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REC 2 is a sequel to the Spanish horror film, REC. It continues the happening in apartment.

Fear Revistied (taglines)


[After Angela kills the Medeiros girl.]
Angela Vidal: Let's go!, Let's go!
Dr. Owen: No!, [gets up and grabs Angela's arm.] What have you done?!, What have you done?! I needed her!
Angela Vidal: [tries to free her arm.] I don't care of bullshit!
Dr. Owen: I need her blood sample!
Angela Vidal: I don't care! [frees herself.] We're going!

Angela Vidal: The order.
Dr. Owen: I have to complete the mission.
Angela Vidal: Choose the order.
Dr. Owen: I said, I choose to complete the mission!


  • Fear Revisited


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