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Prodigal Son (2019-2021) is an American television series, that aired on FOX, about Malcolm Bright, one of the best criminal psychologists around, who uses his twisted genius to help the NYPD solve crimes.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot (1x01)[edit]

Martin: See, they were stolen. I've been robbed. This is an outrage!
Malcolm: Three women have died.
Martin: Sure, yeah. That's an outrage too. There can be multiple outrages.

Annihilator (1x02)[edit]

Fear Response (1x03)[edit]

Martin: You're stunning.
Jessica: Burn in hell.

Designer Complicity (1x04)[edit]

The Trip (1x05)[edit]

All Souls & Sadists (1x06)[edit]

Martin: I missed you.
Ainsley: You don't even know me.
Martin: Why don't we remedy that. Tell me something. Anything.
Ainsley: I’m not here to talk about me. I came, to ask for an interview.
Martin: An interview. Seems a little exploitative. Then again I've been exploiting others my whole life.
Ainsley: As a serial killer.
Martin: No, as a white man, we're terrible.

Jessica: Thinking you are more clever than Martin Whitly, that's the worst mistake you can make. He'll exploit you. He'll find a way to come off sympathetic, and you will be left sitting there like ...
Ainsley: Like what?
Jessica: His accomplice.

Q&A (1x07)[edit]

Jessica: I'm shocked. Truly.
Malcolm: Please enjoy your I told you so, but even you could not have foreseen this
Jessica: This is what he does, Malcolm. He draws people in, gains their trust, makes them love him, and then when he has all the power? He ruins them.
Malcolm: Yes, I know that story.
Jessica: Yes, he ruined your childhood, but he did not ruin you. You are made of tougher stuff.

Family Friend (1x08)[edit]

Eve: I'm concerned about her. She was drunk in the middle of the day.
Malcolm: Oh that's not unusual.
Eve: And she was waving a gun around.
Malcolm: Okay, that part is unusual

Pied A Tierre (1x09)[edit]

Silent Night (1x10)[edit]

Alone Time (1x11)[edit]

Jessica: What happened? Are you okay?
Malcolm: I'm alive.

Internal Affairs (1x12)[edit]

Simon: And why were you so eager to help with the investigation?
Jessica: Lieutenant Arroyo is a friend, and I love when my friends are indebted to me.

Wait & Hope (1x13)[edit]

Dani: Your dad seems... nice.
Malcolm: He's not.

Malcolm: Wow. You look amazing.
Dani: That is the first smart thing you said all day.

Eye of the Needle (1x14)[edit]

Malcolm: You're here to kill him.
Martin: I'm sorry, what's that now?

Death's Door (1x15)[edit]

The Job (1x16)[edit]

Stranger Beside You (1x17)[edit]

Scheherazade (1x18[edit]

Gil: Am I imagining things or did you just speak ballet?
Malcolm: If you must know my mother made me take ballet class. For five years. I showed great promise.

Martin: To save your friend's life, you're going to cut a deal with me? A serial killer? I'm not exactly a good man.
Sophie: You don't get it. I know worse.

The Professionals (1x19)[edit]

Jessica: What is wrong with me? What is it about me that I attract these horrible men?
Gil: There is nothing wrong with you, and there are good men out there too.
Jessica: I had a chance with a good man. I screwed it up.
Gil: We both did.

Jessica: Gil, we didn't miss our window. I slammed it shut.
Gil: You were right to. I met Jackie. Had a whole life. We moved on, Jess, no regrets.
Jessica: I have regrets. I do. I told you we were from different worlds.
Gil: We are.
Jessica: That's not why I ended things. I was scared. You were the one good thing in my son's life. I let you believe that you weren't good enough for me because it was easier than admitting that I would never be good enough for you.
Gil: You're good enough, Jess. You have always been good enough.

Like Father... (1x20)[edit]

Dani: Sorry for doubting you.
Malcolm: I doubt myself all the time.
Dani: We're going to get you out of this, Bright.

Season 2[edit]

It's All In The Execution (2x01)[edit]

Speak of the Devil (2x02)[edit]

Alma Mater (2x03)[edit]

Take Your Father To Work Day (2x04)[edit]

Bad Manners (2x05)[edit]

Jessica: You are a cancer, Martin. And the closer they get to you, the more they become you.
Martin: You know that's not how cancer works, right?

Malcolm: Ainsley, you're being reckless.
Ainsley: Oh my God, are we not going to talk about the crazy hypocrisy of you lecturing me about being reckless. Someone needs to catch this killer. It might as well be me.

Head Case (2x06)[edit]

Face Value (2x07)[edit]

Ouroboros (2x08)[edit]

Simon: I can't die in Brooklyn. Don't you carry a gun?!
Malcolm: Don't you?!
Simon: I'm British!

Killabustas (2x09)[edit]

Exit Strategy (2x10)[edit]

You Can Run (2x11)[edit]

Fun and Sun (2x12)[edit]

The Last Weekend (2x13)[edit]


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