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Rafic Baha El Deen Al-Hariri (1 November 194414 February 2005) was the prime minister of Lebanon from 1992 to 1998 and from 2000 to 2004. He was assassinated in 2005; his assassination remains mysterious.


  • It's not a problem to put it up, It's a problem to take it down.
    • Talking about the posters that appeared everywhere in Lebanon, of Hafez al-Assad, 1993.[1]
  • He(Yasser Arafat) was telling me about the situation he is living in. He said that all the buildings around his residence have been destroyed and they are -- they are on fire. And he told me that there is five people have been killed and they cannot move them. And about 40 persons were injured, and they cannot transfer them to the hospital.
    • Speaking to CNN, about the attack on Arafat's compound, Ramallah, 29 March 2002.[2]
  • Yeah. Everybody has the right to defend himself, but by attacking headquarter of President Arafat, this will lead to -- to the security of Israel? I doubt that.
    • Answering to the question that if Israel has right to defend themselves, 29 march 2002.[3]

Quotes about Rafic Hariri[edit]

  • He could bypass criticizing Syria because he was able to criticize people who were supporting Syria, like Lahoud, But he never went so far as to make himself a direct target.
    • Edward S. Walker.[4]
  • This murder of Hariri was deliberately planned and executed precisely to implicate Syria and to set in train the events which have unfolded.

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