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Prime Suspect (2011–2012) is an American crime procedural television series based on a British series by the same name. The series premiered September 22, 2011 on NBC starring Maria Bello as Jane Timoney.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Desmond: Let's sit down and have a pint or four and talk about how much we miss smoking.
Timoney: The point is, we thought you had cancer, that you were dying. Remember?
Desmond: All I am saying is, what if your doctor trots out the same x-ray with a shadowy mass for all his patients --
Timoney: Stop.
Desmond: -- that have a bad habit?
Timoney: Dad, stop looking for excuses to smoke, all right? You asked me to quit, I quit. I don't want to quit. Do I look like I want to quit? But I'm doing it for you. I'm not going to do it alone. Do not flake on me. I am not kidding you. I will frame you for something. Get it?

Carter: Could I ask you something? Are you ever worried that someone might drop a house on you?
Timoney: Car's not going to drive itself, is it?
Carter: I guess you don't.

Timoney: Listen to me: I work terrible hours, often have to leave things early, I arrive to things late. I get phone calls in the middle of the night and all day long. I've never been shot, but I've been stabbed. I've had lye thrown in my face once, and I'm a homicide detective, Trish. Not a policeman or a policewoman. I'm also not a divorce lawyer, but I know about going to court.

Carnivorous Sheep [1.02][edit]

Valerio: Signs of forced entry, obviously. No signs of sexual assault.
Timoney: Anyone speak to the ex-husband?
Blando: Lui's gone by his place right now. He's not picking up his phone.
Timoney: Maybe it was him.
Valerio: That would be very nice. He suffocated her. A pillow from the bed.
Blando: One of those memory foam things.
Timoney: Those just don't seem that breathable to me, in general, even if no one's trying to kill you with it.

Duffy: How you doing?
Timoney: I could be drunker.
Duffy: Well, maybe -- maybe I just want to say I'm sorry.
Timoney: I just want to say suck it!
Duffy: Okay. Nice. This was a win, you know.
Timoney: So Hughes not doing it doesn't bother you at all?
Duffy: He did six years for doing it. Now nobody has to worry was he for real or not. Moving on.
Timoney: Right. So if you can't win, don't even try.
Duffy: Helping a guy like that work through his issues is not my job, okay? My job is to broom the carnivorous sheep out of this borough. I know what this is. This is all about me being lead. It's about you thinking you busted your ass so I could get all your glory. Little girl rescued, pedophile dead, they might name a bridge after me.
Timoney: Maybe. Maybe. But I'll still always know that you were wrong.

Bitch [1.03][edit]

Calderon: You're looking a little tired.
Timoney: You look tired means you look old. You look short. How's that feel?

Great Guy, Yet: Dead [1.04][edit]

Hypnotherapist: I'm going to start counting backwards from ten, and when I reach one you will be in a deep, deep -- [Jane shakes her head] What?
Timoney: Jeez. [mimics her boyfriend's ex] If you didn't come, I don't think it would be the worst idea.
Hypnotherapist: Is this the ex-wife?
Timoney: She talks like someone who's never been hit in the face before.
Hypnotherapist: You know what?
Timoney: She's smiling at me like she's just scored a point off me or something. I didn't even want to go to the damn party. Oh, and also, she can't score if I'm not playing.
Hypnotherapist: You don't seem to be in the right head space to quit smoking right now.
Timoney: I don't just want to smoke right now. I want to shove a pack of cigarettes in my mouth and light it with a blowtorch.

Regrets, I've Had A Few [1.05][edit]

Shame [1.06][edit]

Detective: You and that canned ham Rheingold think you're pretty funny, don't you?
Duffy: Excuse me?
Detective: Yeah, I called over there to talk to him. He gave me your names, along with a lot of innuendo and gossip that I didn't need.
Duffy: Well, I don't know what all Chuck said, but --
Detective: Well, it's not worth repeating. I'll say this, you know a cop who said he hasn't slept with another cop, I've got news for you: that cop is a liar.
Duffy: Cops being with other cops is not the issue, okay? The issue is an unfair advantage. The issue is a level playing field.
Detective: Well, unless the job has changed and no one told me, I think the issue is solve cases. Are we done here, because I need to get back to work.
Timoney: Thank you, detective.

Timoney: [walks into her father's bar to see he and her boyfriend talking] Hey. Stop talking about me.
Desmond: We weren't.
Timoney: Why not?

Frank: [Range master watches Duffy shoot at the firing range before reviewing his score] Forty-three out of fifty. Good shot, detective. See you in six months.
Desmond: All right, Frank.
Frank: [walks to Timoney's station] And I know I'm not going to be seeing anything outside the gray with you. Perfect score.
Timoney: Thank you. Thank you. [high fives the men around her]
Frank: Janey, didn't you just qualify two weeks ago? What brings you by today? You just forget about that?
Timoney: [watches as an angry Duffy walks by] No, I didn't forget. I just like it here.

Wednesday's Child [1.07][edit]

Timoney: Listen, hon. I just found these in the bathroom. [shakes bottle of pills]
Allison: So what? That doesn't mean anything.
Timoney: Hey, here's a little something: Ray Milland, from that movie The Lost Weekend, he used to hide his in a lamp. Most people wouldn't think about looking there, but my mom used to hide hers in the same spot.
Allison: Well, they don't mean anything, so --
Timoney: That was her favorite movie. You probably never saw it. Well, it meant something in my house. It meant we don't make noise in the morning so we didn't wake up our mother, who might have been drunk from the night before. My mom, by the way, one night years ago, stinking drunk, she drives out in a storm, veers into traffic, she gets thrown from the car and dies on the spot. My sister Una was four, so she doesn't remember a thing, but I was thirteen so I remember everything, and I've got to tell you, part of me is really glad it happened that way.
Allison: Well that's a horrible thing to say.
Timoney: Why? Do you feel sorry for her? Why is that, I wonder?

Desmond: [lays paper on the bar] Front page. Not the first time you've been there, of course, but nice just the same.
Timoney: Yeah. It feels pretty, um, bad.
Desmond: Why?
Timoney: Did you read it, pop? Then you know. She even kind of looks like mom.
Desmond: I don't see that.
Timoney: Well, she was rich and she liked booze and pills, but otherwise pretty much the same.
Desmond: It's not, Jane.
Timoney: Why? Because we had you to protect us and that poor kid didn't? Otherwise, pretty much the same!
Una: Hey, all. I'm back.
Desmond: [to Jane] It's not the same.
Una: I bought five more copies.
Timoney: Why would you do that?
Una: Excuse me for being proud. Did you see your picture?
Desmond: I'm going to go lie down. I just had major surgery, in case anyone remembers.
Una: [laughs as he walks away] Come on, dad. You just had some polyps scraped out of you. Man up. [looks at the paper] God, I wish I had those cheekbones.
Timoney: You want something to drink?
Una: No, thanks.
Timoney: [whispers] Good girl.

Underwater [1.08][edit]

Timoney: You get a ride with the sheriff. I need the car.
Duffy: Why? What for?
Timoney: Because before I try to talk to Amanda about how her parents were drug dealers, I need to go get you and I a couple of hotel rooms, because obviously we're going to be sticking around for a little while. Don't you wish you'd packed a bag now? [Duffy hands her the keys and she sits down] What are you, a giraffe?
Duffy: I've got that seat right how I like it. You move it, you better know how to move it back. I'm serious. You better know how to move it back! [Timoney drives away] Man. Short people.

Duffy: It's really quiet out here in the sticks. I can hear my thoughts. That's not my favorite thing.
Timoney: It's also full of racoons. They've got little hands. I don't like that.

Timoney: You know what? You were an awfully brave girl last night, and that's okay because you're going to have to keep doing that, okay? Guess what? I didn't tell you this before, but my mom died, too, when I was just a little older than you. Gosh, I was mad, and I missed her, and some days I completely forgot about her and that really made me feel awful, and when I felt awful I felt mad again. So there's no right way to feel about something this terrible happening, okay? The right way is however you feel. Right now I feel sad. I feel really sad, because I don't like many people. Especially little people. I like you. I like you a lot.
Amanda: I like you too.
Timoney: I don't know why.

Duffy: My first foot post was in east Harlem. I've got twenty-seven years on the job. I've shot people, but I've never killed no one. I leave the city for one day, two bodies.
Timoney: Yeah, and if we don't leave right now there's going to be a lot more, I'll tell you that.
Duffy: I would shoot every leaf crapping tree in this place if I could.
Timoney: Let's get the hell home, right?
Duffy: I'm going to drive so fast the transmission's going to explode before that and make me stop.
Timoney: No, don't stop. Don't even slow down when we reach my apartment. I'll just roll out. It'll be fine. Better than here. I like your shirt, by the way.
Duffy: Yeah. A souvenir.

Gone to Pieces [1.09][edit]

Duffy: Do you know what your problem is?
Timoney: Oh, why limit it to just one?

Velerio: Hey, excuse me. Can I borrow you a second?
Timoney: Seriously? What am I, a toothbrush, people?

Timoney: What we got? [reading identification cards found in wallet] Oh. Goodbye, Rick Cantor, 28, Taurus, carry permit, not an organ donor.
Velerio: Well, look at this: Mr. Rick was a rep for an escort service.
Timoney: Pimp.
Velerio: Modeling agent.
Timoney: Pimp again.
Velerio: An executive vice-president for a website "Tops and Tails."
Timoney: Cyber-pimp.

Duffy: The video would put her on the ropes, you said. She was ready to fold. He was calling child services.
Timoney: And then she lawyered up.
Duffy: Tell me why! I don't know the details, but I know the upshot. I just don't know why. Why would you do that? You're a cop, Jane. We arrest the guilty. We don't decide what's next, and frankly we shouldn't be allowed to.
Timoney: She just got a more even playing field, Reg. She hasn't won the game. It hasn't even started. And we're guilty, too, of the things we don't do.

A Gorgeous Mosaic [1.10][edit]

Blando: What do we got?
Timoney: Dead guy is Simon Kesch, a self styled diamond dealer to the stars. One shot to the back of the head, pretty much execution style. We got a pedigree on witnesses?
Blando: Uniforms did. We've got three of them: Fiona Davie, Ira Schekler, and Anton Lincoln, and the thing is, all three of them got a pretty good look at the guy. So we got lucky.
Timoney: You know what? Eyewitnesses, even people who are trained for a living to notice things, are bad eyewitnesses when something happens that they're not expecting. It's human nature.
Blando: That's not true, Janey.
Timoney: Oh really? [puts on her sunglasses] Okay.
Blando: We've got three perfectly good eyewitnesses. What are you doing?
Timoney: What color are my eyes?
Blando: Red.
Timoney: Exactly! I hate eyewitnesses.

The Great Wall of Silence [1.11][edit]

Officer: Detective Timoney.
Timoney: Yes. [points] Detective Valerio here.
Officer: Witnesses are all here in the dining area. Victim is in the basement. Basement stairs are that way.
Valerio: Who called it in?
Officer: Anonymous.
Timoney: I hate that guy.

Valerio: That is spooky. You are a spooky little woman.
Timoney: Yeah and don't you forget it.

Timoney: Agent Biddle.
Biddle: [to the suspect] Hello.
Timoney: Now, I know you probably know this already, because you're a lawyer and everything; but whereas cops like us can ask you questions and you can lie your ass off to us and there's nothing we can do about it except solve the case, lying to a federal agent, just lying, about anything, about your middle name even, is a felony. And that's not even taking into account the other crimes you may have committed.
Valerio: Don't seem fair. The part about how you can lie to us, I mean.
Timoney: No, it doesn't. Anyway, so now Agent Biddle here is going to ask you the same exact questions that we just did, and I suggest that your answers are true or you're going to go to prison.

Timoney: Did you know you could lose half a gallon of blood and your body will continue to mechanically function? My dad told me that once and that's what I kept telling myself over and over again. While I was shooting and getting shot at. I was scared, but that's what I was thinking. The craziest thing is, I kind of liked it. I liked the adrenaline rush I got from it, you know?

Ain't No Sunshine [1.12][edit]

Timoney: Where have you been? If I didn't have caffeine soon I was going to kill myself.
Blando: Jane, you have no idea what I went through to get these. Yuppies, when they're craving coffee, they're vicious. Animals! It was a like a war zone.
Timoney: It's a coffee joint, not 'Nam.

Duffy: Hey. Hey, I didn't mean to start anything. I didn't, okay? I know I was out of line, but I was just talking. I like him: Matt.
Timoney: Don't pretend you don't know what I'm going to say here. Rackets are a place where cops let their hair down. It's not for spouses or significant others. It's for mistresses and pieces on the side, and if, God forbid, a cop brings their real life to one what do you, as a fellow cop, say to that person?
Duffy: I wasn't trying --
Timoney: How bout this: how was your day? How are you doing? How are your kids? Is it hot enough out here for you? That's it! Right? No matter how much you know about the other cop, no matter how much you want to jam them up, there is a code! It's beyond a code; it's a religion.
Duffy: All I can say is that I'm sorry.
Timoney: If you were me, would you believe you?

Timoney: [smacks Blando as he lays in the bed while they attempt to reenact a murder] If you fall asleep I will shoot you for real. I will take your toe off.
Blando: Janey, I'm not sleeping.
Timoney: Okay. Let's do this.
Blando: I was up late. I was watching the Charles Bronson marathon.
Timoney: Okay. It doesn't matter.
Blando: It was 2:00 A.M. The Mechanic came on.
Timoney: We're asleep! We're both asleep.
Blando: Reenactment. I'm on it. Let's go.

Stuck in the Middle With You [1.13][edit]

Blando: Mind the glass, people.
Timoney: Where isn't there glass?
Velerio: There's like fifty nine millimeter casings lying on the ground, so most likely two guys shooting a Mac 10 each or one guy shooting two at the same time.
Timoney: How's the owner doing? Where is he?
Velerio: A Mr. Nasiri took a couple of chunks of shrapnel. EMS patched him up, but I wouldn't say he's too thrilled.
Timoney: Well, if someone with a machine gun was mad at me I wouldn't be too thrilled, either.
Blando: Yeah, you know what? I might feel bad for myself too, but then I would look at this poor dead guy lying on the ground and then I would go, wow. You know, things could be a lot, lot worse.
Velerio: True, but then I would probably remember how my store got all shot to hell and then get mad.
Timoney: I have call the insurance company. It's a nightmare.
Blando: So jaded, the both of you. It's actually sad. You see, life is a precious, precious gift.
Timoney: This coming from a guy who announced to the break room today that if we were out of non-dairy creamer he was going to kill himself.

Timoney: I mean, it has to be her? There are eligible women all over this city. He can find someone else to take out. Why should I have to find another friend?!
Velerio: Anything to take a few notches out of Reg, I am for. I mean, we've got to work with him. Plus --
Timoney: Plus what?
Velerio: He's got a thing for Rivera.
Timoney: So? What's it to you?
Velerio: She don't got a thing for him.
Timoney: Again I ask you, what's it to -- really? Really? Really! Interesting.
Velerio: They call it attraction, Janey, because it's gravitational. It's forces greater than ourselves.
Timoney: Okay, Isaac Newton. You're like a libido in shoes, for God's sake.


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