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Popples is a Saturday morning cartoon from DiC that aired from 1986 to 1987.

Popples Panic at the Library[edit]

Bonnie: [To a librarian] I'm sorry. I can explain this. Uh...I'll clean it up.
Librarian: [To Bonnie] Well, I certainly hope so.

Cookin' Up a Storm[edit]

Molars and Bicuspids, and Popples[edit]

The Treasure of Popple Beach[edit]

Puffball: It will be so much nicer to keep it clean.

Popping at the Car Wash[edit]

Billy: Mom says I can ride through the carwash and yoooou caaaan't.
Bonnie: Can so.
Billy: Can not.
Bonnie: Mom, can I ride through the carwash, too?
Mom: Of course, dear.
Bonnie: See, told you so.
Billy: Cabbage-head!
Bonnie: Rutabaga-brain!
Mom: Just make sure to keep the windows rolled up. Promise?
Billy and Bonnie: We promise.
Mom: [steps outside the car] Okay, have fun, and I'll see you on the other side. Bye.
Billy and Bonnie: Bye!

P.C.: What about Puffball?
Party: He's popping out of control.
P.C.: I'll handle this.
Putter: Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba.
P.C.: Putter, get ahold of yourself.
Putter: Ba-ba-ba.....ahhh......That suction thing got Puffball! She's trapped in the dustbin!
Party: Well, I guess this looks like a job for....
Party: Hahahahahahahaha! (Pop!)
Bonnie: [face off-screen] Here we go!

[Party causes the car to shift into gear and enter the carwash, without the engine running]

Party: Get a move on, P.C.
P.C.: Could somebody open a window please?
Billy: OH NO! We promised Mom that we'd keep all the windows closed.
Party: P.C., Hurry!
P.C.: Hmmm.....This could be a definite problem.
Billy: But we didn't say anything about the roof.
P.C.: Notice I said COULD!! [snaps his left fingers allowing the roof to magically open and he jumps up grabs Party's ball of her tail as she floats away in search of Puffball in the dustbin]
[Animation Goof: The car originally had rear suicide doors until they were changed to conventional doors with handles on the outside in the scene where the roof opens up]

[Billy and Bonnie are grappling on the open roof trying to put it back up]
Bonnie: I can't get this thing up!
Billy: Not like that...like this...
[Putter lands on the head restraint on the passenger seat and sees that the car is getting close to the pre-wash cycle]
Bonnie: Now look what you've done...it's stuck.
Putter: Uh...you guys....
Billy: No it isn't.
Bonnie: Yes it is!
Putter: You guys....
Putter: Hey you guys! Oh, forget it. [unleashes a large umbrella and opens it up to canopy the whole interior of the car]
Billy: [To Bonnie] Cabbage-nose!
Bonnie: [To Billy] Broccoli-breath!

Mom: [walks to the car] Hi, kids. Oh, the car is sparkling clean! [gets inside the car] Even the interior, it looks like new! And you opened the roof?
Billy: That was my idea.
Bonnie: Show-off!
Billy: Shatter-head!
Bonnie: Cracker-brain!
[the car drives off from the carwash and back onto the streets, the trunk opens up and reveals the Popples laying on mats and wearing sunglasses]
Party: Who's got the Popple-lotion? [laughing]
[the Popples all laugh as the car disappears until the screen fades out]

Springtime's a Poppin[edit]

Popples Play Pee Wee Golf[edit]

Popples Flood the Fluff n' Fold[edit]

PC: Party, get your hand out of my pouch. Putter: HeHeHe, I'm not Party and its not my hand.

Clean Sweep of Things[edit]

Poppin' Wheelies[edit]

  • P.C.: We got free passes!

Bonnie's Popple Party[edit]

  • Bonnie: Greetings, ChristChild.

Aisles of Trouble[edit]

  • Characters: Billy, Bonnie, Party, Pancake, Puffball, [later] P.C.
  • Bonnie: [looks through the kitchen drawers] DARN! There's nothing to eat!
  • Billy: [opens up the refrigerator and looks inside] You can say that again. [closes the refrigerator]
  • Billy and Bonnie: Wha-? Huh?
  • Pancake: Let's p-p-p-play!
  • Bonnie: We're too hungry to play, and there's nothing to eat.
  • Party: Nothing to eat?
  • Bonnie: Without food, we don't have any energy to play.
  • Billy: And without playing, we could turn into owls!
  • Pancake: We've got to do something.
  • Party: No food? No playing? This is an emergency!
  • Pancake: They don't need the police. They need food.
  • Party: And we know where to get it.
  • Puffball: We do?

  • Mom: [sees that the refrigerator is full of food] What do you mean there's no food? The refrigerator is filled.
  • Billy: But there's no candy.
  • Mom: Too much candy isn't good for you. [closes the refrigerator]
  • Bonnie: But it tastes good!
  • Mom: So do sandwiches, and I'll make you some when I get back from the cleaners. [puts a red apple in Billy's hand and leaves the kitchen]
  • P.C.: You found food! THAT'S AMAZING!!
  • Billy: Not really, my Mom gave it to me.
  • P.C.: What are you waiting for? Eat it before you starve!
  • Bonnie: We're going to wait for my Mom to make us sandwiches.
  • P.C.: But I thought you were com-p-p-pletely out of food.
  • Bonnie: Yeah, we're out of candy and other good stuff. But Mom's going to make us some healthy food. Yuck!
  • P.C.: OH NO!! Puffball, Party, and Pancake went to the food store. We've got to stop them before they buy everything. Come on!

  • Puffball: I demand you to stop, you p-p-positivly need some candy!
  • Puffball: WOW! We ought to come here for Halloween! [Laughing]
  • Pancake: Gee, I don't know if candy is good for kids to eat, [Laughing] [ A piece of candy then hits Pancake in the head, and she angerly glares at Puffball, who's kicking candy into the air]
  • Puffball: Its so much fun! It can't be bad, [Laughing]
  • Puffball: We've got candy and carrots, [laughing] What else do they need?
  • Party: How 'bout some pa-pa-pa-pork![Giggle]
  • Pancake: Or maybe some pa-pa-pa-prime rib [Laughs]
  • Party: ...Or maybe some pa-pa-pa-srami!AhHa, or some more pa-pa-pa-pa-pastrami[Giggling]
  • Puffball: [Laughing] That sounds great, but where are we going to find meat? There must be a cattle ranch in here somewhere!

  • P.C.: This whole food thing is making me loose my appetite!

[Entering store]

  • Bonnie: UOOO!
  • Billy: Great! How are going to find them?
  • P.C.: I bet they're at the Ice Cream section...Puffball's in love with Mr. Chip...Chocolate Chip that is!! [Laughs]

  • Party: Are you sure this is where they keep the meat?[Giggles]
  • Puffball: [In John Wayne voice] I'm not sure, Compadre, but it's worth checkin'out!
  • Pancake: [Doning cowboy hat and lasso from pouch] YEEE HAAA!
  • Party: Is there meat in there? [Laughs]
  • Pancake: I"m not sure. [Laughs] Do they make cows this small? [Laughs]
  • Party I don't know...Listen to it [Giggles]
  • Party [Whispering to Puffball] Puffball, [Giggles] You know what to do.[Giggles again]
  • Party & Puffball MOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • PancakeAWWWWW! HaHa, Papapapa Party!Thethethe prime rib "mooed" at me!
  • Party & Puffball [Hysterical Giggling] Well, then it's meat alright! [Hysterical Giggling Continues]

  • Bonnie: [laughing] Stop, Pancake! [laughs again]
  • Billy: P.C.'s right. My Mom says we were just exaggerating.
  • Bonnie: We weren't really out of food.
  • Pancake: You're p-p-p-pulling my leg?
  • P.C.: It's true, Pancake.

[the manager walks through the aisle where Bonnie, Billy, and the Popples are, and Bonnie and Pancake are shocked]

  • Pancake: [scared] Now we're really in trouble!
  • Puffball: [low tone] Hey, grumpy! Yeah, you! I've been hanging in this store for a long time! When do I get a break?
  • Manager: Huh?

[Billy, Bonnie, and the Popples, except Puffball laugh a distance away]

  • P.C.: Before the manager realizes he's talking to a banana, we'd better split. Hey! Banana Split! Get it? [laughs]
  • Pancake: Last one home makes lunch! [laughs]

Popples Paint Party[edit]

Pop-Paring For Bed[edit]

  • Potato Chip: Are you crazy?
  • Party: Me crazy? You're the one zinging around the bathtub! (giggles)

(after seeing Party pull deodorant from her pouch)

  • Potato Chip: Deodorant? Are you trying to tell me something?
  • Party: Just p-p-press the nozzle!

  • Puffball: (playing a guitar) I..Popples...make me happy!
  • Bonnie: This is great. We're in trouble and Puffball's singing Hawaiian Music!


Sports Shop Pop[edit]

Bonnie: (To Billy) Do you think he'll take your new running shoes back?

Billy: (To Bonnie) Sure. But it would be a lot better if shoes grew like feet do.

Bonnie: (Sees a shop with ping pong balls inside) Gosh! Look! There must be a special today on ping pong balls.

(Billy and Bonnie wave at Mr.Grenston)

Billy: We could use some ping pong balls. Let's get some.

Bonnie: Mom said we're only suppose to exchange your running shoes, not to buy anything else, greedy.

Billy: Greedy? You're the one who always wants stuff.

Bonnie: (To Billy) I'm not.

Billy: (To Bonnie) Are so.

Bonnie: (To Billy) I'm not. (Opens the door)

Takin' Out the Trash[edit]

A Hair-Raising Experience[edit]

  • Party: No sweat, if you need help with anything, you know who to call on, hey!
  • ~Party switches on radio and gasps as she is electrocuted~
  • P.C.: Yeah, anyone put Party
  • ~everyone laughs~

Poppin' Pillow Talk[edit]

Bonnie: [Scared] Who-Who's there?
Billy: [To Bonnie] Hey. Hey. That wasn't funny.
P.C.: [Agrees with Billy] Yeah. I hear that.

[All laughing]

[Moaning sound]

[The attic light starts flickering]

Bonnie: Oh, no!
Bonnie and Billy: Let's get outta here!
Billy: Look! G-G-Ghost!

[All screaming]

Billy: Or maybe I should say "goofs".

[All laughing]

Bonnie: [To Billy] You can come out now, Macho man.

Where the Pop Flies[edit]

Hurray For Hollywood[edit]

Backyard Bigtop[edit]

Backyard Adventure[edit]

  • Billy: This is a perfect spot for the tent Bonnie
  • Bonnie: Great, I got the stakes right in....
  • Party: Its p p p party time! Heee heee
  • Bonnie: BLARGH!!
  • Party: Let the good times roll!(giggling)
  • Bonnie: How about letting them roll somewhere else
  • Billy: What gives, Party?
  • Party: Me!...I give hats!...and I give streamers (giggles) and I give party lights (giggles) and I give confetti (giggles again)
  • Bonnie: And she gives headaches!
  • P.C.: (snaps fingers) Ha hea hea heah. Its not a party Party.
  • Party: Huh?!...well it could be.
  • P.C.: It could be an earthquake too, ha ha, but it isn't.
  • Bonnie: Mom's sure going to be angry when she sees this back yard.
  • Billy: P.C's here Bonnie, we've got nothing to worry about.
  • P.C.: Heee heee heee heeeee. Right you you are, Billy old pop-pal
  • P.C.: What's next....?
  • Party:The balloons and clowns and cake....
  • P.C.: Party!
  • Billy: We can use some help putting the tent up, P.C.
  • P.C.: Piece of cake
  • Bonnie: I've got a feeling we're going to regret this.


  • P.C.: Haha, what are supposed to be doing?
  • Party: Just providing a little entertainment!
  • P.C.: These stakes are for the tent!
  • Party: I didn,t know the tent was that hungry. (giggles)
  • P.C.: Wrong stakes Parteeee!

  • Party: I knew this was going to be fun, P.C, aren't you glad your here (giggles).
  • P.C.: Sure, pu-pulling at a rope in the middle of the night is loads of fun.

  • Bonnie: Hmmmm, I thought I packed the hot dogs in here.
  • Putter: Ha hee heeeha hee, oh great mysteries of the middle east! Behold their magic sp-p-p-pells haha!
  • Party: Yeah!, What we need is some music to liven this up (giggles)
  • Putter: Chow time!!! (pop)

Poppin' At the Drive-In[edit]

Popplin' Around the Block[edit]

Moving Day[edit]

Tree House Capers[edit]

No Bizness Like Popple Bizness[edit]

Museum Peace[edit]

Lemonade Stand-Off[edit]

Popple Post Office[edit]

Funhouse Folly[edit]

Fixer-Upper Popples[edit]

Rock Around the Popples[edit]

The College of Popple Knowledge[edit]

Popple Cheer[edit]

Barn Hoopla[edit]

The Jellybean Jamboree[edit]

Private Eye Popples[edit]

The Repair Shop[edit]

Decatha-Pop-A-Lon Popples[edit]

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