Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is a 2004 video game and a sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of time.

The Prince[edit]

  • When a man is faced with his own death, he finds the impossible less of a barrier.
  • I am the architect of my own destruction. So this is it, what is written in the timeline cannot be changed. Come for me then. In my quest to destroy the sands of time, I have been the one to create them. "Let all who read this know, the courage and valor of those who fought and fell for the Maharajah. We sought the power of the Sands of time, most found only death, my self among them. But the mask of the Wraith gave me a second chance to travel back through time and change my fate." This mural shows the impossible. But the mask of the Wraith gave me a second chance, there might still be hope. You had your chance to take me, you won't get another!
  • I am the Prince of Persia, and the King of Blades!
  • I had faced my enemy, I had looked into his eyes, and I had lost...everything.
  • ....and though I fought until the desert sands themselves were red with blood; I could not bring back the dead.
  • To live forever...when those I loved are dead, and I to blame? I choose death.
  • Madness.. what magic is this?
  • Despite all the warnings that I would fail, I have vanquished the Empress and prevented the creation of the sands of time. I have defeated the Dahaka, and fate itself.
  • I had saved my own life- and did not even know it.
  • No, Kaileena, you can change your fate, I have done so! A terrible beast was destined to take my life, but I have freed myself from-
  • I do not want to hurt you, Kaileena... But I cannot allow that to happen!
  • I've been thinking, Kaileena. There is little for you on this island, and there will be less still once I have stood before your Mistress. Come with me to Babylon, you'll have a chance to start a new life, free from the evils of this place.
  • This storm shows us no mercy. We shall respond in kind!
  • ...For the first time in my life... I am afraid.
  • Do not worry Kaileena, no harm will come to you in Babylon.
  • You will pay for what you have done to my people!
  • To undo what I have done? Surely you must think I'm a fool.
  • What if...What if Kaileena didn't die in the Past, but in the Present. The Sands would be created...but the Maharajah would fail to find them. They'd never be brought to his palace, and I'd have never released them! The Dahaka will have no business with me!
  • I have seen the error of my ways, and I have atoned for the transgressions of my past...I am no longer that person.
  • Experience has taught me that wishful thinking only leads to disappointment.
  • You will pay for this transgression.
  • I have more important matters to attend to.
  • The Sands of Time. After all I have done to be rid of them, still they haunt me. Even if I am to find the Mask of the Wraith, fate will find a way to reclaim me. I will only be given a second chance... to fail.


[all in reverse]

  • No one escapes the Dahaka!
  • You will be removed.
  • You cannot escape your fate.
  • Disrupt the timeline no further!
  • Come to me! Come to your death!
  • You are quick, mortal. Quick to die!
  • Your end is near!
  • All who have come before you have fallen.
  • A good fight, but this outcome was inevitable.
  • It ends for you for the same as all who seek to change their fate.
  • It was a mistake for you to even try.
  • You will never be rid of me.

Kaileena (Empress of Time)[edit]

  • I had hoped the Dahaka would kill you, I had hoped Shahdee would keep you from the island or the towers would finish you off; I even cursed the sword I gave you and yet you did not die!
  • Be free now Prince, Your journey is at an end.
  • How dare you stand before me and admit failure, You should have died to protect me!
  • You may wonder why I would let this come to pass. So many dead, and Likely more to follow, an Empire reduced to rubble, a Prince cast to the streets and hunted like a common criminal. But I had seen the timeline, and of all the outcomes lay bare to me, this one held the most promise of them all, for the Prince would have an opportunity to set things right. Watch now, see the thing of which I speak...
  • Prince, of all the possible futures, this one held the most promise, but something has changed...
  • Haha, It will take more than a simple sword strike to penetrate my defences!
  • You should know that it was not love that drove him, but duty. I was his responsibility, and he had made a promise, a promise that was now broken and undone. Like all mistakes he had made, the Prince intended to fix this. A noble goal to be certain, but a selfish one as well. For he was motivated to ease his own pain.
  • I have activated the Island's portals. You will travel to his time, engage him at sea and kill him... Kill them all!
  • I have seen your future... And it does not look good.
  • This world was not meant for me, but there are others, and I will find my place just as you have found yours.
  • You are wasting your time, I can see the future!
  • As our ship lay sinking in the harbour, The Prince found himself in a city quite different from the one he had left behind...
  • I told you to leave and yet you kept coming back. I began to wonder, if you could change your fate, perhaps I could change mine!
  • Let time run its course.
  • I have known my whole life that what is written in the timeline cannot be changed!
  • They say knowledge is power but I say it is a poison. Knowing the exact date and manner of her death torments her. The closer it draws the greater her pain.
  • Then you know I have no choice.
  • Then I choose to live... And for you to die!
  • Even if you don't want to kill me, you will... The Timeline demands it!
  • I am sorry prince, but only one of us can cheat fate today...
  • Fool! I am the Empress Of Time! I know your every move before you do it!
  • I've already told you. I have foreseen my future to die at your hands. But like you, I decided to change it!


  • His ship approaches, it is just as the timeline foretold, I am sorry Empress.
  • Is that the best you have to offer?
  • Fool don't you know... You cannot change your fate.
  • You call yourself a master swordsman?
  • I'll not give my life for this foolishness!
  • If you want to try and change the timeline, you can do it yourself!
  • It seems the Empress overestimated your abilities.
  • You will never reach our shores alive!
  • I'll not give you the satisfaction of seeing me fall!

The Dark Prince[edit]

  • All that is yours is rightfully mine... and mine it will be!

The Old Man[edit]

  • Go then, my Prince. But know this. Your journey will not end well. You cannot change your fate. No man can.


Old Man: The Island of Time. The place when the sands were created. The place from which the Maharaja stole the Hourglass.
Prince: And what if I could reach this Island?
Old Man: They say the Maharajah found portals there. Where one could pass backwards through time.
Prince: Back through time to the birthplace of the Sands… Something terrible happened when our army traveled to the Maharajah's palace.
Old Man: You found the sands of time.
Prince: Worse… I opened them.
Old Man: Whosoever shall open the sands must die…
Prince: I was forced to kill those I fought beside. Those I had loved.
Old Man: But now an unstoppable beast chases you…
Prince: For the first time in my life, I am afraid.
Old Man: And you will die.
Prince: I used the sands themselves to reverse time. Making it as if the hourglass was never opened.
Old Man: The Beast. The Dahaka is the guardian of the timeline. You were supposed to die, so it will catch you and see to it that you meet your fate.
Prince: It’s better to try than to wait here for death.
Old Man: Madness! Even if you manage to reach the island. You'll still have to face the empress of time!
Prince: I will travel back in time and prevent the sands from ever being made. If there are no sands, the Dahaka will have no quarrel with me!
Old Man: Go then, my prince. But know this, your journey will not end well. You cannot change your fate. No man can.

Shahdee: You will never reach our shores alive!
Prince: For your sake...You better hope I don't!
[Fight ensues]

[Shahdee Raises sword and scars the prince]

Prince: Urgh! YOU BITCH!
Shahdee: It seems the Empress overestimated your abilities.
Prince: The Empress?

Kaileena: Prince, of all the possible futures, this one held the most promise...but something has changed.
Prince: Do not worry, Kaileena, no harm will come to you in Babylon...I promise.