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We pray for hope, embrace curses, and protect you from the dark. We're magical girls. We traded our souls for our powers and a destiny of battle; a destiny which ends in oblivion. For the only way to escape our despair is to vanish from this world. The end will come for all of us, so we continue our fight and wait for the Law of Cycles to lead us away. In this broken world, doomed to repeat its tragedy and hatred, I dreamt of someone I knew...and saw her familiar smile again.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika, "Magical Girl Magical Madoka") is a Japanese anime television series produced by Shaft and Aniplex. The series is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and written by Gen Urobuchi with original character designs by Ume Aoki, character design adaptation by Takahiro Kishida and music by Yuki Kajiura. The first ten episodes aired in Japan on TBS and MBS between January and March 2011, while the final two episodes were delayed until April 2011 due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

TV Episodes[edit]

I First Met Her in a Dream, or Something...[edit]

[Madoka is talking to Sayaka and Hitomi about what Homura said to her in the hallway in a restaurant.]
Sayaka Miki: She said what?
Madoka Kaname: It doesn't make any sense, does it?
Sayaka: And there I was thinking she was this awesome girl that it turns out she's a total psycho! Ugh! I hope she doesn't think acting like a weird transfer student is cool! That's so moe it makes me sick! [Puts head down on table.]
Hitomi Shizuki: [To Madoka] This has to be a misunderstanding. Are you positive you've never met her before?
Madoka: Hm...I guess the sensible answer would be "yes".
Sayaka: [Lifts head] Okay, what do you mean by "sensible"? Either you met her or you didn't.
Madoka: Well, it's like, you're gonna think I'm weird, but I first met her in a dream...or something. [Hitomi and Sayaka laugh.]
Sayaka: [Jokingly] That's awesome! The anime character in you is popping out, too!
Madoka: Come on! That's mean; this is really bugging me!
Sayaka: I got it all figured out; you guys knew each other in a past life and fate has reached across time and space to bring you back together again!
Hitomi: In your dream, what happened when you met her?
Madoka: That's the thing; I can't really remember what happened in it. All I know is that it was really strange and spooky.
Hitomi: If you want my opinion, I think it's entirely possible you met Miss Akemi somewhere before.
Madoka: Huh?
Hitomi: You might now remember meeting her, but your sub-conscience certainly took note of it. When you were having that dream, your sub-conscience simply brought up the image of her.
Sayaka: Seriously? That's a heck of a coincidence, don't you think?
Hitomi: [Chuckles] Perhaps.

That Would Be Truly Wonderful[edit]

[Mami, Madoka, Sayaka, and Kyubey are in a restaurant talking about hunting witches.]
Mami Tomoe: Well, time to start lesson one of the magical girl experience. That's what I like to call it, anyway. I hope you're ready.
Sayaka Miki: I don't know if it'll make a difference but, I brought this! [Slams a bat wrapped in cloth down on the table, frightening Madoka and Kyubey, and unwraps it.] I mean, it's better than not having anything, right?
Mami: Well, let's say I'm glad you're going into it with that spirit.
Sayaka: [To Madoka] How about you? What'd you bring?
Madoka Kaname: Huh? Nothing, just this. [Presents a notebook with sketches of Madoka's idea of a magical girl costume along with sketches of Homura and Mami in their costumes.]
Sayaka: Huh?
Mami: Hm...?
Madoka: I sorta thought it'd be good to have some costume ideas. Just in case. [Mami and Sayaka laugh much to Madoka's dismay.]
Mami: [Stops laughing] Well, you certainly have the right spirit.
Sayaka: [Still laughing] That's so awesome! I can't top that! [Mami continutes laughing.]

[Sayaka and Hitomi are walking to school and Madoka catches up with them, who is carrying Kyubey.]
Madoka: Good morning! [Both Sayaka and Hitomi stop walking]
Hitomi Shizuki: Oh, good morning.
Sayaka: Hey, EH?! [Notices Madoka carrying Kyubey.]
Kyubey: Good morning, Sayaka!
Sayaka: U-uh...
Hitomi: You look ill. Is something the matter?
Sayaka: [Whispering to Madoka] Looks like we're the only ones who can see him (Kyubey), huh?
Madoka: I guess so.
Hitomi: What are you...?
Sayaka: Nah, it's nothing. Well, let's go. [Sayaka and Hitomi resume walking.]
Madoka: [Through Kyubey's mind. To Sayaka.] We can communicate like this. Just by thinking to each other.
Sayaka: [Through Kyubey's mind. To Madoka. Surprised] Huh?! You mean we already have magical powers? For reals?
Kyubey: [Through his mind. To Sayaka.] No, not yet. I'm letting you communicate your thoughts through me. It's kind of a handy trick, don't you think?
Sayaka: [Through Kyubey's mind. To Kyubey.] It feels sort of...weird.
Hitomi: [Aloud. To Madoka and Sayaka.] Excuse me. What's going on between you? Why do you keep staring at each other?
Madoka: [Aloud] Huh? Oh. Uh...It's just...
Hitomi: [Drops her bag in shock] I can't believe it! Just by looking at each other you know what the other's thinking?! For two people to become that intimate after one night?! What did you do after I left yesterday?!
Madoka: [Nervous] Uh...
Sayaka: [Aloud] I can't believe she's going there...
Madoka: [To Hitomi] Well, actually...Lots of things happened, but...
Hitomi: That's enough! You can't be serious! You're both girls! Girls can't love girls! [Starts running off] Girls can't love girls! Girls can't love girls!
Sayaka: [Holding up Hitomi's bag] Hey, wait! You forgot your bag!
Madoka: Uh, what's wrong with her? Hitomi's acting just like you today.
Sayaka: What the heck's that supposed to mean?!

[Madoka and Sayaka are talking with Hitomi in the hallway.]
Sayaka: Hitomi, hey. Sorry, but we sort of have a couple of errands to run so...
Hitomi: Oh, something private? [Referring to what she thinks to be a devious activity that happened the day before between Sayaka and Madoka.]
Madoka: Well, uh...
Hitomi: I'm so jealous! I guess it's true what they say that "two's company"...and "three's a crowd"! [Runs off]
Sayaka: You've got it all wrong...again...

Madoka: [Thinking] It's still really hard to figure out what I'd wish for. It's not something I could put my finger on that easily, but Mami tries so hard to save people...and she looks so amazing doing it, too. If someone like me could do that, go around helping people who are in trouble, then I think that would be...truly wonderful.

I'm Not Afraid of Anything Anymore[edit]

[Mami had just defeated a witch's familiar and is talking to Sayaka and Madoka.]
Sayaka Miki: Whoa! Mami, you are so unbelievably cool!
Mami Tomoe: This isn't supposed to be fun. What we're doing is very dangerous. Don't forget that, okay?
Sayaka: Roger that! [Kyubey shows up and runs towards the three and climbs onto Madoka's shoulder.]
Madoka Kaname: How come the Grief Seed didn't pop out this time?
Kyubey: It wasn't a witch. It was a familiar acting without its master. They don't carry Grief Seeds.
Madoka: Oh, so that wasn't a witch.
Sayaka: It seems a shame to fight it and not get anything.
Mami: We can't really let familiars do what they want. If we did, they'd eventually become the same as the witch they split off from.

[Mami and Madoka are walking through Charlotte's labyrinth to find Sayaka and Kyubey.]
Madoka: Mami, I uh...
Mami: Yes?
Madoka: I've been thinking really hard about all the different wishes I could make.
Mami: Do you have a favorite?
Madoka: Yes...but you're probably gonna think it's naïve and get upset with me...
Mami: Let's find out: what's the wish?
Madoka: Well...there's nothing special about me...I've never been good at school and I've never had any talents...I'm scared that this is the way my life's gonna stay. Always asking for help and not being able to help when people need it...I can't stand thinking about it...But then I met you, Mami. And you showed me what it's like to stand up for people and really help them. And then, when I found out that I might be able to do the same thing, I don't think I've been happier in my life. And that's my wish, 'cause if I could become a magical girl, it'd be a dream come true for me. I might not be good at anything, but if I could help out people like you, I could be proud of the way I live. That's the best thing I could wish for.
Mami: It won't be easy. You will get hurt. You won't have time to go on dates or have fun with your friends.
Madoka: I know, but after seeing you doing your best, I really look up to you, Mami.
Mami: I don't deserve it. You need a better role model.
Madoka: Huh?
Mami: I just pretend to be cool. When I get scared or hurt, there's no one I can talk to. All I can do is cry on my own. It's not fun...being a magical girl...
Madoka: I hear you, Mami, but you're not alone anymore.
Mami: You're right. I'm not alone. [Holds Madoka's hands and starts tearing up.] I found someone who's willing to fight by my side from now on! Will you really stay with me?
Madoka: Yes. If someone like me will do.
Mami: [Wipes away tears.] Oh, look at this. It isn't the sort of behavior you'd expect from a role model, is it? I'm not very good at this sort of things, am I?
Madoka: Mami...
Mami: Anyway, make sure you know what you want. A chance like this doesn't come around too often.
Madoka: Yeah, I know. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing!
Mami: It is a contract, after all, so you might as well try and get something out of the deal. You could wish to be a billionaire or you could wish for the perfect boyfriend...
Madoka: Yeah, I know but...
Mami: Okay, how about this? If you can't decide for something to wish for by the time I finish off this witch, we'll have a feast and you can ask Kyubey for a fabulous cake!
Madoka: Huh?! Seriously?!
Mami: Yes! You can ask for the biggest and most extravagant cake ever! Then we can throw a party for everyone! A celebration to announce the two of us becoming a magical girl duo!
Madoka: But I...I can't do something like that for a cake!
Mami: Then decide on something you want.
Madoka: ...For a cake...?

Mami: [Thinking] I feel so light. This is the first time I've ever felt this happy during battle. I'm not afraid of anything anymore. Because...I'm not alone anymore!

[Mami, Madoka, Sayaka, and Kyubey are all traveling home after hunting witches.]
Mami: Have either of you decided what to wish for yet?
Sayaka: Uh-uh. [To Madoka] How bout you?
[Madoka looks down dejectedly.]
Mami: [Giggles] That doesn't surprise me. It's hard to think under pressure.
Madoka: Maybe it would help if you told us what you wished for? [Mami stops walking, which causes Sayaka and Madoka to stop, and lets out a sigh.] I didn't mean to be nosy! It's fine if you don't wanna say!
Mami: For me, it was different. [Cuts to an inaudible scene of a vehicle accident with Mami in one of the cars with noticeable injuries and Kyubey sitting at one of the windows.] I didn't have the luxury of thinking about it first. It's not that I regret my decision. I'm alive, after all. And I think the life I have now is better than being dead. But if you have the chance to think really hard about what you want, you should take as much time as you need. That wasn't an option for me.
Sayaka: Uh, hey Mami. I was wondering: if you make a wish, does it have to be for yourself?
Mami: [Confused] Huh?
Sayaka: Let's say that, and this is just an example, okay? Say there was someone having a way worse time than I was. Would it be bad if I used my wish to help him out?
Madoka: Are you talking about Kyousuke?
Sayaka: It's an example! I'm not talking about anyone!
Kyubey: You can wish for whatever you want. There's no rule saying you have to be the one to benefit from it. It wouldn't be the first time that's happened.
Mami: Actually, that might not be the best idea. If you use your wish to grant someone else's, you should be careful you know exactly why you're doing it. Are you really doing it for someone else's benefit, or the opposite, you're doing it for that person's everlasting gratitude?
Madoka: Mami...
Mami: The motive behind a wish is what matters most, you know?
Sayaka: That's kind of harsh...I was just asking...
Mami: I am sorry, but I had to say it now before it was too late. If you're not one-hundred percent sure why you're doing it, you'll most definitely regret it later.
Sayaka: I guess you're right. Maybe I was being a little naive there. [Chuckles] Sorry.
Mami: That's okay. It's a hard decision to make, isn't it? It's not something you need to rush into.
Kyubey: As far as I'm concerned, the sooner you decide, the better.
Mami: Oh, please. Haven't you heard? Girls don't like pushy boys.
[Mami and Sayaka laugh.]

Miracles and Magic Are Real[edit]

[Sayaka is visiting Kyosuke in the hospital. Kyosuke is listening to a CD Sayaka bought for him.]
Sayaka Miki: What you listening to?
Kyosuke Kamijo: "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair".
Sayaka: Oh, that's Debussy. It's a beautiful song. [Pause] Uh, you know what? It's kinda funny but, I don't think people really see me as the type who'd listen to classical music. And whenever I can name a piece correctly? Seriously, you should see their faces. It's like they're impressed I know about that stuff. [Pause] Everything I know about it is 'cause of you. Seriously though, I would've never even listened to classical music ever...if it wasn't for you, you know.
Kyosuke: Hey, Sayaka?
Sayaka: Huh? Yeah?
Kyosuke: Cut it out. Stop torturing me already. Why do you keep coming here? You think I like listening to this music? It's like you're trying to hurt me.
Sayaka: [Shocked] But Kyousuke, I-I thought you loved music?
Kyosuke: [Angry] I don't wanna hear this crap anymore! What's the point if I can't play?! All I can do is listen! I-I just...I just- [Kyosuke slams his injured left hand onto one of the CDs, shattering it, causing his hand to bleed. Sayaka stops him before he can cause further damage.] I can't move it! I can't even feel the pain anymore; my hand's useless!
Sayaka: It's gonna be okay. I'm sure someday somehow...Don't give up hope! They'll figure something out!
Kyosuke: But they came and told me to give up...They said I'll never play again...The doctor told me...He said that current medicine can't help anymore...My hand is never gonna move right again...Unless magic and miracles suddenly become real.
Sayaka: But they are! Miracles, magic...they are real...

[Madoka and Homura are walking together home.]
Madoka Kaname: I keep thinking "if only I listened to you before".
Homura Akemi: If you had, it wouldn't have changed Mami Tomoe's fate. [Madoka sighs] I was able to change yours, though. That's good. So at least I saved one person. I'm glad about that.
Madoka: Um, you know, Homura, I get the feeling you're a veteran at this, too. I mean, like Mami, but different.
Homura: Perhaps. I can't deny it.
Madoka: And I guess...you've seen lots of people die horribly, haven't you?
Homura: I have.
Madoka: How many?
Homura: I gave up counting long ago.
Madoka: And her (Mami's) place...Is it just gonna stay like that?
Homura: Most likely. She didn't really have any family to speak of...and it'll be a very long time before she's reported missing.
Madoka: Then...no one's gonna notice Mami's dead?
Homura: It can't be helped. If you die in a labyrinth, your body stays there. That means in this world, she'll be considered a missing person forever. It's a fate all magical girls can look forward to eventually.
[Madoka begins to tear up. Both her and Homura stop on the sidewalk.]
Madoka: That's awful! She was all alone. She fought to protect everyone! And now no one will know she's gone? That's horrible!
Homura: It's a condition of the contract we make in exchange for our powers. We are not protectors. We fight for the sake of our wishes and this is how we pay for them. If we die and no one remembers us, I guess that's just the way it is.
Madoka: I'll remember her. I'll never forget her. Never! I promise!
Homura: I see. Mami Tomoe's lucky. She'd be happy to hear that. How I envy her.
Madoka: I won't forget you either! I swear I won't forget you, Homura...and how you saved us yesterday! I'm always going to remember you! [Homura doesn't respond] Homura...?
Homura: You're too kind.
Madoka: Huh?
Homura: Remember this...and take it to heart: kindness sometimes leads to even greater tragedy.
[Homura walks off, leaving Madoka alone.]

There's No Way I'll Ever Regret It[edit]

[Kyosuke is playing his violin after his hand was healed from Sayaka's wish.]
Sayaka Miki: [Thinking] Hey, Mami. See that? My wish has been granted. There's no way I'll ever regret it. And right now...this is the happiest moment of my life.

This Just Can't Be Right[edit]

[Sayaka and Kyoko are about to fight on an overpass about a previous argument involving Sayaka and Kyousuke.]
Kyoko Sakura: We can go all out up here if we want! Come on, give me your best shot!
[Kyoko transforms into her magical girl outfit. Sayaka prepares to transform when Madoka and Kyubey arrive.]
Madoka Kaname: Sayaka! No, don't!
Sayaka Miki: What are you doing? You shouldn't be here! This has nothing to do with you, so stay back!
Madoka: Come on, think about what you're doing! This just can't be right!
Kyoko: [Points her spear at Sayaka.] Ha! The annoying bitch has an annoying friend! Go figure!
Homura Akemi: [Appearing suddenly behind Kyoko.] Well I wonder what kind of friends you'd have then. [Kyoko is surprised and looks behind to see Homura there.] What are you doing? I thought we agreed you'd leave Sayaka Miki alone?
Kyoko: Like your wimpy idea is gonna teach her any manners! Besides, it's not like she's backing down!
Homura: [Steps forward] I'll take her on then. But you stay out of it then
Kyoko: Hmph. You've got until I finish eating this [Referring to the pocky stick in her mouth.], then it's on!
Homura: That's plenty of time.
Sayaka: [Angry] It won't be that easy! [Prepares to transform]
[Madoka rushes towards Sayaka and grabs her Soul Gem.]
Madoka: Sayaka, I'm sorry!
[Madoka takes Sayaka's Soul gem and throws it off the overpass, landing on a passing flatbed truck. Afterwards, a shocked Homura gives chase after it.]
Sayaka: Madoka! Why'd you do that?!
Madoka: But if I didn't you would've- [Sayaka's body becomes lifeless and collapses onto Madoka.] Sayaka?
Kyubey: Oh, Madoka. That was really bad.
Madoka: Huh?
Kyubey: What's wrong with you? Are you out of your mind? How could you throw your friend away like that?
Madoka: [Confused] What did you say? What do you mean? [Kyoko rushes over towards the group, takes Sayaka's body, and holds her up by her neck.] No, stop!
Kyoko: [Surprised] What the hell's going on here?! What is this?! She's dead!

Can You Face Your True Feelings?[edit]

[Hitomi has invited Sayaka out to a restaurant to talk.]
Sayaka Miki: [Confused] Okay...What'd you wanna talk about?
Hitomi Shizuki: I want to talk about love. I'll explain: there's something I haven't told you or Madoka, but I can't stay silent any longer.
Sayaka: Huh? Oh, okay.
Hitomi: For a long time now, I...I've always liked Kyousuke Kamijo, but now I'm in love with him
Sayaka: O-Oh, you are, huh? [Pause] I never would have guessed, Hitomi. That's awesome! I hope Kyousuke knows just how lucky he is!
Hitomi: You've known Kyousuke for a while. Weren't you friends since childhood?
Sayaka: U-Uh, yeah. Sort of. We hang out together every now and then...
Hitomi: And it's nothing more than that? [Sayaka gives her an unsure look.] I've thought long and hard about this. I can't lie to myself any longer. So how bout you? I need to know can you face your true feelings for him, Sayaka?
Sayaka: U-Uh, true feelings? What do you mean?
Hitomi: I take my friendship with you very seriously and I don't want to get into a situation where you think I'm stealing him away from you. [Pause] I want to respect the relationship you have with Kyousuke because you've known him a lot longer than I have. That's why if you like him, you have a right to go after him before I do.
Sayaka: Hitomi...
Hitomi: I'm going to tell Kyousuke how I feel about him after school tomorrow. That gives you one day to decide. Will you confess your true feelings to him or won't you? Think about what you want so you don't have any regrets later.
Sayaka: [Dumbfounded] I-I just...I
[Hitomi rises from her seat, bows to Sayaka, and leaves her.]

[After overpowering the witch, Sayaka, bloodied and injured, begins to mercilessly beat the witch with her rapier without any regard to her own physical or mental well-being.]
Sayaka: [Crazily laughing] It's true! I can block out the pain! I don't feel any pain anymore!
Madoka Kaname: [Scared] Stop...Please...Stop...

I Was Stupid, So Stupid[edit]

[Sayaka is fighting a witch's familiar, but it manages to get away, dispelling the labyrinth. Homura appears before her outside of the labyrinth.]
Homura Akemi: Why can't you understand you don't have a luxury to fool around? You should only hunt witches.
Sayaka Miki: Shut up. I don't need your advice.
Homura: Your Soul Gem is at its limit. You need to purify it now. Use this. [Homura tosses her a Grief Seed which Sayaka promptly kicks away with her heel shortly after.]
Sayaka: What is this? What're you up to?
Homura: Don't be stupid. You're in no position to question my help. Or do you just hate the idea of it?
Sayaka: Well, I'm gonna be a different kind of magical girl; that's what I decided. I'm not gonna screw anyone over or take anyone for granted. And I won't associate with anyone who does. I don't need anyone's thanks. I'll be the only magical girl around who doesn't use her magic for herself.
Homura: Well, then. You are going to die.
Sayaka: So what? If I'm gonna die, it's gonna be when I can't kill witches anymore. No one's gonna need me anyway, right? I'm okay with that. The world doesn't need a magical girl if she can't even kill a witch.
Homura: Why are you doing this to yourself? Why won't you trust me? Can't you see I just want to help you?
Sayaka: Why don't I trust you? Maybe it's 'cause I can tell what you really are. Maybe I know you're lying. You look like someone who's given up on everything. When you talk, you use empty words. In fact, you're doing it now. You say you wanna help me, but I know that's not what you're really thinking. You're not fooling anyone. Uh-uh.
Homura: Do you realize that you're just making Madoka suffer more and more?
Sayaka: Madoka? This has nothing to do with her.
Homura: You're wrong. Everything has to do with her. [Homura transforms into her magical girl outfit.] You're sharp. Yes, you're right about me. I don't give a damn if you live or die; I don't care. I just don't want Madoka to see you like this; as you destroy yourself. If you don't let me help you now, you're going to die either way. You see, if you make her suffer any more, then I will...kill you. Right here, right now, [Homura prepares for an attack.] Sayaka Miki... [Kyoko shows up from behind and restrains Homura.]
Kyoko Sakura: [To Sayaka] Hurry! Go on! Get outta here! [Sayaka gets up and walks away.] [To Homura] What're you, crazy?! What happened to saving her?! You remember that?!
Homura: Let me go.
Kyoko: Oh, I get it. If I keep holding onto you like this you can't use that funky technique of yours, can ya? [A flash grenade falls from Homura's sleeve. Homura pulls the pin out, blinds Kyoko and escapes.] Dammit!

[Sayaka is in a train station sitting on a bench. Kyoko catches up with her.]
Kyoko: Finally, I found ya. [Sits down beside her and opens a can of chips.] So how much longer are you gonna do the stubborn thing, huh? [Starts eating the chips]
Sayaka: I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble.
Kyoko: Seriously? Doesn't sound like you at all.
Sayaka: [Sighs] Yeah, you're right. I guess I just don't care anymore. I can't remember...what I thought was so important; what was worth protecting, you know? It's all a blank now. Doesn't make sense anymore.
Kyoko: Hey, come on.
Sayaka: [Reveals her soul gem which is extremely corrupted.] Balance means good and bad have to zero themselves out. Right? That's what you said...or something like it. I think I understand what you mean now. The good this is I did save a few people, but the bad thing is I got angrier and my heart filled up with envy and hate. It got so bad I even hurt my best friend.
Kyoko: Sayaka, your soul gem!
Sayaka: For all the happiness you wish for someone, someone else gets cursed with equal misery. That's how it works for magical girls...and that's how it is for me...[Sayaka begins to cry.] I was stupid...So stupid... [One of her tears hits her soul gem, causing it to shatter which causes a shockwave sending Kyoko flying towards a rail. Afterwards, a witch, Oktavia von Seckendorf, appears from the soul gem.]
Kyoko: SAYAKA!!!

Kyubey: On this planet, you call females who have yet to become adults "girls". It makes sense then that since you'll eventually become witches, you should be called "magical girls".

I'd Never Allow That To Happen[edit]

Kyoko Sakura: [Thinking] Hey, God. If you're there, my life sucked. So for once, please, let me have a happy dream.

[Madoka and Kyoko are in the labyrinth of Oktavia von Seckendorff in hopes of rescuing Sayaka.]
Madoka Kaname: Hey, Kyoko?
Kyoko: Yeah?
Madoka: I feel bad I can't help. Everyone else has always done the fighting for me...Anyway, I sort of feel like a coward.
Kyoko: Why the heck would you ever want to become a magical girl?
Madoka: Why? Uh...
Kyoko: Uh-uh. Don't underestimate this stuff. This ain't a job anybody can do.
Madoka: But...
Kyoko: If you get to eat good food every day and live a happy life with your family, why would you give that up if you're not sure it's what you really want? You thinking about becoming a magical girl on some stupid whim? I'd never allow that to happen. Hell, I'd kick your ass before you could. If you do this, then you're putting your life in danger. The only people who should do this are the ones who've got no other choice. Anybody else who sticks their nose in it is just messing around. And that's dumb.
Madoka: You think so, huh?
Kyoko: But you never know, right? Maybe there will come a time when your back's gonna be up against the wall and you'll have to stand up and fight. If that day ever comes, you can think about it then.

[Madoka is meeting Kyoko and Homura at a railroad track. Kyoko is carrying Sayaka's lifeless body.]
Madoka: Sayaka?! [Kyoko looks away from Madoka in regret.] Sayaka! What happened?! Where's her Soul Gem?! What happened to her?!
Homura Akemi: Her Soul Gem disappeared and transformed into a Grief Seed. A witch hatched and it vanished. [Madoka collapses to the ground in shock.]
Madoka: No...It can't be...
Homura: It is. That's the final secret of the Soul Gems. [Pulls out her Soul Gem and shows it to Madoka.] When our Gems get too tainted and turn completely black, we transform into Grief Seeds. Then we're reborn as witches. See? This is the destiny which no magical girl can escape.
Madoka: It's not true... [Runs over to the two.] It can't be true...Right? [A train passes by creating a short pause. Madoka then collapses again in dismay.] But...how...? She...she only wanted to protect people from witches...She wanted to be a hero...That's why she became a magical girl...Why...?
Homura: Her curse became as powerful as her wish. It was only a matter of time, really. And from now on, for each person she saved, she'll curse another in return.
[Kyoko places Sayaka's body in front of Madoka. She then turns around and angrily grabs Homura by the collar.]
Kyoko: Why you...What the hell's your problem?! You trying to impress us with your big brain or something?! How can you stand there talking crap like that?! She was Sayaka's...[Looks at Madoka sobbing over Sayaka's body.] She was her best friend!
Homura: [To Madoka] You understand now, don't you? The thing you wanted so much to be...this is it. [To Kyoko] Oh, and the body you brought along? It's your responsibility now. [Forces Kyoko to let go of her collar.] You better be careful getting rid of it, though. Or it'll cause problems later.
Kyoko: And you dare call yourself human?!
Homura: No, of course I don't. Neither should you.
[Homura turns to leave the two.]

I Won't Rely On Anyone Anymore[edit]

[Madoka and Homura have defeated Walpurgisnacht and are lying on the ground with extremely tainted Soul Gems.]
Madoka Kaname: This is it. It's over for us, too.
Homura Akemi: Do you have any Grief Seeds? [Madoka shakes her head.] 'Kay. [Pause] I've got an idea. How about we both become witches? And we can tear up this rotten world together. Until there's no more evil, no more sadness, until there's nothing left. We'll break and smash and pound it into dust. What if we did that? [Tearfully] Wouldn't that be great?
Madoka: [Madoka pushes Sayaka's grief seed to Homura's Soul Gem.] Sorry, I lied. I guess I still had one left.
Homura: But why?! You should have used it!
Madoka: It's better this way. I want you to do something that I couldn't do. You can go back in time, right Homura? You can go back and change everything, so that we don't end up like this.
Homura: [Tearfully] Okay...
Madoka: And then save me from being stupid. From getting tricked. Don't let Kyubey fool me again.
Homura: I swear I'll save you! I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. I'll come back again and again and again. I'll save you! I swear!
Madoka: [Weakly] Thank you... [Madoka's Soul Gem reverberates from the corruption, causing her to wail and fidget in pain.] Can I ask ...one more thing? [Homura nods tearfully.] Don't let...me turn into a witch. There's awful, horrible things in this world, I know that now. But there's a lot of things worth protecting, too.
Homura: Madoka!
Madoka: Finally...you called me by first name. I'm so...happy.
[Homura wails as she pulls out her gun and shoots Madoka's Soul Gem, killing her.]

Homura: [Narrating] I'll do it over. No matter how many times it takes. I'll relive it over and over again. I will find the way out. The one path that will save me from this destiny of despair. Madoka; my one and my only friend.

[Homura decides to fight alone after failing to explain to the other girls about the fate of magical girls.]
Homura: [Thinking] I won't rely on anyone anymore! I don't care if no one understands! I won't let Madoka fight! I'll destroy every last witch by myself if I have to! And this time...I'll defeat Walpurgisnacht...once and for all!

The Only Thing I Have Left To Guide Me[edit]

[Madoka is at Homura's house to ask her about Walpurgisnacht.]
Madoka Kaname: [Looking at a picture of Walpurgisnacht on the wall.] That's Walpurgisnacht isn't it? Kyoko told me about it. She said you were teaming up. She also said it was so strong that one magical girl couldn't beat it by herself. Is this where you're getting ready? [Homura doesn't respond.] The city's in danger, isn't it?
Homura Akemi: This witch is different from the others. It's so powerful it doesn't need to hide in a labyrinth. And when it appears, thousands of people are going to die. Just like that. Since ordinary humans can't see it, they'll think the destruction was caused by an earthquake, tornado, or other disaster.
Madoka:: Okay, then it has to be destroyed no matter what. Now that Kyoko's dead, you're alone. You're the only magical girl left and you're going to need someone's help to beat it. What if I-
Homura: I can handle it by myself. Maybe Kyoko couldn't do it, but I can certainly defeat Walpurgisnacht on my own. To tell you the truth, I never really needed her help. I just agreed so she wouldn't feel bad.
Madoka: Is that true? I want to believe you, I do. I don't know why but...I guess I...I guess I don't want to think you'd lie to me. But I don't think you're being honest with me right now. And I don't think you're gonna be alright on your own...
Homura: How can I be honest with you? You wouldn't believe me anyway.
Madoka: Homura...
Homura: The thing is... I'm... You and me... We're not even from the same time! [Homura runs up to Madoka and hugs her. There is a long pause.] The truth is...I'm from the future. I've met you over and over and every time in every time I've had to watch you die. What do I have to do to save you? What do I have to do to change your fate? I kept doing this month over again searching for the answer.
Madoka: But you... [Madoka quivers, finally realizing what Homura is saying.]
Homura: [Homura hugs Madoka tighter. Her voice starts to break.] I'm sorry. I'm not making any sense. I'm scaring you, aren't I? I mean, you barely know me. I just started going to your school, so it's not like you really know me. But I know you, I know your soul...I know your life...[Homura starts crying] Everything's messed up. The more I redo this time, the further apart we get. My feelings, my words; nothing gets through to you. I'm out of options. I don't know what to do anymore.
Madoka: Homura...
Homura: I will save you. That's the one thing I wished for. That's how it started. And now, it's the only thing I have left to guide me. And it's okay if you don't understand anything I'm saying. But please, please let me protect you.

My Very Best Friend[edit]

[Madoka is about to make her contract with Kyubey and make her wish to save Homura.]
Madoka Kaname: Homura, I am sorry...but I...wanna be a magical girl.
Homura Akemi: Madoka...don't do it...
Madoka: I finally figured out what I want to wish for. I know what I want now more than anything else. And I'm ready to trade my life for it with no regrets.
Homura: But you can't! If you do then...everything I fought for...it's all for nothing! [Begins to cry. Madoka walks over to her to comfort her.]
Madoka: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You've been protecting me for a long time...and I'll never forget that. I know you're the reason that I'm the person I am today. I'm so sorry. I really want this; it's the answer I've been looking for. I swear. I promise I won't let your efforts be in vain. Believe me, Homura.
Homura: Madoka... [Madoka leaves Homura and faces Kyubey.]
Kyubey: You (Madoka) are the center of karmic destiny from many different timelines, so no matter how enormous your wish it most definitely will come true.
Madoka: You sure it will?
Kyubey: Of course. Madoka Kaname, what is the wish which you would trade your soul for?
Madoka: I wish...[Pause. Madoka inhales and exhales.] I wish I had the power to erase witches before they are born! Every single witch; from the past, present, and future! Everywhere! [Madoka's chest begins to glow to form her Soul Gem.]
Kyubey: That wish! Once it's granted, it will unravel the fabric of time itself! It violates the laws of karmic destiny! Are you trying to become a god?!
Madoka: I don't care what I become. All the magical girls who believed in hope and fought witches...I don't want them to suffer or cry anymore. I want them to be at peace. And if that goes against the laws of the universe, then I'll just rewrite those laws. That's the only thing I want. It's what I wish for. Now, grant my wish, Incubator!
[Madoka, Kyubey, and Homura are all enveloped in a massive flash of light from Madoka's Soul Gem.]

[Madoka has made her wish to destroy all witches in existence. She is meeting with Mami and Kyoko in Mami's apartment.]
Mami Tomoe: Madoka, do you realize how scary that wish you made was?
Madoka: Sort of.
Mami: You'll be fighting an endless battle; one that stretches from the past to the future for all eternity. You'll never be the same. You won't be able to exist as a physical entity anymore. Dying would be a kinder fate. For the rest of time, you'll live on as an entity whose sole purpose is to destroy witches.
Madoka: I know, and I'm ready. If someone ever tells me it's a mistake to have hope, well then I'll just tell them they're wrong and I'll keep telling them until they believe; no matter how many times it takes.
Kyoko Sakura: Sounds good to me. If you think you can do it, do it. I mean, you found your reason to fight, yeah? And you ain't running away anymore, right? So, there's nothing holding you back! Anyway, it's time to get your ass in gear and go full steam ahead!
Madoka: [Chuckles] Thanks a lot, Kyoko.
Mami: If that's what you really want, it's time you got this back. [Hands Madoka her notebook containing her costume sketches.] Here you go. [Madoka giggles and takes the notebook.] You're not just giving us back our hope, but you're becoming hope itself; the hope of magical girls everywhere.

Film: Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion[edit]

Homura: We pray for hope, embrace curses, and protect you from the dark. We're magical girls. We traded our souls for our powers and a destiny of battle; a destiny which ends in oblivion. For the only way to escape our despair is to vanish from this world. The end will come for all of us, so we continue our fight and wait for the Law of Cycles to lead us away. In this broken world, doomed to repeat its tragedy and hatred, I dreamt of someone I knew...and saw her familiar smile again.

[Homura has confirmed who created the witch's labyrinth in which she and the other magical girls are trapped in.]
Homura: It's true. I'm not a magical girl anymore. [Points a gun at her Soul Gem and repeatedly shoots it until it shatters.] How could this happen? How? Why? Why would I end up as this? When did it even happen? When did I... BECOME A WITCH?!

[Homura has found out that she had turned into a witch. Kyubey arrives to explain her circumstances.]
Kyubey: I'm sure you didn't really want to know the truth. And yet you couldn't bear it if you didn't seek it out. Human curiosity is quite fascinating. And illogical. Considering you were the one searching, I was certain you'd uncover the truth eventually...Homura Akemi.
Homura: Incubator...I should have known. This could only be your doing.
Kyubey: Naturally. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but you're probably wondering where your body and soul are? Would you like to know? Permit me to show you. [Kyubey shows telepathically to Homura that she is in an isolated space.] This is outside the false Mitakihara City. This is the real you in the real world.
Homura: [Shocked] How?
Kyubey: Simple: we developed an isolation field to completely contain your Soul Gem. We were curious to see what happened to a tainted Soul Gem in a closed environment. It had to be free from all external influences or the experiment wouldn't work.
Homura: [Angry] Really?
Kyubey: What is it that cleanses magical girls and makes them vanish? It's something you call the "Law of Cycles". Well, we wanted to know what happened to a Soul Gem when it's cut off from this phenomenon. Thanks to you, we witnesses some very interesting results. We observes a peculiar closed space; one that could shape its own reality as well as lure and trap victims. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the power of that "witch" concept you explained to us before? Your Soul Gem remains intact; preserved by the isolation field. It's the only thing keeping you from completing your transformation into a witch. Excuse the metaphor, but you're like a chick that wasn't able to break out of its shell and matured inside it. That's the reason you wound up creating a labyrinth internally as opposed to externally. Under these conditions, you managed to recreate a whole city inside your, quote on quote, "shell". In other words, this is the world inside your Soul Gem.
Homura: Interesting theory...But if this labyrinth is isolated from the world, how could anyone be lured into it? It's not possible!
Kyubey: True, be we made a little adjustment. The isolation field's barrier only works in one direction. Even though it repels interference from the outside, we can allow victims to pass through. But only if they're invited from within. And you did the inviting. You unconsciously chose your targets. Once you let them enter, they were trapped. Even under these limited conditions, we surmised that the entity you referred to as the "Law of Cycles" ever wanted to reach you, it could. All that had to happen was for you to invite it into your labyrinth. Then, it would materialize in the form of one of your targets. Once trapped, we Incubators would finally be able to identify and observe it. Then we could find out what this karmic force is that makes magical girls disappear. There are several people within your labyrinth who don't exist in the real world, and yet they seem to have existed at some point in time. The most interesting of these is a girl who isn't recorded in any past memory and how isn't a future possibility, either. Even though she doesn't exist within the karmic cycles of our universe, she was able to slip into your world without causing any disturbance. We were fortunate we didn't have to spend too much time or energy searching for it. Who knows how long that would have taken? But you saved us the trouble, Homura Akemi. Thanks to you referring to the Law of Cycles as Madoka Kaname, we were able to identify it rather quickly.
Homura: Then...that is her.
Kyubey: If we were disappointed in anything, it would be that Madoka Kaname never displayed any sign of unusual power. It seems the memory rewriting performed by you, the master of the labyrinth, effected her as well. She not only forgot the reason she entered, to save you, she also lost sight of who she really was and her capabilities. So we couldn't do anything to her. On one hand, Madoka Kaname forgot she was a god and on the other you forgot you were a witch. Because of that, we Incubators could only watch as this pointless endeavor unfolded. We were fine, waiting patiently and observing, but since you discovered the truth, the delicate balance within your world has started to crumble. Now, Homura Akemi, reach out to Madoka Kaname for help. If you do that, it will make her remember who she really is and what she came here to do.
Homura: Tell me what your real goal is, Incubator.
Kyubey: Of course. The Law of Cycles has been a hypothesis up to this point. Now, we can observe it.
Homura: For what purpose? Satisfying curiosity is illogical. You said so yourself. So I can't believe you'd go to such lengths just to confirm Madoka exists. [Kyubey does not give Homura a response and simply turns away from her.] You want to CONTROL MADOKA, DON'T YOU?!
[Homura begins having her familiars attack Kyubey, who continually regenerates using replacement bodies.]
Kyubey: I won't deny it was our end goal in this whole affair. It would have been a long and difficult endeavor, though. After all, this phenomenon has been a complete mystery to us. We can't very well interfere with something when we can't confirm its existence.
Homura: I seriously doubt you'd give up trying, though.
Kyubey: True. If we could observe it, we could interfere with it. And if we can interfere with it, we can control it. The information we'd collect from that would allow us to conquer the Law of Cycles completely. Then, we could make magical girls turn into witches and collect vast amounts of energy all in one go. Your hope and despair are the keys. The phase change between those emotions creates huge amounts of energy. More than we ever imagined. You magical girls are the gateway to limitless possibilities. In our humble opinion, you should all conclude your existence by transforming into witches. [Homura continues attacking.] Why are you angry? This has nothing to do with you anymore. Your existence has reached its completion. And now, at the end of your life, you've attained your wish to meet the one person you've waited so long for. I should think you'd be happy about that.
Homura: Hardly. I am anything but happy .
[Homura beings creating another witch's curse.]
Kyubey: Wait! You can't be serious! You're creating a curse?! What are you thinking?! It's spreading too fast to purify!
Homura: As you are now, you won't know this, but you see, the reason I chose to become a magical girl, was to save Madoka. I stand by that choice. You want me to betray her, but I'd rather turn into a witch before I do. And I will never let you Incubators touch her again!
Kyubey: You're willing to give up your salvation for her? If you do, you'll spend the rest of eternity living among all these curses.
Homura: Not at all. In fact, I'll make sure this labyrinth will be my grave. Mami Tomoe and Kyoko Sakura are both here. I have faith in them.
Kyubey: That's ridiculous! Do you have any idea what it would mean if you died inside the isolation field? You won't be able to break out of the shell! You'll transform into a witch inside its egg! If you're trapped in there, the Law of Cycles won't sense you! You'll be destroyed! And your soul? No one will be able to save it from despair! You'll lose your chance to see Madoka Kaname again forever! You can't want that!
[Homura continues to kill Kyubey who keeps regenerating.]
Kyubey: I can't believe you'd prefer the worst possible fate...Honestly, I can't comprehend why human thought is so illogical.

[Homura has just rewritten the Law of Cycles so Madoka could live a normal life. Her and Kyubey are in an alternate space.]
Kyubey: The world is being rewritten. Does this mean a new principle has been born into this universe?
Homura: You don't remember the last time this happened, do you? Well, this is the second time I've seen this.
Kyubey: What's happening? Homura Akemi, what are you meddling in? You're changing something, but what?!
Homura: [Chuckles]
Kyubey: I don't believe it. Your tainted Soul Gem should have disappeared with your soul, but it hasn't! Why?
Homura: Because I remembered why I repeated time and suffered over and over again; my feelings for Madoka, they run so deep that even pain has become precious to me. And as for my Soul Gem? A curse isn't what's tainted it.
Kyubey: Then what is?
Homura: Something you can't understand, Incubator. It is the pinnacle of all human emotion. More passion than hope, much deeper than despair. Love!
Kyubey: Then...what are you? You're not a magical girl anymore, but you're not transforming into a witch either.
Homura: You're right. I'm not a magical girl or a witch. Madoka is as sacred as a god and I pulled her from heaven. So if you want to know what I've become, I suppose, if anything, you could call me a demon now.
Kyubey: There's no doubt now. Trying to put human emotions to use is just too dangerous for us. We could never hope to control something whose final form is so irrational.
Homura: Is that so? [Homura grabs Kyubey] The curses that have spread across our worlds still have to be dealt with. And you Incubators have become necessary for that task. You're going to stay and help. Incubator.

[Homura has just rewritten the Law of Cycles so Madoka could live a normal life. Sayaka decides to confront Homura about her actions.]
Sayaka: [Angry] Hey! Do you have any idea what you've done?!
Homura: I do, but if you'd like to share your thoughts, please, enlighten me.
Sayaka: Okay. You broke off a piece of the Law of Cycles! It's the only salvation us magical girls had!
Homura: I only took a tiny sliver of it, that's all. The piece that used to be Madoka - before she ceased to exist. For some reason, you were all pulled in with her. And now you can't return from where you came from, either.
Sayaka: You have no right to screw everything up like this!
Homura: I'm an existence called "evil" now. And if evil is supposed to disrupt the divine and be a force of chaos, it's only natural for me to upset the laws of a god.
Sayaka: Oh, yeah? What'll you do next? Destroy everything?
Homura: After all the Wraiths have been wiped out, perhaps I will. When that days comes, I suppose I can be your enemy, then. The question is: will you be able to stand up against me? [Claps her hands, altering Sayaka's memories.] You're having a hard time remembering things, aren't you?
Sayaka: I...I think I remember being a part of something. Some kind of being...or power bigger than this world. But I...I can't remember what it was anymore...All I know is that I'm not supposed to be here.
Homura: You're getting another chance at being human again. If anything, you should be happy about that. Eventually, life here will seem natural to you and you'll forget all about the past.
Sayaka: Even if I do, there's one thing I won't forget: you, Homura Akemi, are a demon!
Homura: We should pretend to be on good terms. If you're always attacking me, Madoka might end up hating you.


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