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Ra.One is a 2011 Indian Hindi-language superhero film about a game designer whose life gets turned upside down when his virtual creation turns to be more real and fatal than expected.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha. Written by Anubhav Sinha and Kanika Dhillon.
Yes, angels do exist! (taglines)

Shekhar Subramaniam / G.One

  • [explaining to his son Prateek] If you join the forces of evil, its shadows shall never leave you.
  • Bullets don't win you a battle, your heart does.
  • A superhero is a superhero because of his heart, not because of muscles or metal parts.
  • If you have goodwill in your heart, nothing can defeat you.
  • I'm on.
  • One day is behind us, one day is after us... today, talk about today, today is with us.
  • [To Sonia] Who says that you need something big to cause trouble... have you ever spent a night with a mosquito?
  • [To Prateek, before vanishing] Good people die... but their goodness always remains alive.


  • The person once killed need not be killed again and again.
  • You burn Ravan on this day every year because you know that Ravan never dies.
  • [To Mr. Barron] I am your creation! I can read, change or terminate your thinking.
  • [while in Akaashi's form having viciously and mercilessly murdered Akaashi's mom] I don't like Chinese!


  • [yells at G.One] G.One, no touching!
  • Yes, angels do exist.


Introduction to the Ra.One game: Circa. 2050, the world has been destroyed. Unprecedented fear and terror run amok. This is the era of a villain forged from the combined will of the ten greatest villains in history. He is immortal, invincible, and can alter our very will. He is the embodiment of ten villains, Ra.One!
Ra.One: Only hatred is my creed, there is no... god!

Prateek: [notices G.One glitched after smoking] No smoking. Bad for health. The packet has a warning.
G.One: [To Prateek] You know, many people quit smoking.
Prateek: [To G.One] By reading the warning on the packet?
G.One: [suggesting smoking is injurious to Prateek] No. After death.

Prateek: [To his dad] You're such a coward!
Shekhar: I'm not a coward, Prateek, let me quote Mahatma Gandhi: An eye to an eye will make the whole world blind.

G.One: [To Ra.One] Sonia and Prateek were not a part of our game.
Ra.One: They weren't, but you've made them.
G.One:Where are they?
Ra.One:Sonia is in my Control

G.One: I have made myself useful and charged the inverter. What else to charge?
Prateek: Yes, Mom's mood.

Prateek: [crying] I'll miss you, G.One.
G.One: Miss... I think I will miss you too.




  • The Next Level : 2011
  • Introducing G.One : Superhero With A H.A.R.T.
  • Yes, angels do exist!
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