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Rainbow Brite (1984-1986) was a cartoon based on a Hallmark greeting card series featuring its namesake character, produced by DiC Entertainment.

Rainbow Brite[edit]

  • It's time for spring, Stormy! Things have to happen when it's time.
  • Hey, Glumface, next time there's a rainbow look up! You'll feel better and you might see me too.
  • I wish I could, Canary, but I have to go and spread color on Earth. Bye!
  • Oh No!!
  • i'm going in there to save her even if it costs me my power!


  • Colors are pretty!
  • I'm coming, Murky!


  • Faster Lurky Faster!
  • Come back you despicable rainbow girlies!
  • You're not goin' anywhere, girlie! Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
  • When I'm finished there won't be any Rainbow Land or Rainbows! Now to put my plan into action.
  • Not now, Banana-Brain!
  • You shaddep.
  • (to Starlite) You'll never catch me!


  • what a night!


  • but you'll be powerless. if he sees you...

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