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Racing Stripes is a 2005 adventure/comedy movie, directed by Frederik Du Chau. In the film a plains zebra named stripes who believes he's a thoroughbred who lives on a farm in Kentucky and succeeds at an activity not expected of his species. The movie was filmed in Pietermaritzburg and Nottingham Road, South Africa.

His stripes made him an outcast. His heart made him a hero.taglines


  • Well, like my momma used to say, "You can put your boots in the oven, but that won't make 'em biscuits."
  • Well, well, well, look what the [w:Cat cat] drugged in. (Chuckles)
  • Finally, some peace and quiet. Y'all go ahead. Bye-bye, now. I'll just stay here and watch the palace for shizzle. Woof.


  • Well, maybe to you. It's like this: [w:Human Human] race, [w:Horse horse] race. There was even a Chicken Run, but there's never been a [w:Goat goat] race. Ever, ever, ever. Get the picture, Franny?
  • [to Franny] And you, Miss Softy, you just let him go, didn't you? [turns to Goose] [w:Goose Goose], time to earn your keep.
  • To me, you're just a horse with stripes who needs an attitude adjustment.
  • You know what I used to tell all my racers? "Don't look back, leave it all on the track."
  • Come on, Sandy.
  • [secretly watching Stripes and Trenton's Pride at the Blue Moon Races shortly before they race] You got guts, kid.


  • Well, subdivide me and Kentucky fry me!
  • This is Reggie Red [w:Rooster Rooster] with the farm report! In sports news, Goose the [w:Pelican pelican] dropped the motorcycle in the first round, then for good measure, taught the truck a lesson as well.
  • [About Goose] Gentlemen, don't let the feathers fool ya, this dude's dangerous. He's a killin' machine disguised as an idiot.

Trenton's Pride[edit]

  • Well, unfortunately, I don't race nobodies.
  • Come on, Stripey, try and keep up. See you, loser.
  • Hey, Stripey! Did you really think that you could beat a trained professional?


  • [Flying over the Walsh farm] Would ya get a load 'a this dump?! Even old McDonald wouldn't want this farm.
  • [As he is attacking the motorcycle] Okasaka! Slap-a-face-a! Break-a-bones-a! Ha, he, ha, he, he, he, ha, he, ha, ha, ha, he!
  • Let me tell you something. I've made a few clams on the [w:Ponies ponies]. This guy's all hair and no brains.
  • Let me guess: His parole officer's caught up with him. Don't let him take you alive, kid.
  • Look, here's the whole spaghetti sauce. I'm a hit bird. And when Sammy the [w:Gull Gull] needs a lesson taught, the Goose is the guy he calls. Only this last job, I had a little mishap. Instead of hitting Freddie the [w:Flamingo Flamingo] like I was supposed to, I hit Sammy's capo, Johnny [w:Stork Stork]anado. And now Sammy, Freddie, Johnny, they're all after me.
  • Hey, be careful, pony boy, or someday somebody's gonna wake up with your head in their bed.
  • Watch it, stumpy. I'd cut you off at the knees, but it looks like somebody's beat me to it.
  • Proof? You want proof, huh? You see, Rusty the rotating rooster up there? Huh? Huh? He's about to get Goosed.
  • Okay, adjust for the wind. Nice level flight. Come on, Goose, use the Force.
  • Oh, you're funny. But there's only room for one wise guy on this farm. And by the way, you should know that Goose is a name that strikes fear into anyone on the East Coast.
  • All right, because you look a little slow, I'll skip the salad and get right to the risotto. Let's just say I'm having a little disagreement with my family. We disagree on whether or not they should whack me. Name's Goose.
  • So, that's how we land in the big city. If there's no parking space, you make one. Any of you mugs got a problem with that?
  • Boy, will you get a load of this dump? Even old MacDonald wouldn't want this farm. But it's perfect. Miles from the Jersey shore, not an ocean in sight, not even a birdbath. No one will look for a classy guy like the Goose here. Oh, oh, watch where you're going. That's my knees!
  • Hey, are you a small horse or some sort of an ass? 'Cause you look like an ass to me.

Sir Trenton[edit]

  • Son. Stay away from that fence.
  • Fun is overrated. If you're going to be a champion, I suggest you start acting like one.
  • Well, this is disappointing.
  • Listen, you. ant you to stop bothering my son. And you can tell Tucker I said that. Trenton's Pride is a champion with a real future. And you, well... you have your place.
  • You and I will talk later.
  • Shut up you idiot.
  • How can they allow this to happen.
  • You there! See what happens when you forget your place? A racetrack is no place for a zebra.
  • A zebra! Which is what you are. You didn't really think you were a horse, did you?
  • You're nothing of the kind. You're lunch for a lion, and that's about it. One thing's for sure, kid. You will never be a racehorse.
  • They cannot be serious. This will not stand. I will not allow that beast to run in my competition.
  • Ha. That's not a risk I'm willing to take.
  • You'll never beat a Trenton.
  • Well, well, well. What have we here? Beauty and the Beast.
  • I'm afraid there's been a change of plans, zebra. You're about to get scratched from tomorrow's race card.
  • Pretty picture, huh, boys?
  • Oh, don't fret about her. As long as you don't race tomorrow, I wouldn't dream of harming her. You, on the other hand, need to be taught a lesson. 'SHOW HIM!'.
  • Listen, boy. I won this race, my daddy won it. His daddy won it. All the way back to General Trenton, who won the first Kentucky Open a hundred years ago. You get my point?


It's the filly. It always is. Hey! Hey, she's from Philly. I didn't know she was from Philly. Oh, man, I love those Philly cheese steaks. Or any kind of cheese, really. Or, actually, any kind of food from anywhere... especially candy and poop. What were we talking about?


  • Sir Trenton: Well, well, well. What have we here? [chuckles] Beauty and the beast.
  • Sir Trenton: You will never beat a Trenton.
  • Ruffshodd: Hey, plow-boy! You missed a spot.

Clara Dalrymple[edit]

  • What is that dreadful child up to now?
  • [to Channing] This is a racetrack, dear, not the Serengeti.

Nolan Walsh[edit]

  • Now you give it all you got.
  • [to Channing after Stripes won] Your mother would be so proud...and so am I.
Tucker: Okay, we can rule out genius. [Franny kicks him] Hey!
Franny: Don't make me chew open a can of pony whup.
Tucker: Save the sweet talk for later.
[Stripes starts giggling]
Franny: [to Stripes] Don't pay any attention to him. Listen, he's all whinny and no-bite. I'm Franny, this is Reggie, and Mr. Sensitive here is Tucker.
Tucker: And that old goat there is an old goat. [the door opens] Uh-oh, it's the Chief.
Franny: He can be your student, and you can be his cousin.
Tucker: I swear, Franny! The more any animal can be funny looking, the more you wanna keep him!
Franny: Keep him? But, Tucker, you used to be nice.
Tucker: Yeah, but I got over it.
Franny: Why do you have to be such a horse's [bleating] a-a-a-a-a-ass?

Channing: [to Stripes] Welcome to your new home, Stripes.
Nolan: Stripes?
Channing: Well, "Spot" doesn't work, now, does it?

Reggie: [crowing] Good morning, Walsh Farm! Well, I know it's not glamorous, but it's a living. Keeps my head on my shoulders, which is more than I can say for my cousins.

(Stripes is running)
Tucker: Hey, hey, slow down! Boy, oh, boy. Kids these days, no control. Now back in my day-
Franny: Oh, here we go again with the ancient history lesson again. Enough!

Tucker: Just say what you mean, Franny. We haven't spoke in Latin, since the pigs left.

Franny: Well, would you look at him. He loves to run. It's in his heart!
Tucker: Yeah, but that's not enough.
Franny: You could train him. Then it would be enough.
Tucker: Let me tell you something. the legs are too short, the head's too big, he's got as much chance to race as me. Besides, I have got better things to do.
Franny: Oh, go fix your hair.
Tucker: I heard that.

Young Ruffshodd: [to Stripes] Nice Mohawk, dude. [to Trenton's Pride] Uh, what's a Mohawk?

Young Trenton's Pride: Last one to the fence is a donkey!
[Sir Trenton comes to the boys]
Young Ruffshodd: Dude, it's your dad!
Young Trenton's Pride: Great.
Sir Trenton: Son, stay away from that fence!
Young Trenton's Pride: Come on, Dad we were just having some fun.
Sir Trenton: Fun is overrated. If you're going to be champion, I suggest you start acting like one.
Young Ruffshodd: Oh, your dad scares me, dude.
Young Trenton's Pride: Not me.
Sir Trenton: Pride! Ruffshodd!
Young Trenton's Pride: Coming, Father!
Young Ruffshodd: Yeah, uh, coming, Mr. Sir Trenton, sir!

Young Stripes: I don't understand. Why won't he let them play with me?
Tucker: You're just different. And for some horses, different is scary..

Sandy: Um, did you ever consider going around that tree instead of running through it?
Stripes: Yeah, well.... usually it moves out of my way.
Sandy: [laughs] Uh, I’ve never heard of a tree doing that.
Stripes: You don’t know the trees around here. Are you new?
Sandy: I just got here. I’m Sandy.
Stripes: I’m Stripes.
Sandy: [sounding amused] You don’t say? Hmm.
Stripes: Are you a racehorse?
Sandy: No, I'm-- I'm a jumper. I've actually competed all around the world.
Stripes: Well, I'm a racehorse. I'm training to be in the big race.
Sandy: By racing the mailman?
Stripes: Well, the other horses don't wanna race me. I'm just way too fast for them.

Goose: Well, would you take a look at that dump? Old MacDonald has never got a farm, but he sure does have a garbage dump. Not a single drop of water in sight. Not an ocean, not even a bird bath. I'm goin' in.

Tucker: Hey, buddy. You ever try shutting up?
Goose: You ever try swimmin’ in cement horseshoes? I’ve taken down punks bigger than you.
Tucker: Yeah? What’d you do, talk ‘em to death?
Goose: Hey, be careful, pony-boy, or someday somebody's gonna wake up with your head in their bed.
Tucker: I should've guessed from the size of that pecker you'd be a big-mouth.
Goose: Watch it, stumpy. I'd cut you off at the knees but it looks like somebody's beaten me to it.
Franny: All right. Knock it off, you two. Nobody has anything to prove here. Stop it!

Buzz: [to Scuzz] I have 25 million brothers and sisters, and mom always tells me to look out for you!

Stripes: [to Buzz and Scuzz] The others made fun of me, since I was born.

Nolan Walsh: Chan!
Channing Walsh: I'm okay! Nothing's broken!
Nolan Walsh: Listen.
Channing Walsh: It's fine, dad.
Nolan Walsh: This is exactly what I told you was gonna happen.
Clara Dalrymple: Your father is right.
Channing Walsh: He just got spooked! It's not his fault! He needs more training!

Nolan Walsh: [to Channing Walsh] Chan, go get Stripes. Meet me in the parking lot.

Clara Dalrymple: [to John Cooper] And what are you going to say about that?
John Cooper: Mind your own business.

Sir Trenton: You there! See what happens when you forget about your own place? The racetrack is not a place for a zebra. And that means you.
Stripes: What? What did you just call me?
Sir Trenton: A zebra. Which is exactly what you really are. You didn't think you were a horse, did you?
Stripes: But, I am a horse. A racehorse!
Sir Trenton: You're nothing of a kind. You're lunch for a lion, and that's about it. One thing's for sure, kid. You will NEVER be a racehorse.
Stripes: A zebra? I thought I was a racehorse. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Nolan Walsh: Well, I just can't believe that you deliberately disobeyed me.
Channing Walsh: I can't believe you took her side.
Nolan Walsh: No, I didn't take her side! And don't change the subject!
Channing Walsh: Mom would've let me ride on him, you know she would--
Nolan Walsh: You know, don't bring your mother into this conservation! Just don't.
Channing Walsh: [had it with Nolan’s whinyness]] Why not? At least she would've tried to understand! It's more than I can say for you! [gets out of the truck and mounts on Stripes]
Nolan Walsh: Don't get out of the truck. Channing, get back in the truck. Don't do it.
[Channing took off on Stripes' back]

Scuzz: Is he always like this?
Tucker: Worse. Much worse.

Buzz: [to Stripes] Hey, Stripes! Check this out. [singing] Ebony and ivory.
Scuzz: [singing] Live together in perfect harmony.
Both: Side by side on my piano keyboard--
Stripes: Get off me, you stupid flies! Get off!
Buzz: Man, "Ebony and Ivory" didn't work. That's a first.
Scuzz: Told you we should've rapped.
Franny: [to Stripes] Stripes, you know walking away isn't going gonna solve anything.
Stripes: [rudley, but barked] Who cares? Leave me alone.
Buzz: We've gotta get this kid into the race.
Tucker: Not a chance. The Chief will never go for it.
Franny: Of course he will. Just like somebody else I know. He just needs a little push.

Tucker: Reggie?
Reggie: Yes?
Tucker: Get off my back.

Sandy: Hey, hotshot! Running into more trees lately?
Stripes: Oh, great! More jokes!

Sandy: Because I don't care that you're not a racehorse. You love to run, and that's all that matters.
Stripes: Maybe to you. But it's not your problem, Sandy.
Sandy: You know, if you wanna see the real problem, try looking down at it!
Stripes: Fine. [looks at his reflection in a lake]

Franny: Take it easy on him.

Tucker: Hey, kid, what's your problem?
Stripes: I'm not a racehorse.
Tucker: What does that mean?
Stripes: I don't belong in the gate.
Tucker: No, no, you're wrong. And I'll tell you why. Racing is for anyone--Anyone with a fire burning in their heart.
Stripes: What do you know, you little nobody? You never raced.
Tucker: They're all the same.

Stripes: [to Goose, as Franny munches on some hay] Tucker doesn't understand. He didn't even know that I was a zebra. He doesn't get it. What's he ever done?
Goose: Now, let me tell you somethin', kid. I've made a few claims about ponies. This guy's all hair, and no brains.
Franny: [to Stripes] That's just about enough out of you, young colt. [to Goose] And, Goose, BANG!
Goose: Hit the hay!
Franny: [to Stripes] Now, you come on right over here. People think they know everything. You tell somebody something, they get an attitude.
Goose: Hey, I didn't know that goat was packed.

Franny: And, to be honest about it, nobody ever, ever thanked him.

Sir Trenton: They cannot be serious. This will not stand. I will not allow that beast to run in my competition.
Trenton's Pride: Please, Father, don’t interfere. I can win it fair and square.
Sir Trenton: [scoffs] That’s not a risk I’m willing to take!

Buzz: [to Scuzz] I've got a million eyes, and you burned every one of them!

(Stripes goes to the creek to make amends with Sandy, until Franny walks by, as Goose watches them)
Goose: Hello? Where you think you're going? You have a big day tomorrow. You can't go.
Stripes: I need to make things right with Sandy.
Franny: Hmm. All right. I understand. But listen, a little advice from an old goat. Relationships are like racing. When you do it for love, you’ve already won. Go on, go on.

Sir Trenton: Well, well, well. What have we here? Ha, ha! Beauty and the Beast.
Stripes: Oh, no. Sir Trenton.
Sir Trenton: I'm afraid there's been a change of plans, zebra. You're about to get scratched from tomorrow's race card.
Sandy: Oh, no. There's many of them.
Stripes: It's okay. Let's stay calm.
Sir Trenton: Pretty picture, huh, boys?
Sandy: Don't do this, Sir Trenton, please!
Sir Trenton: Take her away.
Horse: All right, boss.
Trenton's Pride: Let's go.
Stripes: Sandy!
Sandy: Stripes! I'm not going anywhere without you!
Stripes: It's all right, Sandy. Just go.
Trenton's Pride: Come on. We're outta here.
Ruffshodd: Better hide your eyes right over here, honey. Trust me, you don't wanna see this.
Stripes: You better not hurt her!
Sir Trenton: Oh, don't fret about her. As long as you don't race tomorrow, I wouldn't dream of harming her. You, on the other hand, needed to be taught a lesson. Show him!
Racehorses: [to Stripes] You're goin' down, zebra! Lion food!

Tucker: Oh, that's just great. The race is in four hours.
Franny: Well, uh, he went out last night, he said he was gonna go find Sandy, and he...
Tucker: And, well, Miss Softy, you just let him go, didn't you? [to Goose] Goose, time to earn your keep.
Goose: I'm on it.

Sir Trenton: Listen, boy. I won this race, my daddy won it, his daddy won it, all the way back to General Trenton, who won the first Kentucky open 100 years ago. You get my point?
Trenton's Pride: I'll do my best, dad.
Sir Trenton: Yeah, well, good.
Sandy: You won't get away with this, Sir Trenton.
Sir Trenton: Hush, now, little girl. You're interfering with my Mozart. I wonder if he was a thoroughbred.

Franny: There's Sandy.
Tucker: Yeah, and there's Sir Trenton, all fifteen hundred pounds of him. We'll never get her out of there.
Franny: Oh, yes we will. We just need a diversion.
Goose: I got your diversion right here. [flies off] Out of my way.
Franny: Goose, stick with the plan!

Scuzz: Yeah, you know, I saw you and I was about to say to my brother Buzz: "I never seen a black horse with white stripes."
Buzz: You dimwit! He is obviously a white horse with black stripes. Now, anybody could see that.

Scuzz: Filly? I didn't know she was from Philly. You know, I really like those Philly Cheese Steaks. Actually, I like any kind of cheese. Actually, I like any kind of food from anywhere. Especially candy and poop. What were we talking about again?
Buzz: I hate my life.

(Channing walks to Old Blue, but Goose destroys the tire)
Channing: Oh, that's just great.
Nolan: Oh, come on. [drops motorcycle]
Channing: [about the flat tire on the truck] How long will it take to put on the spare?
Nolan: Honey, that, that is the spare. (Channing sighs, Nolan notices that the rim is missing) What the--?

Goose: Name's Goose.
Tucker: Oh, a pelican named Goose, well my name's Duck.
Goose: Duck?
Tucker: Duck.
Goose: Duck!?
Tucker: Goose!

Sandy: Leave us alone, Sir Trenton.
(Sir Trenton is furious at Stripes)
Sir Trenton: You and your foolish friends have accomplished nothing. With the affections of a filly do not make you a racehorse!
Stripes: You know something, Sir Trenton? I don't want to be a racehorse. I'm a zebra, and I'm going to the big race.
Sir Trenton: You fool.


  • His stripes made him an outcast. His heart made him a hero.
  • Cheer 'til you're horse!
  • Kiss my tail!
  • He's the wrong sort of horse with the right sort of friends.
  • A tail for the whole family.
  • His fans are real animals.
  • Goose, the wise guy!
  • Reggie, he knows what’s worth he’s crowing about!
  • Tucker, small pony, big attitude!
  • Franny, the mother of all cheese heads
  • Lightning, He knows a winner when he smells one!
  • Stripes, a zebra who thinks he’s a racehorse!
  • Buzz and Scuzz, the fly by night crowd!
  • Stella Dallas and Sir Reginald are gonna ruin Stripes!


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