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Let blooming girls their tender pussies trim ~ Martial

Pubic hair (colloquially pubes) is terminal body hair that is found in the genital area of adolescent and adult humans. The hair is located on and around the pudenda and sometimes at the top of the inside of the thighs. In the pubic region around the pubis bone and the mons pubis that covers it, it is known as a pubic patch. Pubic hair is also found on the scrotum and base of the penile shaft in males and on the vulva in females.


  • Why pluck the bristles from your worn out cleft,
      Hoary and grizzled by time's onward march?
    For wanton tricks you've no excuses left,
      Age should be all propriety and starch.
    Let blooming girls their tender pussies trim,
      Those pouting buds expect some pleasure after;
    My wife might charm me if she dressed her quim,
      But my grandmother would provoke my laughter.
    That is no cunt at which no prick can stand,
      The whitened embers of young lust's spent force;
    Then cast the tweezers from your palsied hand.
      Nor beard the once fierce lion's rotting corse.
  • i like, slowly stroking the,shocking fuzz
    of your electric furr,and what-is-it comes
    over parting flesh ....
    • E. E. Cummings, “[i like my body when it is with your body]”, & (1925), self-published
  • Depending upon shock tactics is easy, whereas writing a good play is difficult. Pubic hair is no substitute for wit.
  • Her pubic hair grew like a patch of grass that had been trampled by a passing army.
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