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Ramin Djawadi (2008)

Ramin Djawadi (July 19, 1974–) is a German-Iranian score composer.


  • I truly enjoy working with other composers. You can learn a lot from each other and it's always amazing to see what the other composer comes up with.
  • When I write I always have the picture running in the background so as I do my arrangements in a scene, I have to go back over and over again. And I play every single instrument during my demo, so that’s a very time-consuming process. And while I do that I see it over and over and over. I get new ideas as I’m doing it and you really get attached to a scene, so I always have the picture on when I write to a scene, so that’s why I see it so many times.
  • I’m one of those artists who, if you’d let me tweak, would probably keep going and going so it comes to the point where sometimes you just have to let go and make the decision, “Okay, that’s it.” That’s always hard, because you always have new ideas and sometimes they might even be changes that aren’t even audible to anybody else but it just might be an arrangement within the piece or an instrument that I’d like to take out, or change the octave or things like that. I like to tweak, so sometimes, yeah, it’s a good thing to have a deadline. You have to deliver and that’s it.
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