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Premium Rush is a 2012 American action thriller film about a bicycle messenger chased around New York City by a corrupt police officer who wants an envelope the messenger has.

Directed by David Koepp. Written by David Koepp and John Kamps.
Ride Like Hell (taglines)


  • I can't work in an office. I don't like wearing suits. I like to ride. Fixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. The bike cannot coast. The pedals never stop turning. Can't stop. Don't want to either. There are 1,500 bike messengers on the streets of New York City. You can e-mail it, FedEx it, fax it, scan it, but when none of that shit works and this thing has to be at that place by this time, you need us. Some of us get killed out here. Pedestrians are a menace. Cabs are killers. One time or another we all get hit. Sometimes we gotta hit back. And we stick together, 'cause most people just wish we'd get off the street. "Go get a haircut. Take a shower. Get out of the way." They have no idea why anyone would risk their lives in a death maze for 80 bucks on a good day. But if you're out here thinking about the money, you're not gonna be around to spend it.

Mr. Lin[edit]

  • [To Nima] If you lose the ticket I cannot give you back the money. You understand? This ticket now is money... for whoever holds it. If you have problems you don't call the police. You call this number. The Hawala system settles its own problems.


Bobby Monday: Hey! Hey, excuse me, messenger guy. That envelope you picked up, I gotta ask for it back.
Wilee: Who are you?
Monday: Forrest J. Ackerman, head of Campus Security. The woman who gave you the envelope, she's not authorized to use the school account. It's an internal matter I've been investigating. Not your problem. Can I have the envelope, please?
Wilee: Yeah, the thing is, once it goes in the bag, it's gotta stay in the bag unless I hear from a dispatcher.
Monday: Fine. Call him. I'll talk to him. I got the receipt right here.
Wilee: Nima gave that to you?
Monday: Who?
Wilee: Nima. You don't know the name of the woman you're investigating?
Monday: Yeah. Nima, right. I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. Your mouth was full.
Wilee: Thing is, man, company I work for, it's called "Security Courier." The "Security" part means that once people give us their shit, we don't just hand it out to random strangers on the street, so... Listen, I just spent $7 on this delicious urban food log, so if you'd step aside and let me eat, that'd be great.
[Wilee goes to leave on his bike; Monday blocks him and leans in close.]
Monday: What's your name?
Wilee: Wilee.
Monday: Wilee. Wile E? Like the coyote? That's cute.
Wilee: Thanks.
Monday: You got a real name? A girlfriend? Family? People who give a shit if they see you again?
Wiley: Who are you, man?
Monday: I'm the guy you don't fuck with.
Wilee: [pauses] Hold my log.
[Wilee hands Monday his log and pretends to reach into his bag, then turns and rides away.]
Monday: Hey!
Wilee: Have a nice day, douche bag!

Wilee: This douchebag tried to...
Desk Officer: I can hear you.
Wilee: Sorry, uh, a guy tried to rob me and run me over with his car.
Desk Officer: Are you injured?
Wilee: No.
Desk Officer: Do you want to file a complaint?
Wilee: No, I want him arrested, it's like attempted vehicular manslaughter, or whatever.
Desk Officer: [sarcastic] Is it, your Honor? Have a seat, someone will be right out to take your statement.
Wilee: I also have a picture of his license plate number.
Desk Officer: That's fantastic. Have a seat, someone will be right with you.
Wilee: [sarcastic] Thank you, for your concern.

Vanessa: You picked up an envelope from Nima at the college office at 5:30, where is it?
Raj: Jesus, what is it with this envelope? People love it, they hate it, they gotta have it, they gotta get rid of it! It's like cigarettes or Democrats.

Monday: You know how they say, "There's enough to go around for everybody"? There isn't. Give me the ticket. [Chinatown merchants see what's going on and go inside] You know the thing about these folks? They never testify. [reveals his concealed-carry pistol] Who's to say you didn't lunge at me? Give me the ticket. [hears a bell and turns to see bike messengers approaching] What, is that your backup?
Wiley: Yup. Them, too. Suck it, douche bag!
[The bike messengers surround Monday, shoving and hitting him]
Monday: Get off me! Stay the hell off me! I said stay away! [Wilee escapes and the messengers ride away; Monday turns to see Chinese gangsters approaching him, but doesn't notice Sudoku Man] Yeah, what? What, huh? I'm a cop, you zipperheads. What are you going to do? [Sudoku Man shoots him in the back of the head and leaves] What? Wait a second. Wait a second. [stumbles back to his car and opens the door] I need a... Okay... Okay, just gimme a break. I need to think for a second...


  • Ride Like Hell
  • Racing against the clock.


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