Provisional Government of Belgium

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The Provisional Government of Belgium

The Provisional Government was formed as a revolutionary committee of notables during the Belgian Revolution on 24 September 1830 at the Brussels City Hall under the name of Administrative Commission. This Central Committee proclaimed the independence of the "provinces of Belgium" on 4 October 1830. The Provisional Government exercised both executive and legislative power until 10 November 1830, when the National Congress met for the first time.


  • The people have made the revolution, the people have chased the Dutch from Belgian soil; the people alone, and not the Prince of Orange at all, are at the head of the movement which gave it its independence and which will establish its political nationality.
    • The Belgian Revolution in the Diary of Willem de Clercq, 1830-1831 With the proclamation, the prince overplayed his hand. He turned against his father and, in the eyes of many Dutchmen, against the North. Moreover, offering his leadership did not fall well with the Provisional Government, which informed him:, H. Pirenne, History of Belgium. Part 6. The French Conquest. The Consulate and the Empire. The Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Belgian revolution (Ghent 1930) 435.

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