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Postal is an isometric top-down shooter video game developed by Running With Scissors and published by Ripcord Games in 1997.


  • I regret nothing

  • Oh, did that hurt?

  • Let's blow something up

  • Only my weapon understands me

  • The Earth is hungry. Its heart throbs and demands cleansing. The Earth is also thirsty.
  • Blessed are the meek for they make easy targets.
  • The air ripens with the odors of the dead and dying. It smells like...victory.
  • A glorious symphony of slaughter! 76 tromboners led the death parade...
  • Life is cheap--death is free! Act now! Supplies are limited! (Offer void in Arizona)
  • Furious fireflies materialize against the cavern wall and sunder the earth into dust. Come, little insects, and see the web WE'VE woven!
  • I will don the eviscerated organs of my enemies as party hats, wear their shredded entrails as neckties, and oh, how I shall dance!
  • Human trash spills from its containers as death rains down upon them, sweeping the streets in a cleansing cloudburst of blood...
  • Next stop: Armageddon, the River Styx, Hades... and all points in between! All aboard!
  • Feathers will fly, but big birds won't. They WILL however, be going south this winter...FAR south!
  • Blood splinters everywhere. Like a river, flowing around me, pulling me in its wake. Paradise! Prepare for...deconstruction!
  • Black leather smoke coils up my nostrils tingling with death's surprise. Human remnants cling to my clothing like bloody briars as I continue to wade, hip deep in flesh, bone and viscera. Bad neighborhood coming up!
  • I am the celestial gardener, policing the planet of the stink weeds and poisons which leak out even through the cracks in the cold asphalt sidewalks of the City of Sin!
  • Keep your head, hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride at all times. You're bound to lose MORE today than just a few limbs!
  • No day in the park. Too much of the blood on me is mine. But the day is not done, and I've miles to go to make them sleep...Peanuts anyone?

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