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The Pixies, 2004.

The Pixies were an influential band of the late 80's. They broke up in 1993, but reformed in 2004 and toured throughout that year. They were darlings of the Boston college music scene throughout the 80s and until their break-up, and were famously cited by Kurt Cobain as having had an influence on Nirvana. Pixies consist of members Frank Black, Joey Santiago, Kim Deal and David Lovering.


  • I remember the first thing we did was, after we made the demo, I went over to Joey Santiago's apartment. We just sat around playing the demo tape over and over again. We were just like, fuck. This is good. If they don't get this, fuck 'em.
    • Black Francis, on the Doolittle demos - Doolittle 33⅓ by Ben Sisario
  • [They were becoming less excited] when they were mixing down Doolittle. Kim would come home and be like, "Ugg, it took us forever to do this one song". They were taking more time with everything instead of just whipping them out. [...] It definitely went from just all fun to work.
    • John Murphy, Kim Deal's husband, Fool the World by Josh Frank and Caryn Ganz
  • I remember the band coming up and Charles handing me a white envelope that had a cassette or a DAT in it of Doolittle. And I remember putting it on and being amazed at my own good fortune. "Debaser" is track one, and I had no reason to suspect that the new album would be that comprehensible in the face of the other records. The other ones were more inscrutable, and this one was positively obvious, and deliciously so. And I remember sitting in my chair thinking I was the luckiest A&R guy in the world.
    • Peter Lubin of Elektra Records, on Doolittle - Fool the World by Josh Frank and Caryn Ganz


Come On Pilgrim (4AD, 1987)[edit]

  • I live cement, I hate this street
    • From Caribou
  • Let's me knife, knife me lets, I will get, what I want
    • From Caribou
  • She's just rotting in stupid bliss, with music on her bars
    • From Ed Is Dead
  • Well, sit right down, my wicked son and let me tell you a story
    • From Holiday Song
  • You are the son of a motherfucker.
    • From Nimrod's Son
  • And while we're at it baby, why don't you tell me one of your biggest fears? I said, Losing my penis to a whore with disease...
    • From I've Been Tired
  • Come on pilgrim, you know he loves you!
    • From Levitate Me
  • Here I am/with my hand
    • From Holiday Song

Surfer Rosa (4AD, 1988)[edit]

  • I was talking to Preachy Preach about Kissy Kiss. He bought me a soda, he bought me a soda and tried to molest me in the parking lot
    • From Bone Machine
  • You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me
    • From Bone Machine
  • Your blistered lips have got a kiss... that tastes a bit like everyone
    • From Bone Machine
  • Break my body, hold my bones
    • From Break My Body
  • I got no lips, I got no tongue, where there were eyes there is only space
    • From Broken Face
  • There was a boy who had two children with his sisters, who were his daughters, who were his favorite lovers.
    • From Broken Face
  • I have something against you, and I'm gonna use it. Oh, yeah. I'm one happy prick.
    • From Something Against You
  • He's like the dark, but I'd want him.
    • From Gigantic
  • With your feet in the air, and your head on the ground, try this trick, and spin it. Your head will collapse, and there's nothing in it, and you'll ask yourself, Where is my mind?
    • From Where is My Mind?
  • I miss your soup, and I miss your bread, and a letter in your writing doesn't mean you're not dead
    • From Cactus
  • ...'You fucking die!' I said. To her. I said 'YOU FUCKING DIE!' To her. Huh? What? No, no! I was talking to Kim! I said 'You fuckin' die!' No - I - uh - we were just goofin' around. No, no, it didn't have anything to do with anything. She said, 'Anybody touches my stuff...' and I said 'You fuckin' die', like that. I was finishing her part for her. Y'know what I mean?
    • From Studio Interlude
  • We'll keep well bred, we'll stay well fed, we'll have all sons, they will be all well hung.
    • From Vamos
  • All I know is...there were rumors he was into field hockey players
    • From I'm Amazed

Doolittle (4AD, 1989)[edit]

  • I am un chien andalusia
    • From Debaser
  • Got hips like cinderella, must've been having a good shame, talkin' sweet about nothin', cookie, I think you're TAME!
    • From Tame
  • You think I'm dead, but I sail away, on a wave of mutilation
    • From Wave of Mutilation
  • As loud as hell, a ringing bell, behind my smile, it shakes my teeth
    • From I Bleed
  • I know the nervous walking, I know the dirty beard hangs, out by the boxcar waiting, take me away to nowhere plains
    • From Here Comes Your Man
  • If man is 5, then the devil is 6, and if the devil is 6, then God is 7
    • From Monkey Gone to Heaven
  • What's that floating in the water? Ol' Neptuna's only daughter
    • From Mr. Grieves
  • You can cry, you can mope, but can you swing from a good rope, boy?
    • From Mr. Grieves
  • I'm moving out of this hospedaje, I'm afraid you'll cut me, boy!
    • From Crackity Jones
  • You're apin' rapin' tapin' catharsis, you get tore down and I get erected, my blood is working but my heart is dead!
    • From Dead
  • Shake your butt! (But not too hard!)
    • From La La Love You
  • Got hair in a girl that flows to her bones, and a comb in her pocket if the wind get blown
    • From No. 13 Baby
  • Hey, been trying to meet you. Mmmmm. Hey, must be a devil between us, or whores in my head. Whores at the door. Whore in my bed, but hey.
    • From Hey
  • Chained to the pillars, a 3-day party, I break the walls and kill us all with holy fingers
    • From Gouge Away

Bossanova (4AD, 1990)[edit]

  • Every night and every day I bossanova wit' you.
    • From Hang Wire
  • Your mouth! Your mouth! A mile away
    • From Rock Music
  • Where have you been? Finally through the roof, and how does lemur skin reflect the sea?
    • From Velouria
  • And when the planets hit the sun, I saw the face of Allison
    • From Allison
  • There is this old man, that has spent so much time sleeping, that he is able to keep awake for the rest of his years
    • From Dig for Fire
  • She's my fave, undressing in the sun.
    • From Ana
  • One side is hot, the other side of the moon is not.
    • From All Over The World

Trompe Le Monde (4AD, 1991)[edit]

  • Why do cupids and angels continually haunt her dreams like memories?
    • From Trompe Le Monde
  • Rhythmically to resound, this ain't the planet of sound.
    • From Planet of Sound
  • Oh Alexander, I see you beneath the archway of aerodynamics
    • From Alec Eiffel
  • And evolving from the sea, would not be too much time for me, to walk beside you in the sun.
    • From The Sad Punk
  • I smell smoke that comes from a gun named Extinction.
    • From The Sad Punk
  • Oh kiss me cunt, oh kiss me cock, oh kiss the world, oh kiss the sky, oh kiss my ass, oh let it rock!
    • From UMASS
  • A life that's so sublime, palace of the brine
    • From Palace of the Brine
  • Everything I needed, and I wanted, used to be that my head was haunted"
    • From Letter From Memphis
  • Sun shines in the rusty morning, skyline of the Olympus Mons
    • From Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons
  • Her warm, white belly in the life I'd lived had seen nothing finer, she shakes and she moves me or something, she's like jellyroll, like sculpture.
    • From Subbacultcha

B-sides (4AD 1998)[edit]

  • There is a way, my manta ray.
    • From Manta Ray
  • In heaven everything is fine, you've got your good thing and you've got mine.
    • From In Heaven
  • Do the manta ray, DO the manta ray!
    • From Dancing The Manta Ray
  • The method of stop, tap, spin/No talking bailey's walk.
    • From Bailey's Walk

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