Pope Gregory IX

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Pope Gregory IX

Pope Gregory IX (Latin: Gregorius IX); born Ugolino di Conti; c. 1145 or before 1170 – 22 August 1241) was Pope of the Catholic Church from 19 March 1227 to his death in 1241. He is known for issuing the Decretales and instituting the Papal Inquisition in response to the failures of the episcopal inquisitions established during the time of Pope Lucius III.


  • Since the eleventh hour has come in the day given to mankind...it is necessary that spiritual men [possessing] purity of life and the gift of intelligence should go forth with John [the Baptist] again to all men and all peoples of every tongue and in every kingdom to prophesy because, according to the prophet Isaias, the salvation of the remnant of Israel will not occur until, as St. Paul says, the plenitudo gentium enters first [into the kingdom of heaven].
    • Cum hora undecima (1235), quoted in James Muldoon, 'The Avignon Papacy and the Frontiers of Christendom: The Evidence of Vatican Register 62', Archivum Historiae Pontificiae Vol. 17 (1979), p. 143

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