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Ponyo is a 2008 Japanese animated fantasy film about a goldfish named Ponyo who befriends a five-year-old human boy, Sōsuke, and wants to become a human girl.

The film was released in Japan on July 19, 2008, in the US and Canada on August 14, 2009, and in the UK on February 12, 2010. It earned over and won several awards, including the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Produced by Toshio Suzuki. Written by Hayao Miyazaki.
Welcome To A World Where Anything Is Possible.


  • Ponyo wants ham!
  • Ponyo loves Sosuke!
  • Ponyo loves Sosuke! I will be a human, too!


  • [after several waves with eyes fail to catch him by the shore] That was weird.
  • Ponyo, make the candle bigger!
  • Mom! Ponyo came back, and she's a little girl now!


  • Kôichi: You can't be busy you're five!
  • Lisa: I say we start with dessert and go backwards. It's been a backwards kind of day!
  • Noriko: I'd let a fish lick me if it'd get me out of this wheelchair.
  • Fujimoto: Respect your father!
  • Fujimoto: What do you know about humans, Brunhilde? They spoil the sea. They treat your home like their empty black souls.


Lisa: So, Ponyo, what's your Dad like?
Ponyo: He hates humans! He keeps me in a bubble, so I swam away from home.

Lisa: So what's your Mother like, then?
Ponyo: She's big and beautiful, but she can be very scary!
Sosuke: Just like my Mom.

Sosuke: Look at her. Isn't she pretty?
Kumiko: That's the most boring goldfish I've ever seen in my entire life!
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