Prehistoric Women (1967 film)

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Prehistoric Women is a 1967 film about a man who is transported to a kingdom of savage women.

Directed and written by Michael Carreras.
Behold a savage world where men are slaves to desire... and women are their demanding masters!  (taglines)

Queen Kari[edit]

  • [to David] I did not save you for others, strange one. You're mine. Mine alone. Think on this.
  • You see! Already you want to impose your will. You want to dominate me. I'd be a fool to let any man do that again.
  • My body hungers. Bring food and drink to my chambers.


  • Blonde Slave Girl #1: We are not beasts of the field. We are women!


David: What is it?
Jakara: It is the sign of the sacred white rhino. It guards the entry to the land of the Pu'naka. Wait, walla!
David: Well, we haven't gone this far to be turned back by a primitive tree carving!
Jakara: But, here, the devils of darkness are all about us!
David: The devils of what?
Jakara: The spirits of the past - that protect their holy shrine, from the desecration of the lure of the ice.

Warrior: You are on the hallowed hunting grounds of the Pu'naka. No hunting is allowed here!
David: I only came to end the suffering of this wounded beast.
Warrior: Your presence has disturbed the spirit of the white rhinoceros!

David: Are there no men here to help you?
Saria: But you said you had come to help us.
David: But your men? Where are they?
Saria: They are no longer - men.

Kari: Let the dancing continue.
Amyak: Permit me, my Queen, to speak.
Kari: Speak, slave.
Amyak: The women are tired. And when the heart is heavy the feet are not light. Let there be no more dancing.
Kari: You heard my command. Dance!

Amyak: Poor Saria, she's too young to have suffered so.
Blonde Slave Girl #2: Then let this be your lesson. Many more of us will have to suffer, if you persist in this senseless search for freedom. There is no escape!

Kari: Why do you hesitate?
David: It will take me a little time to...
Kari: You must learn that each command must be obeyed at once. - - Come.

Kari: You refuse me?
David: What else can you expect? Your heartless cruelty is sickening!
Kari: You'd have me otherwise?

David: What makes you so cruel?
Kari: Cruelty has made me cruel.

Kari: I was once their slave. Before the devils came, we dark ones were in bondage to the fair ones. You would have pitied me then. A meek, cringing creature. You would have pitied me; but, you would not have wanted me.
David: I don't want you now!

Kari: Has the woman always been subservient to a man to be wanted?
David: No.
Kari: Do you suggest we should be equal?
David: Yes.
Kari: Then I will be your equality. Share my throne and my kingdom with you.

Kari: You will want me - and on my terms!
David: Never!
Kari: I am Queen here - I will not be denied!

David: You will never rule me.
Kari: Then like the others, you will become my slave.

Saria: No! I release you from your promise.
Kari: What promise?
David: There is no promise.
Kari: He has fulfilled your desires only because I made him promise that he would.


  • Beaten into submission ... turned into slaves ... man at the mercy of a Kingdom of Prehistoric Women!
  • Savage Struggle! Primitive Passions! Deadly Jealousy!
  • Behold a savage world where men are slaves to desire... and women are their demanding masters!


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