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Pitch (2016) is an American Fox drama television series about a young woman named Ginny Baker who becomes the first woman to play in the MLB.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Ginny: I was just a little girl! I never asked for any of it. You chose it for me. You did! I have no friends. No interests. I'm a robot in cleats and I'm malfunctioning! It wasn't right what you did. What you did to me.
Bill: You done? Where's your glove?

Frank: Your teammates are excited to meet you.
Ginny: No they're not. Ticketing and sales people, they're excited to meet me. My teammates: 75% think I'm the next San Diego chicken and the other 25% just want to see me shower.

Ginny: We did it Pop.
Bill: We ain't done nothing yet.

The Interim [1.02][edit]

Ginny: I really ought to take the player's bus. I gotta be one of the guys right now, Amelia.
Amelia: Look in the mirror. You'll never be one of the guys.

Mike: You're early.
Ginny: I've got biology working against me. I need to work harder than everyone else. What's your excuse?
Mike: I'm a 36 year old catcher with bad knees. I have to work harder than everyone else. Except apparently you.

Mike: I gave my life to this game! So I got a radical idea. Hear me out here. How about we start winning in front of sold out crowds? How about we start winning for Al and his job? How about we start winning for your captain too? We're going to shock the world and yeah, we're going to do it with a pretty girl in a dugout who by the way works a hell of a lot more than you losers. So maybe we all start working as hard as her. Maybe we start working as a team instead of a bunch of spoiled brats.

Beanball [1.03][edit]

Tommy: She'll go out with rappers, but not ball players.
Ginny: First of all, I'm not going out with Drake. I've never met Drake, but I have met you guys. I don't care if you're rappers or doctors, I'm never going out with your guys.

Evelyn: [about Ginny] She doesn't date ballplayers.
Trevor: Well, she struck me out three times tonight. Clearly I'm no ballplayer.
Ginny: You trying to strike out a fourth time?

Ginny: Yes, I'm a ball player who plays with men. Men who still look at me and see boobs & ass, and everything that goes with it. You have no idea what I deal with.

The Break [1.04][edit]

Mrs. Baker: We were close. Why did you shut me out?
Ginny: Because I was young. I didn't know how hard it was for you.
Mrs. Baker: Where does that leave us?
Ginny: I don't know.

Ginny: You are not a good teammate.
Mike: Never said I was.

Amelia: You should be skipping the All Star game.
Mike: I'm not skipping the All Star Game.
Amelia: You can't even put your pants on.

Alfonso Guzman-Chavez [1.05][edit]

Ginny: Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm not about dating teammates.
Jordan: Don't take this the wrong way, but neither am I. How are you about making friends?

Ginny: The Padres without Blip is like Destiny's Child without Beyonce.
Evelyn: Hmm, I love my husband, but he's no Queen B. Kelly Rowland maybe.

Ginny: With all the butts I put in the seats, with all the Ginny Baker jerseys you sell, I'm not going to have more leverage than I do now. Blip Sanders needs to stay on this team.

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