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1689 engraved portrait of Quirinus Kuhlmann, described as "poet, chiliast, and false prophet"

Quirinus Kuhlmann (February 26, 1651 – October 4, 1689) was a German Baroque poet and mystic.


  • First one should write no more or no less letters than the sound of the word requires.Second, one should write as one speaks and not try to pay attention to the style of other writers , particularly academicians.
    • Preface to Lehrreicher Geschicht-Herold

Love-Kiss XL1[edit]

  • All things do change:All things do love:All things are locked in hate:,
    Whoever fully thinks things through/holds the key to man's estate.
  • My poem (Love -Kisses XL1) is like a nugget of gold or clump of earth it contains within itself the seeds rhetoric, ethics, philosophy, mathematics,geography, music, astronomy, medicine, nature, law, writing, the more you seek within it, the more you will discover. If you love Heaven, take all this with sympathetic eyes and accept my zealous suggestion, then we shall not hesitate to inform others of this matter, with mature judgement and ripeness of experience, wheresoever divine grace might give us the life and opportunity to so do.
  • As harsh as Love-Kiss might sound in your ears it will resonate more swetly to your heart.
    • Love-Kiss XL1 ' The Mutabilty of Human Affairs'

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