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Point Blank is a 1967 film about a mysterious man named Walker who, after being double-crossed and left for dead, single-mindedly tries to retrieve the rather inconsequential sum of money that was stolen from him.

Directed by John Boorman. Written by Alexander Jacobs, David Newhouse, and Rafe Newhouse, based on The Hunter by Donald E. Westlake.
There are two kinds of people in his up-tight world: his victims and his women. And sometimes you can't tell them apart.


Brewster: You're a very bad man, Walker, a very destructive man! Why do you run around doing things like this?
Walker: I want my money. I want my $93,000.
Brewster: $93,000? You threaten a financial structure like this for $93,000? No, Walker, I don't believe you. What do you really want?
Walker: I - I really want my money.
Brewster: Well, I'm not going to give you any money and nobody else is. Don't you understand that?
Walker: Who runs things?
Brewster: Carter and I run things. I run things.
Walker: What about Fairfax? Will he pay me?
Brewster: Fairfax is a man who signs checks.
Walker: No, cash.
Brewster: Fairfax isn't going to give you anything. He's finished. Fairfax is dead. He just doesn't know it yet.
Walker: Somebody's got to pay.

Chris: What's my last name?
Walker: What's my first name?

Walker: How bad does he want you, Chris?
Chris: Oh, I don't know. Who knows.
Walker: Yeah, you know. How bad?
Chris: Pretty bad, I guess.
Walker: Bad enough to let you through into the Huntley?
Chris: Why should I?
Walker: Well, it's up to you.


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