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Project Runway (2005-) is an American reality competition show hosted by Heidi Klum in which fashion designers compete against each other in weekly challenges. The shows airs on the Bravo cable television network. Each week, a designer is eliminated from the competition after exhibiting their work in front of a judges' panel. The winner receives $100,000, a design mentorship, a car, and a fashion spread in Elle Magazine.

Season 1





Jay: I didn't take the bitch's dye. That's fo' sho'!

Commercial Appeal




"Model" Clients

Jay: Jay : She bangs into like the room and she ARGHARGHARGHARGH!!!!!

Jay: So now that I'm thinkin', I kinda want to sabotage, if I was doing that, I'd be doing what Nora's making. (everyone laughs) Morgan, I covered your dress in roses

Tim: Jay, listen to your own voice... And tell her there's a reason why she's a model and you're the designer.

Making a Splash


Design a Collection


Postal Uniform Challenge

Austin Scarlett: (about Wendy) We'll probably find her wandering the streets, hair astray and overdone makeup, muttering to herself and wearing orthopedic shoes.

Design for the Red Carpet

Jay: And you think, for the last challenge Wendy, you could've put lipstick on.

Reunion Show


Fashion Week

Jay: I hope Tim has a fun time at Wendy's house...NOT! I wouldn't want to be trapped in Middleburg, Virginia with Wendy Pepper!

Season 2


Road to Runway

Tim Gunn: This is NOT fashion camp.

Santino: If Van Gogh had had my personality, he wouldn't have had to cut off his ear.

Heidi: When I saw her coming down the runway, I thought 'How pretty are you!' I just want everything to be pretty pretty pretty!

Nina Garcia: Pretty can be boring.

Heidi Klum: Auf Wiedersehen.
Heidi: I don't know what that means, but bye!

Clothes Off Your Back

Tim Gunn: (to Guadalupe) What are you doing? This is such wretched excess.

Tim Gunn: (to Andrae) Being this tight and close to the deadline, with this much work to do, is…a little alarming.

Tim Gunn: (to Daniel Franco) Trying and acheiving are two different things.

Nick: (in confessional) All of a sudden I looked in the corner and Lupe's going from person to person, sort of giving her critique, and I'm like 'Well, that's kind of nervy!' You do it, girl, but don't you even try to come right here. You might get hurt.

All Dolled Up

Nick: We were in Times Square. God, I knew I should have worn a better outfit.

Michael Kors: (on Raymundo's Barbie design) She looks like Barefoot Appalachain Lil' Abner Barbie.

Team Lingerie

Zulema: Marla and Emmett both are last because: A, they can't pattern-make, two, they're not the best sewers, so who would want them on their team?

Daniel Franco: The concept is like, really beautiful, romantic lingerie. People wear lingerie, it's because they're about to like, you know, get some action or something. At least I'm hoping, you know, for them.

Nina Garcia: (about Santino's lingerie line) It's just aesthetically not pleasing!

Kara: (when on Daniel's team) If you get us cut, Daniel, I'm going to snip your pee pee off.

Daniel Franco: My name is Daniel Franco and I wish you all bliss.

Social Scene

Gudalupe: (to Tim, talking about her design) I thought it looked like crap.
Tim: I'm not going to debate that.
Gudalupe: Yeah, it looked like crap.
(They stare at the design)
Tim: I'll leave you alone.

Window Shopping


Zulema to Kara: I don't care if you cry and cut, but you're going to cry and cut. You're going to cut at that rate. Do whatever you need to do. You need to work. Don't stop and cry.

On Thin Ice

Santino: (singing) Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn, if he calls your name you're done.

Andrae: Off with her head!

Heidi Klum: I'm ready to give Santino an 'auf wiedersehn' right now!

Santino: (imitating Michael Kors) "She looks like... like a baboon's ass exploded all over her backside!" Okay Michael, what else?


Daniel V: It's a motherfucking walkoff!

Santino: (imitating Tim) Designers, up until now you all f*kin' sucked. However, go out there and kick butts!

Tim Gunn: (about Nick's new model) She looks like an elongated marshmallow.

Flower Power

Nick: I just had to stay for the damn 'make a dress out of flowers' challenge.

Tim Gunn: What happened to Andrae?

Tim: Andrae..look at all this flotsam and jetsam!
Andrae: I know, it looks like I've done yard work.

Santino: (imitating Tim) Designers, look out for Andrae. He's our little lamb.

Andrae: Is there anyone else out there like Santino? In the world? I don't think so. And if there is, don't call me, because one is enough.



What's Your Line

Tim Gunn: (to Chloe) You just have to say all these things on the runway: "Nina, I wanted her to look like she had a big fat ass."


Tim Gunn: Daniel, we're glad you came back, and maybe we'll see you for Season 3 as well.
Daniel Franco: You might. You just might.
(Awkward silence)
Daniel Franco: I love you, Heidi.

Rachael: (on being Zulema's model) At one point she asked me if she could glue the dress to me, and I was like, "I'm kind of a real person."

Finale: Part 1


Finale: Part 2

Chloe: Lack of sleep is making me a diva.

Heidi: You can almost not see the dress because you're so distracted by the piece in the front.
Daniel V: But it kept you looking, didn't it?
Heidi: But not in a...positive way.

Season 3


Road to Runway: Casting Special


Wall to Wall Fashion

Stacey: (to Tim) What if I put them along here? That could be quite special!

Jeffrey: Poor Vincent. He's obviously nuts.

Fit for a Queen


(When picking teams, Angela is the only one left)
Vincent: Well, I'm happy to work with Alison.
Angela: Angela.

Robert: There are enough rhinestones.
Kayne: Robert, we bought four million bags of rhinestones, we will put them on till our fingernails bleed.
Robert: She's a beauty queen, not a disco ball!

Vincent: (to Angela) I need you to step three feet away from me.
Angela: I'll step back a foot and a half, if you step back a foot and a half.

Vincent: (on working with Angela) This was the nightmare of my life.

Designer's Best Friend

Jeffrey: What if Bradley goes home on his birthday? That's all I'm saying.

Robert: See, I have this thing about stories. I hate them. I think they're stupid.

Keith: God help us all, I hope Bradley's not out, but he is taking way too long with his garment. I don't know what the hell's going on. If he would have just gone with his vision, it still couldn't have been any worse than anything that Angela did.

Keith: (about Angela's design) She's making an outfit right now for the dog show that's like a big bag of Skittles. Purple and pink and scary.

Keith: (in confessional) Laura. Oh my god. She's Bad Mommy.

Keith: I know that this challenge is about accessorising the dog, but it's so lame.

Vincent: You know, Bradley is definitely Bradley. He likes to jump off bridges and find things as he falls.

Robert: Bradley is running around crazy, like a man without a country.

Bradley: It was a great birthday model didn't go nude down the runway.

Nina Garcia: (to Angela) I don't get it, I don't get your explanation about the assistant to the director to the art camp in Paris. (pauses) I don't even know what to say.

Reap What You Sew

Laura: (on a team with Angela and Michael) We were actually really happy with Angela's fabric selection. It was more appropriate for the challenge, not full-tilt boogie Angela quilted extravaganza...of puff.

Angela: I am leading Tim towards the light!

Iconic Statement

Bradley: I don't know shit about Cher.

Michael Knight: I'm not trying to play Captain Save-A-Ho.

Robert: (to model Amanda) Amanda, I cannot take on your issues from childhood.

Bradley: TRESemme. Yeah, I used their gel last night and I think it made my hair look better today.

Tim Gunn: I hate hot pants, but they're very now.

Kayne: (in confessional) My model is Amanda, and Amanda will not shut up. Are you freaking kidding me? Shut up! You should be pretty and seen and not open your mouth.

Model (Katie Champion): (trying to explain to Bradley who Cher is) Cher is more into pop music right now.
Bradley: You mean pop music like Prince?

Waste Not, Want Not

Robert: Another hard day at the waste-management recycling center.

Robert: I recycle papers...plastics...ex-boyfriends...

Kayne: I grew up white trash, so my sister and I used to go dumpster diving all the time. I basically grew up in a trash can.

Vincent: I let things evolve. I don't own the future. I don't go there, you know what I mean?

Kayne: (talking about Laura) Her dress is cute.
Robert: It says, FOR NUTS ONLY. It looks like a straightjacket. I was like, she's sewing for herself again.

Kayne: I went overboard. It's one of those things where I just kept adding and adding and it ended up looking like a toad exploded on it.

Robert: (about his recycling materials dress) I'm really thrilled, because it looks like a cocktail dress... albeit a cheap, tacky cocktail dress that a hooker might wear, but nonetheless it still looks like real clothes.

Laura: I worry about - wonder about your choices so often, sweetheart.
Kayne: Well, honey, I worry about your character, and that's worse.

Michael Kors: (about Alison's model) She looks like a paper brioche.

Everyday Woman

Jeffrey: (on designing a dress for Angela's mom) I ended up with Angela's mom because...I think God got drunk today.

Laura: (about being pregnant with her sixth child) Five, six, seven...I'll just throw it on top of the pile with the other ones.

High Flying Fashion

Michael Kors: (to Angela) You're a mess just standing there.

Couture Du Jour

Uli: Mr. Kayne! Time to get up!
Kayne: Oh god! Shoot me in the face.

Black and White

Jeffrey: They say it's a party. It's never a party.

Jeffrey: When Heidi introduced the second 'special' guest, it was Angela. And she sure was 'special'...if you know what I mean.

What the Elle?

Michael: I even made a white girl look like she had some ass. That's how damn sexy my dress is.

Uli: (about Michael's dress) To me, it looks like one of these ads in the magazine, you know...I'm alone at home, please call me at know, these, these sex ads.


Heidi: But first before we start with that, I would love to hear how it's been been recognized by people since the show started airing. Bradley, How it's been for you? You look different.
Bradley: (Now shaved and with short hair) They don't recognize me anymore
Tim Gunn: Now they will after they see this show.

Finale: Part 1

Tim Gunn: (leaning down) What is that?
Bennett-Shelton Child #4: Turtle poop.
Tim Gunn: (straightening up and backing away) Eww! I don't think I want any turtle poop!

Finale: Part 2


Season 4

Christian repeatedly says "That's fierce!" or some variation throughout the season.

Sew Me What You Got


I Started Crying

Chris: I moved to New York because of 'Sex in the City' and there was Sarah Jessica Parker standing in front of me.

Sweet P: You spit on it? What's going on?

Sweet P: Basically, I'm from planet Earth. Elisa is on some happy planet. I'm not sure of the name.

Elisa: I'm coming to your planet, but with gifts.

Michael Kors: (on Christian's retro 80's design) Next thing you know, it's big button earrings and you're on 'The Facts of Life.'

Heidi Klum: (on Marion's design) In 10 minutes on the runway, it grew.

Fashion Giant


"I know nothing about football except it's the one time on television that spandex is acceptable." -Steven

"I'm not as confident as I was before, but I just know I make clothes just so much better than so many of the other designers." - Christian

"Does he like hot pants?" - Chris

"It's midnight and I'm standing here in a pimp's hat - just let it go." - Steven

"Pants are just two big sleeves sewn together." - Chris

"Everyone of the gay guys in the room was freaking out...being the only straight guy, I was like, whatever." - Kevin (about male models in the room)

"It looks like the shirt was made by a kindergartener. I'm so embarrassed in front of my peers." - Sweet P

"If you didn't do that jacket in fleece I would have been like give me a Xanax, I'm asleep." - Michael Kors to Kit

"If a guy was 7'3" it would be a fabulous fit." - Michael Kors to Sweet P about her tie design.

"I just like to hear that guys have the same problems that we do." - Heidi Klum

"I guess they all thought they were better than they really are." - Heidi Klum



"Project Runway should have a perfume. A mixture of fear, sweat and Chinese food." - Chris.

"I just picked Britney Spears on crack." - Jack

"Is my button just stuck to the bottom of the bag on purpose?" - Sweet P on why she is always chosen last.

"If I do fringe it's going to look like arm-pit hair." - Kit

"He doesn't like it. He said it looks like grandma's goddamn couch." - Steven, quoting Chris March on a fabric sample

"I don't like to be a bossy cow, but I have certain ideas." - Victorya

"When a person doesn't want to listen, they don't want to listen." - Ricky

"I have to pull like a magic rabbit out of my ass to get this done." - Kevin

"I don't think smashing her boobs is a flattering look." - Ricky

"You never know...the judges might die over it. Or you never know, they could die because of it." - Christian on Chris' jacket.

What's the Skinny?

Jack: (about his inflated lip from his staph infection) I got my collagen injection.

Steven: Wait, I don't know any of these women.

Christian:: I was like holy shit. I'm going to die. This is so not me at all.

Christian: I... was given Kerry. I said "What you like?". And she said "I don't like print, I don't like color, I would never wear a dress, I would never wear a skirt, I don't like to show my arms and I wear black everyday and a pair of jeans". So I got very scared and I was like "Okay... Because she doesn't like ANYTHING!!".

Steven: Oh Dear Lord, I got picked for the wedding dress. It felt like death on a stick.

Kevin: I was like game on! I love making clothes for real people.

Steven: It's ten yards of white polyester fabric with a considerable amount sequins and beadingand covered in acetate lace. Dear God help me now.

Chris: I've been on every diet known to man. I've gained and lost so much weight over the years. I added it all up once and I think it was 1500 pounds.

Steven: If Nina starts giving me trouble, I swear.

Tim Gunn: I've made more bad decisions at 3 in the morning then I can list!

Christian: Don't these bitches know I'm way better than them?"

Steven: Sweet merciful crap!

Steven: Panic is fun. Especially when you are already panicked. I am pretty sick to my stomach

Michael Kors: (about Elisa's)I don't know about chopping someone up unless they are 5'11

Nina Garcia: "You went from a wedding to a funeral.
Michael Kors: ...Or a French maid at a funeral.

Michael Kors: It's a little Shirley McClaine when she played a hooker with a heart of gold.

Michael Kors: She was loving herself and isn't that what fashion's all about?

Michael Kors: "She needed a feather duster.

Michael Kors: That was so Paris hooker 50's.

Eye Candy


"It's a tranny mess up in here." -Christian

"I'm cutting little bears apart. I feel so guilty." -Sweet P

"For the first time, like ever, I was not last." -Sweet P

"Somehow there is a dress on my model." -Jillian

"I wanted to make chocolate wrappers look sexy." -Kevin

"I don't think I knew it would take so much tediousness." -Jillian

"It's deliciously chic!" -Michael Kors

What a Girl Wants


"I thought they were midgets or oompa-loompas." - Kevin about the models

"Crazily enough, I miss Elisa." - Victorya

"I don't know what the girl who chose me is thinking because my portfolio is full of crazy stuff." - Chris

"We all knew there eventually would be an evening wear challenge. I don't think we thought it'd be on 16 and 17 year-olds." - Chris

"I come from New Jersey. I know everyone goes tanning and steals booze from their parents. I'll put a chastity belt inside my garment." - Kevin

"Nicole wants a very plunging neckline and she wants a very low back, like below the waist. She also wants ivory. I'm a little nervous. It's not her wedding day. Hopefully she's not going to lose her virginity. " - Sweet P about her client

"I was best dressed at the prom." - Christian

"I'm not feeling fierce right now." - Christian

"Is it just me or is my hair bigger than usual?" - Jillian (Tina Turner)

"She said she likes her butt sticking out. I'm not going home because I listening to a teenager. No, no way!" - Sweet P

"It's so tickery-tackery now. I can't let a 17 year-old overpower me." - Christian

"I definitely need to kick ass." - Sweet P

"I was sorta worried the mother would have me arrested." - Sweet P

"Is she going to look like she's wearing her mother's dress?" - Tim Gunn to Rami

"Don't give up! You're too talented. You're too good!" - Tim Gunn to Christian

"It's Erika Ba(d)-Don't." - Chris

"I think Heidi should have made a prom dress too." - Rami

"When I had a girlfriend, I made her prom dress. That probably should have been a clue right there." - Ricky

"I had a great time at my prom. That's all I have to say (blush)." - Sweet P

"It's a little Grecian mixed with Hollywood glamour." - Sweet P about her design.

"Christian had a model who was, how should we say...outspoken." - Chris

"Let's be honest - look what Hollywood at 18 is." - Michael Kors

"The girl inside me would wear this!" - Ricky

"I think she looked like $29.99 prom." - Michael Kors about Kevin's design

On Garde!


"OK bitches - let's go! We've got to find out what our next challenge is." - Christian

"It's the girl in me and the bitch in you." - Ricky to Kit

"Let me just bone her." - Ricky (about the dress)

"I get scared with special announcements" - Kit

"Another look! I wanted to throw up. Oh my God, I was so pissed." - Christian

"My reaction was horror...nausea." - Victorya

"Pray for us!" - Jillian to Victorya, on her way to the fabric store.

"I don't want it to look like Little House on the Prairie" - Kit

"I'm trying to build us a cell phone we can call out." - Chris, building the couture dress with wires protruding upward from the model's shoulders.

"My goal is our model Marcia comes out...and people's jaws drop to the floor...and they never forget long as they live." - Chris

"I'm just hoping...we don't wind up in some kind of fist fight" – Sweet P

"How is 'Team Fierce'?" –Tim Gunn to Christian and Chris

"Just have it be exuberant." - Tim Gunn

"Just put your arms up. This is couture hilarity." - Chris to his model struggling into the dress.

"I like watching the judges faces and Nina Garcia could not keep the look off her face..." –Chris

"I was 10,000% happy!" - Christian

"I think the blouse is great looking. I think the skirt is a little bit of a throw-way...let's be honest." - Michael Kors to Christian and Chris

"Rami, I know that you do draping impeccably. I'm wondering if there is something else you can do." - Nina Garcia

"She looks like her ass is in her front." - Michael Kors to Rami and Sweet P

"The best design teams are not people who are exactly the same...otherwise you're just sitting and telling, 'You're fabulous.' 'No, you're fabulous.'" - Michael Kors

"Scarlett O'Hara ripped drapes down and made a couture dress...this, she ripped the sheets off the bed and ran out the door." - Michael Kors to Kit and Ricky

"I don't know if they ever wrapped their heads around the word avant-garde." - Michael Kors on Kit and Ricky's look

"Amateur! Everything looked amateur!" - Nina Garcia about Kit and Ricky's look

"Kit, we wanted to see something fashion forward, but you took us backward and not in a good way. Kit, you're out!" - Heidi Klum

"'Team Fierce'...Oh my was total destiny!" - Christian

Even Designers Get the Blues


"A field trip could go either way. It could be something tragic like you wind up in a garbage can and have to make a wedding dress out of it. Or you could be going to Paris creating some crazy couture gown." - Rami

"We are fabulous. We don't have to meet anyone fabulous." - Tim Gunn

"I think we have a boat in our future. We are designing cement galoshes." Chris

"The jeans were hung so far into the distance we were like. 'Holy sh*t, do we really have to run that whole way?'" - Jillian

"I went for jackets and I went for dark denim and then I went for just everything." - Christian

"He just grabbed whatever he wanted. Greedy bitch." - Christian about Rami

"It's so cute to see youth." - Chris

"Someone needs to give him a bottle and send him to bed." - Chris about Christian

"Christian is like a child. If I had hair on my head, I'd tear it out." - Rami

"I feel so manly working with denim." - Christian

"Oh my God. I'm going to die of barfness." - Christian

"It's looking very happy hands at home granny circle. It's hippie dippie." - Tim Gunn to Sweet P

"You have a way to go. So go, go, go, go!" - Tim Gunn to Jillian

"I keep telling myself I'm doing what I want." - Ricky

"It didn't look hippie or Woodstock at all." - Sweet P about her design

"My outfit's pretty fierce." - Christian

"If I have to see another tube dress, I'm going to kill myself. I'm gonna die." - Christian

"Despite all of this - I still want to make it to the finals." - Victorya

"It says something about the little bitch in me." - Ricky

Raw Talent


“Grandpa has trouble with these ropes.” —Tim Gunn on getting into the ring with the Divas

“You’ll have 30 minutes at Spandex House.” —Tim Gunn informing designers how long they can shop for materials

“It sounded very sexual, like sex moans.” —Christian waiting outside the runway room to find out the challenge

“I hear war cries coming from the runway.” —Jillian waiting outside the runway room to find out the challenge

“Classy sexpot not whore sexpot.” —Diva on what her costume should look like

“Partially stripper tranny wear.” —Diva on what her costume should look like

“If I make the wrong thing for her to wear she may body slam me.” —Sweet P on her design for her model

“Ahahaha F@#!ing Day-Glo.” —Christian on Sweet P’s design

"If I were a diva, my name would be 'Ferosha Coutura'. And my finishing move would be spraying the other girls in the eyes with hairspray." - Christian

“I want it to look like an animal in a cage.” —Chris on his design idea

“I’m beast you guys, you just don’t know!” —Christian after winning arm-wrestling against Sweet P

“It’s a little Wonder Woman.” —Tim Gunn on Ricky’s design

“It’s like Eva Gabor in Green Acres.” —Tim Gunn on Sweet P’s design

“I didn’t want to give him the snap. But at the end of the day you help someone and they make stuff that still looks like crap.” —Christian on giving Ricky a snap to use for his design

“I feel like a pope at a sex club.” —Michael Kors on designers outfits

“Remember someone is going to be out, so don’t make it you.” —Tim Gunn to all designers

Art of Fashion

Chris: (talking about Rami) There is no way he's not making something Grecian and draped.

Chris: So many amazing paintings in there and actual clothing on people.

Chris: Look, Joan Rivers carved her initials in here when she was a little girl!

Sweet P: Wow. I took like 238 pictures.

Rami: I'm not shameful about choosing Aphrodite. This is what I do.

Chris: (to Christian) Honey, is there any fabric left at Mood?

Sweet P: (about Christian) He's making like 15 pieces and I'm on my first pattern.

Rami: I'm not here to make noise - I'm here to make beautiful work.

Christian: I sew fast. Get over it. If you don't then that's your problem.

Jillian: I feel self-conscious enough as it is!
Christian: Ew. Don't get bitchy.

Christian: I'm so over it.
Jillian: I'm so over it too.

Chris: I just want to lay down.
Christian: Are you joking? It's the last challenge. You can't take a nap!

Christian: I know I'm the youngest designer, but truthfully, I think I have the most cohesive ideas of anyone.

Tim Gunn: (to Chris) Is it wowable?

Christian: (to Tim Gunn)I know. It's fabulous and the blouse looks so good on me.

Chris: Nobody really hated each other (this season).
Christian: Who didn't hate anybody? Every 5 minutes I wanted to cut somebody.

Christian: Oh my God. I have to look amazing. I have to make sure my hair looks extra fierce!

Jillian: I don't wan to go back to working in a cubicle and working on someone else's vision. So I hope that I make it to Fashion Week.

Tim Gunn: Give them that electric shock that sends Nina's shoes across the runway!

Jillian: (about Christian's design) It's a little bit marshmallowy.

Chris: Going to Bryant Park would be like winning the lottery.

Christian: Yeah, we want eyebrows for days.

Michael Kors: (to Rami) How predictable for you to chose Greek and Roman drapery. I mean come on!



Season 1


Season 2


Season 3


Season 4

  • Heidi Klum - Host/Judge
  • Michael Kors - Judge
  • Nina Garcia - Judge
  • Tim Gunn - Design Mentor
  • Christian Siriano
  • Rami Kashou
  • Jillian Lewis
  • Chris March
  • Kathleen 'Sweet Pea' Vaughn
  • Ricky Lizalde
  • Victorya Hong
  • Kit 'Pistol' Scarbo
  • Kevin Christiana
  • Elisa Jimenez
  • Steven Rosengard
  • Jack Mackenroth
  • Carmen Webber
  • Marion Lee
  • Simone Le Blanc
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