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Prince Harry of Wales in 2013

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor; born September 15, 1984) is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and his first wife, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. He is sixth in the line of succession to the British Throne and the thrones of the other Commonwealth Realms, behind his father, his elder brother, Prince William of Wales, his nephew and niece, Prince William's son and daughter. He is a grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. In May 2018, he married Meghan Markle, with whom he has two children, a son named Archie and a daughter Lilibet.


  • There is no way I am going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.
    • Regarding his desire to be deployed in the Iraq War (2005)[1]
  • Where I can see myself is doing as much as I can in the position that I've got.[1]
  • I'm not going to be some person in the Royal Family who just finds a lame excuse to go abroad and do all sorts of sunny holidays and whatever.[1]
  • I mean, I'll do the best I can.[1]
    • Speaking about his view of his royal role, in the near future from September 2005
  • I wouldn’t use the word ‘quitting.’ It was a case of, ‘I very much feel like, if I’m going to cause this much chaos to a lot of people,’ then maybe I should bow out, and not just for my own sake, for everyone else’s sake.
    • Regarding his interrupted, first deployment to Afghanistan[2]
  • I'm not the important one. It doesn't matter what I do.
    • Referring to his position as 'the spare' behind elder brother William (before William had children of his own)[3]


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