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Ramses Lonlack (born 20 January 1989) is a Cameroonian women's basketball guard. She has played internationally with the Cameroon women's national basketball team and at the collegiate level with the Memphis Tigers women's basketball team in Tennessee, United States.


  • Cameroon needs me as a leader and I will be that leader
  • The president [of the Federation] has contacted me and I am on board to bring Cameroon back on the top. It won’t be easy. I know the challenge and I also know what needs to be done, so I have a plan in place
  • As one of the leaders, it is my job to bring Cameroon back to the top with help of other players
  • I have so much basketball to play. My daughter Diana will watch me play and I know my country is still counting on me to lead them to the gold medal. My fans are waiting for my return and I will not disappoint them. I will fight like I always do and having my daughter in the background is a plus for me.
  • Playing in front of my family and friends was the best thing that ever happened to my career. Being able to carry my country to the final was my dream but doing it in front of my loved ones was a dream come true. I will never forget the [FIBA Women's ] AfroBasket 2015 in Cameroon because that year was a turning-point in my career and a year my father would have been so proud of me
  • But instead my mother was the happiest woman in Cameroon as her daughter that she long waited 15 years to bring to the world was carrying a whole country in her hands.

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