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Rabbit Hood is a 1949 Merrie Melodies cartoon released on December 24, 1949. The entry was directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese, and features Bugs Bunny. In the short, when Bugs tries to take a carrot from the King's field in Sherwood Forest, he's caught in the act by the Sheriff of Nottingham.


Sheriff of Nottingham: [Bugs runs into the King's Royal Rose Gardens] Stop! Stop! You can't go in there! You're not allowed in there! This is the King's private garden! You're standing on royal ground!
Bugs Bunny: Royal ground? You mean to say that this ground is better than that ground over there?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Yes, it is!
Bugs Bunny: Oh, I don't know. Now, you take this piece of ground over here. Now here's a nice piece of property. Level, fruit trees, choice view, improvements already in. Eh, what type of house was you planning?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Well, I... I sort of had a six-room Tudor in mind.
Bugs Bunny: Then this is the just the place for you, and it's priced just right. But, uh, first, uh... Are you a veteran?
Sheriff of Nottingham: No, I'm a...
Bugs Bunny: Good, then it'll be easy. Here, just sign on the dotted line.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Well, uh... couldn't I call you later? You see, I...
Bugs Bunny: Well, I don't know. You see, there was a couple here from Kansas City looking at this place this morning, and they...
Sheriff of Nottingham: All right! I'll sign! I'll sign! Here!
Bugs Bunny: You'll never regret it, my friend. This place will double in value inside six months.
[Cut to the Sheriff working on a half-finished house in the Garden when he suddenly realizes what he was deceived]'
Sheriff of Nottingham: Ooh! I hate myself! I do! I do! I do! [proceeds to hit himself in the head with his hammer repeatedly, almost contemplating suicide]

Bugs Bunny: Sheriff of Nottingham, in gratitude for your faithful service, I shall knight thee.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Your most gracious Majesty.
Bugs Bunny: In the name of my most royal Majesty, I knight thee. [Conks the Sheriff on the head with his scepter] Arise, Sir Loin of Beef. [Conks him again] Arise, Earl of Cloves. [Conk] Arise, Duke of Brittingham. [Conk] Arise, Baron of Munchausen. [Conk] Arise, Essence of Myrrh... [Conk] Milk of Magnesia... [Conk] Quarter of ten.
Sheriff of Nottingham: [extremely dazed] You are too kind, Your Majesty.
Bugs Bunny: [Disguised Bugs turns his head aside and speaks to audience] Got lots of stamina!


  • Mel Blanc - Bugs Bunny / Sheriff of Nottingham / Little John

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