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Quarantine is an 2008 horror film. It is about the television reporter, Angela Vidal and her cameraman, Scott, who spent the night shift with two firemen, and stop by an apartment, which turns out to be quarantined, due to an unknown rabid disease, that causes them to turn into blood-thirsty savages. It is a remake of the Spanish film REC.

Directed by John Erick Dowdle. Written by Drew Dowdle and John Erick Dowdle.
On March 11, 2008, The government sealed off an apartment complex in Los Angeles. The residents were never seen again. No details. No witnesses. No evidence. Until now.Taglines


[Angela prepares herself for the report outside to Mrs. Espinoza's apartment.; While the firemen and the policemen, along with Yuri try to find a way to open her door.]
Angela Vidal: [to Scott] I'm going to do an intro.
Scott Pervical: [to Angela] Yeah, you're good
Angela Vidal: Okay. [starts reporting on camera.] We're standing outside an elderly woman's apartment, Neighbors heard screams and called 911, The fire department is about to begin their rescue process. Police say that she lives alone, She's not very so--- [Jake bashes the door open with the sledgehammer, interrupting Angela's report.]
Danny Wilensky: [to Scott, on camera.] I need you to get back, Please, this time.

Danny Wilensky: [aiming the gun to Mrs. Espinoza, who had blood all over her mouth and dress, with her eyes changing.] Ma'am! Ma'm, Ma'am, Ma'am? Ma'am, listen to me. Can you hear me Mrs. Espinoza? I need to stay right where you are, Okay? Alright we wanna help you here, Okay?
Jake: Shit.
Danny Wilensky: [aiming the gun to Mrs. Espinoza, frightened and scared] Put your hands in the air for me Mrs. Espinoza, Okay? Put your hands in the air!
[Mrs. Espinoza charges at them, but Danny immediately shoots her three times, until she is presumably dead.]

[Angela and Scott went down to the lobby, meeting Sadie and her dog, Martini.]
Sadie: What the hell was that?
Angela Vidal: I don't know? I think---
Sadie: Is everything okay?
[Angela looks at Scott.]
Angela Vidal: We should probably just get down stairs, okay? [she takes Sadie downstairs.; Sadie looks downstairs and gasps, about the happening.]
Angela Vidal: I know, I know, I know.
Sadie: Oh my God.
Angela Vidal: We just have to keep downstairs, okay? [Sadie looks at the camera.]

[Angela prepares to interview Bernard and Sadie.]
Angela Vidal: Okay?
Scott Pervical: Okay.
Angela Vidal: [starts interviewing] Why don't you just start by introducing yourselves?
Bernard: Well?, I'm Ber--- I'm Bernard. [introduces Sadie.] and this my roommate, Sadie.
Sadie: [introduces Martini.] ...and this is Martini.
Angela Vidal: And how long have you lived in the building?
Bernard: I live here six years.
Sadie: I've been here two and a half years.
Angela Vidal: And what do you do for a living?
Bernard: I'm an opera teacher. Sadie is my best student, my protegé--- [Everyone hears a noise, interrupting Bernard and Sadie's interview. ]

Jake: [to Yuri] Were you bitten?
Yuri Ivanov: No, You?
Jake: No, [to Wanda] You?
Wanda Marimon: [sobbing] No.
Jake: [to Scott] Scott?, Scott!, Were you bitten?!
Scott Pervical: No. [to Angela] Angie?
Angela Vidal: No.
Scott Pervical: [to Bernard] Hey, what about you?
Bernard: No, no.
Scott Pervical: [to Sadie] Hey, you. On the floor. [Sadie turns to Scott] Hey, you been bitten?
Sadie: Uh?... No, no, no.
Yuri Ivanov: Jake, did you find the little girl?
Jake: Who gives shit about the little girl?! Alright. We've lost control of the building. We're fucked.
Angela Vidal: [crying] I don't understand! I don't understand!! They were biting her face off! I don't know what the fuck is happening! I don't understand!
[Yuri comforts Wanda]
Jake: We could all be infected by now. We gotta get out of here.
Angela Vidal: [crying] I'm not moving, I'm done. I'm not moving.
Bernard: Hey, we wait here, we wait here. There's no one there.
Scott Pervical: We have to get out of here.
Yuri Ivanov: Listen, We have to stay here and wait till somebody come and get us.
Angela Vidal: How can they come and get us?!
Yuri Ivanov: Oh yes they will--
Angela Vidal: They're not gonna come and get us!! They don't give shit about us! They're gonna let us die! They don't care about us! [starts crying] Scott, we're gonna die!
Jake: Oh fuck.
Scott Pervical: She's right.
Jake: Who's that?
Yuri Ivanov: It was the doctor.
Scott Pervical: What?
[Jake rushes to the adjacent room, where the CDC agent, who is bitten by the infected]
Jake: I'm gonna kill you!
CDC Agent: I've been bitten!, I've been bitten!
[Jake attacks the CDC Agent]
Jake: You left us down there! [keeps attacking the agent] Piece of shit!!
CDC Agent: I've been bitten!!
Jake: He's been bitten. [covers the camera] He's been bitten! Get back!
Bernard: Close those doors! Somebody close those fucking doors!
[Jake close the doors, and locks it with ropes to the handles]
Bernard: It won't hold him.
Jake: It's not gonna hold him for long. Get back.
Angela Vidal: [pointing to Sadie, who is also the little bitch that has bitten by the infected] She's bleeding! Bleeding!
Bernard: Sadie?
Sadie: [who had her eyes changed, her hand bitten by the infected, blood in her mouth and tears, crying] No, no.
Yuri Ivanov: We have to kill her.
[Jake slowly walks to Sadie.]
Bernard: No. Hey, hey, hey, You're not gonna fucking touch her! [shoves Jake and runs through Angela; Bernard rushes through the window] We gotta get out of here! Gotta get out of here! Gotta get out of here! Gotta get out of here!
[Bernard opens the window.]
Bernard: [frightened and panicked.] Help me get out of here!! Let me get out of here!! [Bernard grabs a piece of wood and cuts the plastic; he yells out to the police.] Hey!, Please get me--- [A sniper shoots multiple shots at Bernard's asshole, killing him.]
[Scott checks out, but he takes cover.]
Angela Vidal: Oh my God!
Police Officer: Sniper!
[Angela, Jake, Scott, Yuri & Wanda take cover, as the soldier tries to shoot the others.]
Angela Vidal: [crying to Scott] Scott? They're not gonna let us out of here alive, are they?
Scott Pervical: No. I don't think so.
[Angela starts crying.]
Yuri Ivanov: There might be a way out.
Jake: What?
Yuri Ivanov: Jake, there might be a way out.
Jake: How? How do we get out of here?
Yuri Ivanov: Listen Jake, There is a drain cover in the basement, that joins up the sewers.
Wanda Marimon: [sobbing] We need the key. We need the key.
Yuri Ivanov: The keys are... in our apart---.
[The infected agent bursts through the glass door, behind Yuri and bites his neck.; Angela, Jake & Wanda tried to save Yuri; Jake grabs Angela.]
Angela Vidal: Wait!, [to Wanda] Come with us! Come with us! You have to come with us!
[Jake grabs Angela, forcing to get out.]
Wanda Marimon: [still trying to save Yuri; sobbing] I won't leave him, I can't leave him.
[Angela, Jake & Scott gets out of the apartment; Sadie, now fully infected, attacks Wanda; Jake closes the door.]


  • On March 11, 2008, The government sealed off an apartment complex in Los Angeles. The residents were never seen again. No details. No witnesses. No evidence. Until now.
  • Contain The Truth


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