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Purandara Dasa Mantapa where Purandara Dāsa lived on the banks of the river in Hampi

Purandara Dāsa (Kannada: ಪುರಂದರ ದಾಸ (14841564) (also spelt "Purandaradasa")) was is one of the most prominent composers of Carnatic music.

by Siddharth Hindus[edit]

  • This is bliss, This is bliss, This is bliss, I proclaim
    The real happiness lies in the chant of Lord’s name.
    One should be on the banks of river of life firm like rocks along,
    One should be a powerful bow in the midst of the strong.
    One should softly adore Lord’s greatness in heart within,
    Be like a lump of sugar to his kith and kin
    One should keep correcting wisely his body and mind.
    And pay respects to the great and sages kind.
    One should be like fish in the Madhva philosophy ocean,
    And be pure in his practice of the Triple Expression”.
    One should ever be alert to grasp knowledge that abound,
    And think of Lord (Sri Hari) night and day around.
    One should pay respects to the servants of the Lord,
    Purnadar Vittala the God of this world.
  • Should swim along, staying and conquering
    In this complex ocean of life with desire not attaching.
    Lovingly in this birth, like a lotus leaf on a drop of rain
    Singing Rama’s name, those who want to win and gain.
    Like the cashew nut on its fruit, just touching the life path
    Not keeping any desire, those devoted to the brave Srinath.
    Like a fish that grabs the bait meat and gets hooked sadly
    Not getting cheated, thinking of Purandara Vittala, the Lord only.
  • My sons’ birthday; we have a grand feeding
    Another sons thread ceremony is proceeding
    Life is busy you know if you ever say
    The death god will be laughing behind you, I say
    Not eaten dinner, have not seen the favourite show
    Some debtors are waiting to get my loan, No way
    Once your purpose is over, no time is wasted away
    Think meanwhile of Purandara Vittala with a bow.
  • Rama Rama Rama Rama Sita Rama you chant
    Do with devotion, and get the release you want...
    As those Yama hordes arrive, to bid you to come
    Spirit tries to escape the throat, Hari’s name will not come
    Body systems cease working and our relative are bemoaning
    Name of the Ocean-daughter’s lord will it come to your asking?
    When your breath is blocked by phlegm in your throat
    Vasudev Krishna’s name will be of no use then to shout
    When you beautiful body breaks down and falls apart
    As your eyes get blurred and dead, Ranga’s name will not depart
    When your body juices mix up and collect down below
    As the elements disintegrate, uttering God’s name will it allow.
    Having born as a wicked and done many a cruel deed
    As soul departs, Puranadara Vittala’s name will not proceed.
  • Most work for their belly, for cloth of cubit dimension
    Some worship Lakshmi’s spouse for salvation
    Lifting palanquins Is for their belly
    Fighting powerful wrestlers is for the belly
    Telling lies is for the belly
    Thinking of Lord is for salvation
    Concocting politics is for the belly
    Riding elephant or horse is for the belly
    Hurting other people is for belly
    To pray Lord is for emancipation
    Lifting heavy rocks is for the belly
    Yelling loud is for the belly
    Pray Purandara Vittala is for salvation
    With pre-planned contemplation.
  • Rama, Rama, Rama chant, this grand
    Lord’s name do not forget in mind
    With nine orifices this jam-packed city
    Five kings ruling there with all majesty
    They guard this body with all the vanity
    Do not get spoiled believing this mendacity.
    This insecure body, just a bony cage
    Tightly wrapped with a cover of skin
    Full of sewage, slush, and germs within
    Do not rely on this sewn up cartilage
    Respected by the recurring Brahmas and celestials
    Take Hari’s name with His supreme credentials
    Pray the feet of Purandara Vittala
    And get rid of the fear of the evils all.
  • Dull headed I am, you are the very progenitor of cupid
    Forgiving my countless sins please save me...
    I am the sinner and you remove the sins on me
    Anger, vanity, arrogance I am filled with these
    Make me fearless removing my worries
    False shadowy forms engross me
    You are the redeemer to those who seek refuge
    Worst criminal I am you remove hurdle rocks that huge
    Bewildered I am you save me as you foresee
    Charlatan I am and you are without vanity
    Unlucky I am you are lord of wealth divine
    Can I comprehend past or future of mine?
    Oh Purandara Vittala Raya my father
    Perpetually you save me without bother.

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