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Priscilla Mbarumun Achakpa is a Nigerian environmental activist. She is the founder and Global President of the Women Environment Programme (WEP) that provides women with sustainable solutions to everyday problems.Just before that, she was the executive director of WEP.


  • It's just that climate change has become integrated into all the other aspects. There’s no way you will address the issues of environment, governance, or peace and conflict transformation without bringing in climate change.
  • I might be in Abuja but I like to touch the lives of these women out there because when you touch the life of one woman, you have touched the lives of a whole family.
  • ..Talking about environmental justice, we are looking at the root causes of these issues; we are looking at system change. If we can change the system, the climate will change naturally.
  • Climate change does not know the face of a woman, man, rich, or even the poor. We need to take environmental issues seriously. We need to plant trees; we need to make policies that touch human beings; we need to stop burning our bushes. The issue of wildlife is very important because we need to coexist with our nature.
  • When the young people are not placed strategically to address the challenges especially environmental and climate change, then that nation is doomed. Young people are the strength of this nation; it is also, therefore very, imperative that youth can be pivotal to building social collation, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability.

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