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Practical Magic is a 1998 film about two sisters who are hexed by a centuries-old curse: all the men they fall in love with are doomed to an untimely death. During their quest to find love everlasting, they have to cope with a witches' brew of events involving a possible love-match for one, and a sadistic Transylvanian lover for the other.

Directed by Griffin Dunne. Written by Robin Swicord, Akiva Goldsman, and Adam Brooks, based on the novel by Alice Hoffman.
There's a little witch in every woman. Taglines


  • Frances: In this house we have chocolate cake for breakfast, and never bother with silly little things like bedtimes, or brushing our teeth.
  • Sally: This is only temporary, so don't get comfortable. There will be no chocolate for breakfast, homework will be done after dinner, teeth and hair brushed before bed. (To her aunts) And, as for you two, my children will never do magic. Ever.
  • Jimmy: I'm feeling very into sisters right now.


Gilly: You wanna play?
Village kids: (chanting) Witch, witch, you're a witch!

Young Sally: I hope I never fall in love, I hope I never fall in love, I hope I never fall in love.
Young Gilly: I can't wait to fall in love.

Young Sally: He will hear my call a mile away, he will whistle my favourite song, he can ride a pony backwards-
Young Gilly: What are you doing?
Young Sally: I'm summoning up a true love spell called amas veritas, he can flip pancakes in the air, he will be marvellously kind, and his favourite shape will be a star. And he'll have one green eye, one blue.
Young Gilly: I thought you never wanted to fall in love.
Young Sally: That's the point. The guy I dreamed up doesn't exist, and if he doesn't exist, I'll never die of a broken heart.

Gilly: I hate it here. I wanna go where... where no-one's even heard of us.
Sally: I feel like I'm never going to see you again.
Gilly: Of course you're going to see me again. We're going to grow old together. It's gonna be you and me, living in a big house. These two old biddies with all these cats. I mean, I bet we even die in the same day.
Sally: You swear?
Gilly: Honey, I need your pocket knife. (cuts her hand and Sally's) My blood, your blood, our blood.

Gilly: Do you forgive our mother?
Sally: Sometimes.
Gilly: Well, you'll never forgive yourself, unless you get up, get dressed and you brush you goddamn teeth, 'cause your breath stinks.
Gilly: We have to ask the aunts to help us bring him back.
Sally: No, no they won't do it. Because he'll come back as something dark and unnature.
Gilly: Jimmy is already dark and unnatural! And besides I don't care what he comes back as, as long as he comes back with a pulse!
Sally: No Gillian that is not an option, that is not a choice.
Gilly: We have no choice Sally, this is our choice!

Village Kids: (chanting) Witch! Witch! You're a bitch! Witch! Witch! You're a witch!
Sally: You think after three hundred years they would come up with a better line.

Gary: Did you or your sister kill James Angelov?
Sally: Oh, yeah. A couple of times.

Gilly: He wants me, just me. Everyone would be safe. Just let him take me.
Sally: Don't die on me, Gilly please, 'cause we're supposed to die together, at the same time. You promised me that, and this is not that day.

Sally: We have to go to the police. It was self defense.
Gilly: What, the old slowly-poisoning-him-to-death self defense?


  • There's a little witch in every woman.
  • For two sisters from a family of witches, falling in love is the trickiest spell of all.


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