Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin

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Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (also known as Winnie the Pooh's Most Grand Adventure in some countries) is a 1997 direct-to-video film from Walt Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh. The film follows Pooh and his friends on a journey to find and rescue their friend Christopher Robin from the "Skull".


  • Today, I should say, is a good day for being Pooh.
  • [sad that Christopher Robin is gone] Christopher Robin... My very best, best friend. [looks at tree]
  • We are braver than a bee, and a... longer than a tree, and taller than a goose... or is it a moose?


  • Hmm... I wonder what's causin' this tail to fail? Maybe, just doesn't have what it takes.
  • Christopher Robin. Christopher Robin. Come out, come out, wherever you aren't. [gets scared by bats and runs away]
  • Did you hear that? The Skull-A-Saurus.... He got Pooh.
  • Well, of course it's mine. It's got my name scribbled all over it. [scarfs down some honey] T, I, Double Guh -- [reacts] Honey?! Yuck! Ptooey! Blah! [spits it all out] Tiggers do not like honey!
  • Where will we get the strength...to go on without him? [sobs]
  • And when Piglet gets sick of you...[sobs] we can take over.
  • Poor guy. His very little brain is half gone with grief.


  • I said ouch. [everyone fell into river of mud]
  • Christopher Robin. Yoo-hoo! [screams as the path breaks]


  • I could almost hear Pooh cheering for us.
  • What's going on, please?!


  • [reads the note wrong] "Dear Pooh," it begins, "Worry about me. I'm going far away. Help!" and the note is signed: "Cramfobbin Bobin"? Oh,"Christopher Robin."
  • "I discovered where he went! [reads the note] An O,another O and... [gasps] Oh my..."


  • [after his last carrot is stuck to the ground] It doesn't matter whether you think you're ripe! This is Rabbit's garden, and Rabbit does his harvest by the BOOK!
  • I could read it with my eyes closed. [mutters as everyone stares] Well, I could've read it if Tigger hadn't bounced me so.
  • That Owl. I knew Skull had another Y in it.
  • [singing] Never trust that thing between your ears!

Brains will get you nowhere fast my dears! Haven't had a need for mine in years! On the page is where the truth appears!

Christopher Robin[edit]

  • You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.
  • Pooh Bear, what if some day there came a tomorrow when we were apart?
  • I'll always be with you, I'll always be with you, always be with you.


Tigger: Oh, relax, Piglet ol' pal. There's no difference between falling a thousand feet to the jagged rocks below and tumbling out of bed.
Piglet: Oh. Really?
Tigger: Sure. [Laughs then clears throat] Except for the splat at the end they're practically similar.

Winnie the Pooh: You're just in time for the best part of the day!
Christopher Robin: What part is that?
Winnie the Pooh: The part when you and me... become we.

Christopher Robin: Where is Pooh?
Piglet: Oh, Christopher Robin. The skullasaurus gobbled him up.
Christopher Robin: The what?
[a roar is heard, everyone runs in panic]
Christopher Robin:[laughs] That's no skullasaurus. There's only one thing that makes a sound like that. The rumbly tumbly of a hungry-for-honey Pooh-Bear.

Tigger: I'm gonna miss that bear. [sniffles]
Piglet: Oh Pooh....
[a huge gwythaints is roaring off screen]
Rabbit: Now that sounds like a wicked sharp teeth..... Up there! The eye of the skull!
Eeyore: Well, we could get the kid outta there. If anybody has any ideas how to get up there, that is.
Tigger: The map. What does it say?
Rabbit: Oh, my. It's useless. There's nothing in here about how to get up there. Why, I'd have to figure it out all by myself. From scratch, I- I... Can I do that?
Tigger: Yeah, can he do that?
Rabbit: I could try, for Pooh.
Pooh: Thank you, Wabbit.

Christopher Robin: [sings] One thing you should know, no matter where I go. We'll always be together.
Christopher Robin and Pooh: Forever and ever.


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