Power Rangers (2011)

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Origins, Part I[edit]

Octoroo: And so will I. Hee hee hee. Oh ah ohh. What's that? Ooo ah oo. I've got a lump in my throat. Is what I hear the mast's boat?

(Dayu had been trapped on a boat with Master Xandred, when the boat finally broke through the surface of the Sanzu River in the Netherworld. Octoroo got on the boat. Dayu strumming her Harmonium.)

Octoroo: It's good to be on board again. So Dayu, where's the big red one? (Dayu says nothing.)
Octoroo: Come on! Answer me! Just where is that barnacle of a boss?! Where's Master Xandred? Out with it!
Dayu: Octoroo, I get it. You missed him.
Octoroo: Come on! Tell me, tell me, please. You're the only one who knows. We've been without our leader for so long. We need him back! Sure he's mean to me, but that's just boss being boss!

(Behind a woven door hanging, came a voice.)

Master Xandred: (angry) Silence you fool!

Master Xandred came through the door. Master Xandred: I have a splitting headache this morning! So zip those lips unless you want to spend the morning untying those noodles you call a face! (Master Xandred stormed past Octoroo and sat on the floor.)

Octoroo: Ooh, ah, ooh, you're pretty grumpy for someone talented enough to talk with his mouth closed. Octoroo pounded his staff on the floor and looked over at the two Moogers.
Octoroo: You two quickly! Give him his medicine to ease his aching noggin.

(The two Moogers walked over to Master Xandred. One of them gave him a bowl.)

Master Xandred: Hurry up!

The other Mooger poured the medicine into the bowl and then they both stepped away.

Octoroo: That should help. (Master Xandred drinks it.) You'll be back to normal in no time. Feel better?
Master Xandred: I don't even want to think about what I had to endure because of those lousy Samurai Rangers. Good thing I destroyed them all.
Octoroo: Oh, great Master Xandred, how should I say this? I thought you knew about the Rangers. They survived!

Dayu stopped her playing.

Dayu: Are you joking?

Master Xandred: What? UGH!!!!! Master Xandred: THOSE BRATS DEFEATED ME!!!!!!!!!!

Octoroo: Ooh, ah, ooh, calm down Master!

(Bold text Tooya enters the boat.) Tooya: Oh yeah, let's get this party started! I see that Master Xandred is back in charge, so let's celebrate!

Master Xandred: UGH!!! (He slams his weapon against the boat hard enough to make it rock dangerously.) Unbelievable! How did those brats defeat me?!

Octoroo tells him to forget celebrating, Tooya! That mouth on your skirt is as ugly as Master Xandred's mood.

Tooya Hey, if anyone got hit with the ugly stick, it would be you!
Octoroo: Listen, the best way to welcome the boss back is to jump through a gap and freak out some HUMANS!
Tooya: Is that right, boss?
:Master Xandred: Do it! Then I'll make those Samurai Rangers regret the day they messed with Master Xandred!!!!!