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Push is a 2009 American science fiction thriller film about a group of psychics who band together to attempt to take down a government agency that is using a dangerous drug to enhance their powers in hopes of creating an army of super soldiers.

Directed by Paul McGuigan. Written by David Bourla.
One push can change everything.

Cassie Holmes

  • There are special people in this world. We don't ask to be special. We're just born this way. We pass you on the streets every day, unnoticed by most. It started in 1945. The Nazis were conducting experiments in psychic warfare, trying to turn those with psychic abilities into soldiers. Lots of us died. The war ended, but the experiments never stopped. Other governments around the world set up what they called "divisions", trying to do what the Nazis couldn't, to turn us into weapons. The divisions agents are trained to track and hunt us down like animals. Take us away from our families and friends. They test us and categorize us. I'm what they call a Watcher. We can see the future, even if that's not always as simple as it sounds. Others are called Movers, just an easy way of saying telekinetic. Pushers put thoughts in your head, and make whatever lie they come up with the truth. Sniffs, Shifters, Shadows, Bleeders... it goes on and on. In divisions' eyes, we're all just lab rats. Only one problem — we keep dying. No one has ever survived the drug meant to boost our powers. My name is Cassie Holmes. Division took my mom from me. Right now, the future I see doesn't look so great. The good news is, the future is always changing, in the largest of ways, by the smallest of things. They've been winning a lot of battles. Now it's our turn to win the war.
  • You better do something quick, 'cause I'm sick of drawing dead bodies!
  • I'm thirteen, and I get told I look at least fourteen.

Kira Hudson

  • Put the gun to your mouth. Pull the trigger.


Cassie Holmes: Where's the chicky-chicky that gets us all killed?
Nick Grant: Are you drunk?
Cassie Holmes: Yeah.
Pinky Stein: [to Nick] Sorry, I didn't know the procedure for stopping a blitzed ten year old.
Cassie Holmes: I'm 13, and I'm powering my youth.

Cassie Holmes: You don't get it Nick. She's the one that kills us all basically.
Nick Grant: Well, I guess we're all going to get killed then.
Cassie Holmes: Yeah! It's screwed up!
Pinky Stein: By we, do you mean...
Cassie Holmes: You too!

Henry Carver: Is there anything else she might have put in your head? I'm only asking because I don't want to get shot in the face for screwing some made-up sister you don't really have.
Agent Mack: [shocked] I don't have a sister?

Nick Grant: Did you lose a bet with your hair dresser?
Cassie Holmes: No, I just like color!

Nick Grant: Hey, what did I inject myself with?
Cassie Holmes: Nine Dragons soy sauce.
Nick Grant: That's gross.

Nick Grant: [pointing to an object in Cassie's drawing] We need this.
Hook Waters: An olive?
Cassie Holmes: [irritated] It's a bead.


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