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République is a 2013 video game for mobile devices, developed by Camoflaj LLC and Logan Games.


  • Daniel Zager: [a quote in text] "I used to get angry 'cause I thought my government wasn't listening to me. Now I'm angry 'cause I know they are."


Episode 1: Exordium[edit]

Hope: [first lines; to the player, quietly, via video feed] Do you see me? [looks up at the sound of voices] Wait… [pauses, looks back at the player] Please, you have to help me. I don't have much time. They want to…erase me. They want to erase who I am.
[Suddenly, the lights come on.]
Hope: [gasps] They're coming…!

Quinn Derringer: [when Mireille snaps at him about a Manifesto being "contaminated" with Zager's words] Zager, is dead. But I guess we could dig him up and shoot him again.

Mireille Prideux: [when Derringer says that they would take Hope to something called "Recalibration"] I am in charge here, Derringer. You will put her in a confinement cell. There will be no Recalibration without my authority.
Derringer: Fine! Just do it before The Arrival…[salutes]…and Watch Your Step.
Mireille: [sourly] Watch Your Step.

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