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Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys, originally released in Japan as Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation the Movie: Deoxys the Visitor(劇場版ポケットモンスター アドバンスジェネレーション 裂空の訪問者 デオキシス Gekijōban Poketto Monsutā Adobansu Jenerēshon Rekkū no Hōmonsha Deokishisu lit. "Visitor from the Sky: Deoxys") is the seventh film in the Pokémon series, complementing the seventh season (Pokémon: Advanced Challenge). It is the second film released under Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation in Japan.


Jessie: That was rude.
James: Maybe she takes our order.
Jessie: Yeah? Well, I'm pretty good at giving orders. So, I'm gonna have five hamburgers well done, and don't forget the french fries.
Cube Robot: Well done, it is. [electrocutes Jessie]
James: Jessie got fried!
Meowth: Without the burgers!

James: Well, I have no idea what kind of pass he's talking about, but Meowth, please stop calling me sport.

Max: There's that light in the sky again.
Ash: Awesome.
May: It's beautiful.
Rebecca: But that's impossible.
Audrey: [to Rebecca] What is?
Rebecca: That's called an aurora. But it can only be seen at the north and south poles. Strange.
May: Well, then I guess we're lucky to be able to see it here, right?
Sid: [walks to May] The same kind of luck that brought you and me together, right babe? [chuckles]
May: Not sure what kind of luck that was. [sighs]
Brock: [walks to a computer screen] Hi, beautiful. If you're looking for a real phenomenon, stop looking in your computer and spend some time with me!
Max: [grabs Brock] Okay. You leave it her alone. That's a phenomenon.
[Audrey and Kathryn laugh]
Rafe: Well, look who's still in town.
Ash: So...
Rafe: Well, after that devastating defeat in front of thousands of people, I thought you might feel a little embarrassed to show your face.
Ash: Oh, yeah? How about a rematch tomorrow in the Battle Tower?
Rafe: No problem. I'll beat you anytime and anywhere.
Ash: I wouldn't count on that. [looks at Tory]
Rafe: [walks to Tory] Hey, I know you.
Ash: [walks to Tory] Tory.
[they all look at Tory]
Tory: Hey, you guys. Yuko and I made these for you. [opens a box]
Max: Cool. Pokemon cookies.
Kathryn: Cute.
Audrey: Yummy.
Ash: [off-screen] Come on out, everyone.
[the music begins "This Side of Paradise" by Bree Sharp playing]

[last lines]
James: I must have lost 20 pounds so far.
Meowth: And you already lost your mind.
Jessie: And I'm losing my patience, so just shut up and keep pedaling.

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