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Ralph Barton Perry (3 July 187622 January 1957) was an American philosopher.


  • Indeed I am inclined to go so far as to say that the one cause for which one may properly make war is the cause of peace.
    • "Non-Resistance and The Present War - A Reply to Mr. Russell," International Journal of Ethics (April 1915), vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 307-316
  • The English mind is intelligent rather than intellectual. The French are intellectual in the sense that the intellect is emancipated and left free to run its own course.
    • Chap XXXI. The Present Conflict of Ideals: A Study of the Philosophical Background of the World War, (1918), New York: Longmans, Green
  • ... the fear of God together with a keen eye for the main chance.
    • Chap XXXV. The Present Conflict of Ideals: (1918). (Among the traits Barton Perry lists as being possessed by Americans and inherited from British Puritans.)
  • This insistence on "having his say upon the universe" is the profoundest motive of William James thinking as well as of his filial gratitude.
    • The Thought and Character of William James (1935), vol. 1, ch. VIII
  • He believed that liberalism had saved the intellect at the cost of the repudiating the great historical phenomenon of religion.
    • "The Thoght and Character of William James" (1935), Vol 2, ch. LXIX

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