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Planet of the Apes is a 2001 remake of the 1968 film of the same title. This remake is directed by Tim Burton.


  • This one looked at me.
  • Living with your daughter, Senator, would age any ape quickly.
  • The humans infest the provinces. They breed too quickly while we grow too soft in our affluence. Even now, they outnumber us, four to one.
  • Extremism in defense of apes is no vice, Senator. Your ideas threaten our prosperity. The human problem cannot be solved by simply throwing money at it.
  • Everything in the human culture takes place below the waist.
  • Is there a soul in there?
  • So you want to be human? Then wear their mark!


  • Take your stinking hands off me, you damn dirty human!!
  • We give thanks to you, Semos, for the fruit of the land. Bless us, holy father, who created all apes in his image. Hasten the day when you will return and bring peace to your children. Amen.
  • The Senator's daughter flirts with blasphemy.
  • These humans are different. They travel with apes.
  • Everything I have believed is a lie! You and your family have betrayed us! I won't help you anymore.


  • It's disgusting the way we treat humans. Demeans us as much as them.


  • Apes! Monkeys are further down the evolutionary ladder... just above humans.


  • The cost would be prohibitive... although our scientists do tell me these humans carry terrible diseases.
  • The government tried that once, and all we got for it was a welfare state that nearly bankrupted us.
  • Next you'll be telling us these beasts have a soul.

Lt. Gen. Karl Vasich[edit]

  • We were searching for a pilot lost in an electromagnetic storm. When we got too close, our guidance systems went haywire. We haven't had any communications since we crash-landed. This planet is... uncharted and uninhabited. We're trying to make the best of it. The apes we brought along have been very helpful. They are a lot stronger... and a lot smarter than we ever imagined.

Lt. Col. Grace Alexander[edit]

  • The others have fled with the children into the mountains. The apes are out of control. One male named Semos, who I raised myself, has taken over the group. He is extremely brutal, violent and very dangerous. We have weapons, but I don't know how much longer we'll last. Maybe I saw the truth when they were young, and I wouldn't admit it! We taught them all too well. They were good students and– [sounds of very loud ape noises, followed by a scream]


Lieutenant General Karl Vasich: Delta Pod, your flight is not authorized!
Captain Leo Davidson: I'm going to get my chimp.
Lieutenant General Karl Vasich: You bring that thing back here now! Return to base!
Capt. Leo Davidson: Never send a monkey to do a man's job.

Ari: Stop it! Who told you, you could throw stones at humans?
Gorilla kid: My father
Ari: Did he? He's wrong, very wrong. You can tell him for me I said so.
Gorilla kid: Human lover!

Daena: What tribe are you from?
Captain Leo Davidson: United States Air Force, and I'm going back.

Nado: We just returned from our country house.
Sandar: How was it?
Nova: Boring.
Nado: I find it relaxing being away from the bustle of the city.
Nova: There was no place to go. Nothing but trees and rocks. All you did was nap.
Nado: Exactly. Time away from politics. . . . . .is what I needed. We'd lose ourselves for days in the forest when we were young. Now I can barely climb a tree.
Sandar: Trite but true: "Youth is wasted on the young. " Oh, how did I get so old so fast?
Thade: Living with your daughter would age any ape quickly.
Sandar: You've been a stranger lately.
Thade: I apologize for my lateness, senator. I stopped to see my father.
Sandar: How's my old friend?
Thade: Slipping, I'm afraid. I'd like to see him more, but these are troubled days. The humans infest the provinces.
Ari: We encroach upon their habitat. They breed while we grow soft in our affluence.
Thade: They outnumber us four to one!
Nova: Why can't we simply sterilize them all?
Nado: The cost would be prohibitive. Although scientists tell me. . . . . .these humans carry terrible diseases.
Ari: How would we know? The army burns the bodies before they're examined. Father?
Sandar: At times, perhaps, the senate feels that the army has been. . .. . .a tad extreme.
Thade: Extremism in defense of apes is no vice, senator! Your ideas threaten our prosperity! The human problem can't be solved with money!
Nado: We tried that once, and all we got was. .. . .a welfare state that nearly broke us.
Nova: I think the city has about as much diversity as I can handle.
Ari: This garment was made by one of my humans. And can you deny the skill? Obviously, they're capable of a real culture.
Thade:Everything in the human culture takes place below the waist.

(they laugh, except Ari)

Attar: Bow your heads! We give thanks for the fruit of the land. Bless us, holy father, who created all apes in his image. Hasten the day when you will return and bring peace to your children. Amen.
Apes: Amen.
Nado: Next you'll be telling us these beasts have a soul.
Ari: Of course they do.
Attar: The senator's daughter flirts with blasphemy.

(Thade forces Leo's mouth open)

Thade: Is there a soul in there? Do you have a towel?
Ari: I've lost my appetite.

Thade: I came to see you.
Ari: Oh, how sweet. You've wasted your time.
Thade: My feelings haven't changed. I still care about you.
Ari: You only care about my father's influence. And your own ambition.
Thade: I know about the trouble you caused today. I could have you arrested.
'Ari: I'd do it again.
Thade: You feel so much for these humans. . .. . .yet you feel nothing for me.

Thade: When you find them, kill them all. Except for the troublemaker. I want to talk to him before he dies.
Attar: Sir, the senator's daughter is with them.
Thade: They took her?
Attar: She's helping them. I saw her myself.
Thade: She had no choice. They threatened her life. I'll report to the Senate. They'll beat their chests and ask for my help.
Attar: They are weak without you, sir.

Ari: These "zoos"-- What are they? This word is not familiar.
Captain Leo Davidson: Our last apes are in zoos.
Krull: What happened to them?
Captain Leo Davidson: Gone. After we cut down the forests. . . . . .the ones who survived. . . . . .were locked up in cages. Used for scientific experiment.
Ari: That's horrible.
Captain Leo Davidson: We do worse to our own kind.
Ari: I don't understand. You seem intelligent.
Captain Leo Davidson: Smarter we get, the more dangerous our world becomes.
Ari: I knew it. You're sensitive. Uncommon quality in a male.
Krull: Why don't your apes object to the way you treat them?
Captain Leo Davidson: They can't talk.
Ari: Maybe they choose not to, given the way you treat them.
Limbo: Apes in cages. Right.

Thade: Father.
Zaius: I don't have much time. Tell me about this human. . . . .who troubles you.
Thade: I will capture him with little trouble.
Zaius: No. You're not telling me everything. You believe he is not born of this world. Has he come alone?
Thade: Yes.
Zaius: More will come looking for him.
Thade: How can you possibly know?
Zaius: I have something to tell you. Something my father told me. . .. . .and his father told him. Back along our bloodlines to Semos. In the time before time. . .. . .we were the slaves and the humans. . .. . .were the masters.
Thade: Impossible.
'Zaius: Break it.

(Thade breaks the urn to reveal a handgun)

Zaius: What you hold in your hand is the proof of their power. Their power of invention. Their power of technology. Against this, our strength means nothing. This has the power of a thousand spears. I warn you. Their ingenuity goes hand in hand with their cruelty. No creature. . . . . .is as devious, as violent. You must find this human quickly. Do not let him get to Calima.
Thade: The forbidden area?
Zaius: Calima holds the secret to our true beginnings. Damn them.
Thade: I will stop him, Father.
Zaius: Damn them. Damn them all to hell.

Tival: Apes are afraid of water. They can't swim.
Ari: We drown!
Daena: That is why every day we pray for rain.

[to Leo in regarding Earth]

'Ari: I'd like to see your world.
Captain Leo Davidson: I know. But they'd probably pry you and poke you and throw you in a cage too.
Ari: [smiles] You'd protect me.

[Leo smiles]

[Leo sees the human mark on Ari's hand]

Ari: I can't go home either now. So, maybe we're not so different.
Captain Leo Davidson: No, we're very different. You care about everybody, but yourself.

Thade: He'll turn us into slaves! Kill him!
Captain Leo Davidson: Listen. This is where you're from. We brought you here. It's true. We lived in peace together. Semos. . .. . .killed everybody.
Thade: He's lying! Help me! My friend, kill him!
Attar: Everything I have believed is a lie! You and your family have betrayed us! I won't help you anymore.

'Limbo: Y'know, I'd like to thank you, for opening my eyes to a brave new world of trade with the humans.
Captain Leo Davidson: Yeah, no problem.
Limbo: Farewell, Spaceman!
Limbo: [immediately turns around to a group of children] Now, who wants to buy some aspirin?


  • Well, the other thing I've learned is that when you deal with a studio and it's their asset... it's their asset. And I should have learned that lesson with Planet of the Apes because I had a great... great idea with Planet of the Apes, but it was Fox's asset. Even though I was supposedly developing it we didn't see eye to eye and they sort of picked up their marbles and that was that. They turned out, I think, possibly the most egregious film that they could have on that subject because they miscast the director. It's the only Tim Burton film that I don't like.

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