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Racionais MC's It is a Brazilian rap group, founded in 1988, and formed by mcs Mano Brown, Edi Rock, Ice Blue and DJ KL Jay. It is considered by many to be the hip hop group most relevant and influential of Brazil.

  • "O que é, o que é. Clara e salgada Cabe em um olho Pesa uma toneladaTem sabor de mar Pode ser discreta Inquilina da dor Morada predileta Na calada ela vem Refém da vingança Irmã do desespero Rival da esperança."
- Translation: "What it is, what it is. It is clear and salt in one eye weighs one toneladaTem sea flavor can be mild pain of Tenant Address favorite In the dead she comes Hostage Sister's Revenge Rival despair of hope."
- Jesus Chorou

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