio: Okay! Okay! I'm coming. Geez...Figaro! Come with me...please! And be quiet.

Figaro: What?

Pinocchio: I SAID QUIET!!! FIGARO!!!!!!!!

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